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Business ProcessAnalyst Program

Master the ins and outs of workflow analytics to create fully-automated workflows within the airSlate platform.

About this program

This program is aimed at those looking to obtain business process analyst qualifications while learning how to get the most out of their business by reducing the amount of time and money spent on routine processes.

Introduction to Digital Document Automation helps students stay in the know on document process automation (DPA), business process management (BPM), and the correlation between the two. After the first part of business analyst training, students will be able to distinguish between different solutions designed for automating business processes and observe multiple options for task optimization so that they can rededicate their business’ time and money towards other vital goals.

Digital Security and Compliance guides students through the key aspects of digital security and compliance. They will take a deep-dive into the main legal regulations and standards of security and compliance, and will learn why they are essential. Students will possess a deeper understanding of privacy and security while setting up document workflows.

Workflow Analytics with airSlate reveals how to ensure internal processes are functioning effectively, which analytics tools and metrics can be adopted, and ways to determine areas of improvement. Students will learn more about the methods and mechanisms of data collection, analysis, and exporting.

airSlate Fundamentals acts as a walk-through for the essentials of airSlate, covering the basic terminology and concepts. Students will learn how to set up a Workspace, onboard a team, automate workflows, and more. They will be able to create fully automated workflows that conserve their business’ time and money.

What you will learn

How to apply workflow automation to your everyday routines, allowing you to rededicate your time and money towards other critical business goals
The core aspects of document process automation (DPA), business process management (BPM), and the correlation between the two
The principal legal regulations and standards of security and compliance and why they are needed
How to use Workflow analytics to ensure the effective functioning of internal processes and increase productivity
Duration 5 hours
Certificate A verified certificate is included
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price Free

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Level up as you progress through the program

Four courses must be passed in order to complete the Business Process Analyst program.

Course pattern
Workflow Analytics with airSlate
Workflow analytics helps to identify the strong and weak points of a workflow, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and automate those that don't require human interaction. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to use all visual analytics tools and...
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Course pattern
Introduction to Document Process Automation
The purpose of DPA is to automate routine document processes so that employees can refocus their efforts on more important tasks such as decision making, problem-solving, and team collaboration. This course will keep you in the know on document proc...
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Course pattern
airSlate Fundamentals
airSlate is well-known for its capabilities in automating routine processes and eliminating paper-based tasks. The platform features an array of options and tools for improving document workflows, simplifying management & reporting, and automating th...
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Course pattern
Digital Security and Compliance
airSlate deals with complex business workflows which often include optimizing document routing, simplifying management and reporting, and automating routine tasks such as signing documents online. This course will take you through the basics of a com...
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Will I earn a separate certification for each course or just one for the entire Business Process Analyst program?

You will receive an individual Verified Certificate for each course you pass in the Business Process Analyst program. In addition, you will receive the Verified Certificate for the entire Business Process Analyst program.

Can I take the courses in the Business Process Analyst program in any order?

Yes, you can take courses in any order you wish. Thus, we recommend passing these courses in the order they are listed in the Business Process Analyst program.

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