Automation Bots

This course is dedicated to intermediate users and aims at explaining all there is to know about airSlate Bots — a powerful robotic process automation tool. A review of Bots categorization and basic setup, along with hands-on assignments and quizzes are included in this course.

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About this course

airSlate has already proven useful in automating routine processes and eliminating paper-based tasks. This course will walk you through the basic steps of setting up task automation along with the different types of Bot automation technologies designed for this purpose.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create fully automated workflows that save your business’ resources which you can refocus towards higher priority goals.

What does this course cover?

This course provides a detailed explanation of how to use task automation Bots for your workflows with airSlate.

Why was this course made?

This course was created to provide you with an in-depth understanding of one of airSlate’s main tools for automating document workflows.

Who can enroll?

In addition to the airSlate Fundamentals course, we recommend taking this course while getting to know airSlate better.

The materials of this introductory course include:

  • demonstrations to help you grasp the idea of airSlate Bot automation.
  • interactive practice sessions so you can consolidate learning through practical application.

What you will learn

The main components of airSlate
Bots as one of airSlate’s main automation tools
How to set up automation for your workflow
How to develop Bot automation tailored to your specific needs
The basics of a Bot’s conditional logic
Bot categories
The philosophy of airSlate automation
How to track progress with the help of the Bots log
Duration 2 weeks
Commitment 6-8 hours per week
Certificate Verified Certificate
Subject airSlate Automation Bots
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price Free

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Automation Architect
Learn how to make any process in your workflow run like clockwork. Automate each step using Bots and triggers and perform integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce or MS Dynamics 365.
Business Process Analyst
Identify which processes in your workflow can be automated. Learn key metrics to propel your business forward and increase your return on investment (ROI).
Custom Bot Developer
Become an airSlate partner by learning how to design and develop airSlate Bots — a powerful robotic process automation tool that can be customized using the airSlate platform.
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Students that complete the airSlate certification program are welcome to become airSlate partners. Doing so can jump-start careers in developer automation consulting as well as business analysis.

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