Our purpose

Democratizing business automation

So that everyone can focus on what’s important: customers, career and business success.
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Our mission

Who we are

We are technologists, designers, marketers, and educators but first and foremost, we are friends and colleagues. Our mission is to help make people’s lives happier, more successful and enjoyable by making their businesses run faster and easier. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity and power to focus on what they love to do. Bringing teams, partners and customers closer together in the process.

The power of no-code business automation

We are here to help everyone be successful. No-code automation gives more people the power to take control and create. Now everyone can succeed in making their business better for themselves and their customers.
From medicine and real estate to sales and marketing, business automation strengthens relationships between businesses, employees and customers. Automation enhances the workspace experience delighting customers and employees alike, improves employee satisfaction, saves money and increases revenue. For the first time ever, airSlate has made business automation easy, fast and fun.

The airSlate story

airSlate began by solving a simple problem that had nothing to do with workflows: how to create fillable and editable forms and documents from PDF files. Today, the product that came from that original effort is used by millions of people around the globe.
Collect signatures
Create forms
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Beautiful workflows

From creating forms and collecting signatures, to integrating with CRM systems and automating workflows, airSlate grew organically by iteratively building features that our customers demanded.

This is how airSlate became a market leader and the only platform that empowers everyone and anyone to create beautiful workflows.

Over 20 million users worldwide
offices across the globe
40+ integrations with the mostpopular apps and CRM systems
USLegal library of 85,000state-specific legal forms
vendors sell their forms with thehelp of our marketplace
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Workflows bring people together

We believe that workflows are about people. Not diagrams or budgets. Thus, they should be easy to create, a delight to deploy, and fun to engage with.

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We’re here for the long-term

Over a decade later, our mission has resulted in airSlate becoming a brand that empowers people and strengthens relationships between businesses, customers, and teammates. This is our journey.

The history of airSlate

We’ve built a market-leading product that’s making work easier for thousands of teams around the world.
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The first build of our PDF Editor is released to the public.

pdfFiller surpasses 3,000 customers in its first year.

The team grows from 1 to 15 and we open our first office in Boston, MA.

10,000 customers and the first company New Years eve party.

First international Customers in all 5 continents and addition of an e-signature product.

airSlate grows to service over 6 million users worldwide and expands into software integrations for CRMs and apps.

100 Employees worldwide and the 1% Charity pledge.

airSlate adds signNow to it’s portfolio - becoming the e-signature provider to SMBs and Enterprises alike.

The beginnings of airSlate as a complete workflow platform.

airSlate’s product portfolio services over 20 million customers worldwide, backed by 650 employees in five global offices.

our values

Shared values keep us connected & guide us as one team

We’re building a different type of company. One that’s focused on the growth and happiness of our community, our customers and our employees. Life is a journey and we’ll be with you, helping you get there, one step at a time. These values collectively guide our decisions and actions.

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Build with love, deliver with care.
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Invent, share, learn, innovate, iterate.
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The team is the heart. The customer is the brain.
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Patience and focus on the long-term.
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Citizen Developer Empowerment

Corporate environments can diminish creativity, that’s why airSlate is aimed at citizen developers seeking to push their company forward using nothing more than their own initiative.

airSlate empowers these individuals to create workflows their peers can use, without sourcing expensive consultants. This makes airSlate both versatile and ideal for companies keen on minimizing their IT expenditures.

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We believe in humanity’s unlimited potential to collaborate

We, as humans, work in teams, but we are best when we add our own individuality to our work. That’s why we want to collaborate, but also focus on interesting problems such as automating the tedious and mundane.

airSlate was built to serve these two fundamental human needs by combining collaborative team environments with Robotic Process Automation.

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Create better solutions that deliver more value faster

Innovation is the heart of that mission. At airSlate, we see barriers as opportunities. To us, barriers are nothing more than what hasn’t been done before and a challenge to do things better.

This means not only focusing on the quality of the products that we build, but also the time it takes to deliver value to our customers. Our products should make everyone’s lives easier as soon as they start using them.

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Being customer-centric means we’re here to help

Customers are the heart and soul of any business. We take care of our customers and help them take care of theirs. Our customers are the community that builds, nurtures and grows as we grow, create and transform.

Our sole focus is to create solutions that solve real problems. Our mission is to make those solutions available for everyone.

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Leading by example

airSlate Pledges 1% of All Profits

Software is useful, it changes the world and makes our lives better, but not for everyone. At airSlate, we recognize that what we build pales in comparison to who we are and how we treat each other. Making this world a better place for everyone, not just for our employees, investors or customers, is our mission.

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Opportunities for Learning

It is no secret that many rural schools lack modern computer equipment. For many years now, airSlate employees have been collecting office and personal equipment for computer science lessons and sending hardware to schools so that they can build out and provide students with adequate technology programs.

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We’ve built a market-leading product that’s making work easier for thousands of teams around the world.

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