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Automation Architect

Make your business run like clockwork by applying automation to day-to-day processes. Familiarize yourself with no-code automation, its value, and learn how to build automated workflows without writing a single line of code.

About this program:

This program is aimed at those interested in mastering workflow automation from A to Z. You’ll receive the necessary knowledge for simplifying day-to-day tasks and complex processes, as well as skills for making the most of your business workflows.

The program consists of 3 courses.

Business Process Automation familiarizes you with the essentials of business process automation and provides valuable insights on how to streamline routine processes and improve the overall performance of any business.

airSlate Workflow Analytics acts as a walk-through of the basics of workflow analytics by providing an in-depth explanation on how to examine a business's performance, determine areas for improvement, and use resources more efficiently.

Automation in Action: Industry Use Cases presents you with real-life examples of successful business process automation use cases where companies managed to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their organization.

What you will learn

How to digitize paper-based processes and improve the overall performance of any business
How to create fully automated workflows without the need to code with airSlate Bots
How to examine a business's performance, determine areas for improvement, and use resources more efficiently
How different industries can benefit from workflow automation, solve key bottlenecks, and improve the overall efficiency
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Certificate A sharable achievement is included
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price FREE
Enrolled 3902 students

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All you need to digitally transform your business

The airSlate Academy combines everything you need to digitally transform your business, including legally binding eSignatures, advanced PDF editing, and automated workflows.
Familiarize yourself with eSignatures, their implementation, business value, and learn how to create legally binding eSignature workflows for your business.
Change the way you work with documents into an interactive online experience and learn how to make your documents look professional.


Will I earn a separate certificate for each course or just one for the entire Automation Architect program?

You will receive 4 certificates for this program: 3 certificates for each course you pass, and one for completing the certification program.

Can I take the courses of the Automation Architect program in any order?

Yes, you can take courses in any order you wish. Thus, we recommend passing these courses in the order they are listed in the Automation Architect program.

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Automation certification: become an expert in the brave new technology-driven world

As we advance through a new decade, we’re getting more drawn to emerging automation technologies, like AI, RPA, and machine learning. At the same time, these technologies can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how easily we embrace and start using them.

One significant factor that holds companies back from adopting new strategies is a lack of awareness of automation’s potential. For many companies, automating even simple processes remains uncharted waters.

The airSlate Academy is here to finally call it a day and help companies make the adoption of a new technology smooth sailing. We created a course aimed at professionals or career starters who want to learn the ropes of workflow automation and become automation architects. Before jumping to the details of the Automation Architect course, let’s find out what this term encompasses.

Who is an automation architect?

An automation architect is a person that helps companies create and implement strategies to automating various business processes. To some extent, automation architect roles and responsibilities are similar to the ones of software solution architects. However, this role doesn’t always require a person to have a tech background or knowledge of high-level programming languages. At the same time, automation architects need to possess enough skills and analytical thinking to identify and eliminate the company’s bottlenecks associated with business processes. A lion share of the responsibilities, as found in the description of automation architect jobs, consists in shaping a strategy for discovering new areas where automation can bridge the gap between employee performance and efficient data management.

What makes the airSlate Academy a perfect fit for carving out a niche as an automation architect?

With the airSlate Academy, you will learn the ins and outs of automating business workflows using airSlate. It’s a no-code all-in-one solution that helps companies overhaul obsolete methods of doing business by:
  • automating complex and straightforward routine tasks
  • reducing operational costs
  • streamlining workflows
  • improving data accuracy
  • staying compliant with all legal standards
  • enhancing communication within the company
  • increasing the transparency of document-based processes
Whether you’re new to automation or already have some understanding of it, the airSlate Academy will help you quickly get started. While taking our four self-paced courses, you will: Get the hang of the essentials of business process automation. Learn how to set up, configure, and customize document-based workflows from scratch or using a pre-set Flow Templates. Get real-world examples and use cases so that you can better understand what automation architect jobs imply.

Discover a variety of RPA (robotic process automation), integration, and analytics opportunities. Understand the basics of RPA. Learn how to get started with Bots and create synergy with the company’s existing infrastructure using integrations. Get tips on how to turn data into valuable insights.

Keep your learning momentum going. Support and consolidate the newly gained information by taking automation certification quizzes and earning achievement badges after each course. Learn at the pace that is suitable for you.

Enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of the airSlate Academy interface. Take advantage of the unique interactive experience the airSlate Academy provides for every course.

How can the Automation Course help you reach milestones at work?

More and more automation architect jobs appear on the horizon. According to Glassdoor, a leading recruiting platform, the average automation architect’s salary is $71K to $108K per year in the United States alone. No wonder that gaining automation certification has become increasingly popular in recent years. To some extent, it’s conditioned by the outbreak of the pandemic and the need to digitize and streamline business processes that were too reliant on human input and desynchronized infrastructure.

Setting aside a growing number of automation architect jobs, major leading research and consulting companies have already predicted that automation is bound to boom and become a necessity rather than an option. For instance, in 2018, Gartner named “digital dexterity” the adoption of a specific mindset with an eye towards digitalization and new technologies; an essential skill for successful digital transformation. This serves as proof that automation architects will continue to be in high demand, and this tendency will not change anytime soon.

Apart from the financial side of becoming an automation expert (automation architect salary), you’ll get other long-term opportunities and become a valuable asset to any company or organization. Whether you want to advance your career, complement your current job, or get your first internship, our course on automation certification is set to help you develop your expertise and become a professional automation architect. Put an end to mindless scrolling and finding the answer to the question “What is an automation architect?” or “What is an automation architect’s salary?”.

Sign up for our free course today, pass the quizzes with flying colors, and gain your official certificate from the airSlate Academy!

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