Business Process Analyst

Propel your business forward by mastering workflow analytics and the key legal standards of security and compliance. Identify troublesome processes, keep an eye on your team's performance, and protect data in the digital era.
Business Process Analyst

About this program:

This program is aimed at those interested in optimizing their work routine and redistributing time towards different tasks more efficiently. You’ll receive the necessary knowledge for improving team productivity, understanding the basics of security and compliance, as well as key insights for automating business processes.

What you will learn

  • The basics of workflow analytics and how to apply it to improve your business’s performance and distribute resources more efficiently
  • The ins and outs of document process automation (DPA), business process management (BPM), and the correlation between the two
  • The main categories of business process automation and the key players in the DPA market
  • The legal regulations and standards of security and compliance for securing business in the digital era

Program structure:

airSlate WorkFlow Analytics

airSlate WorkFlow Analytics

Looking for ways to improve workflow efficiency? We’ve got you covered. Analyze your workflow metrics, visualize data on your dashboard, and reveal insights to make data-driven decisions.

30 minutes
Digital Security at airSlate

Digital Security at airSlate

Take a deep dive into the most popular industry-leading security standards and discover how to automate entire company workflows while keeping data protected.

1 hour
Introduction to Document Process Automation

Introduction to Document Process Automation

Searching for a better way to manage document workflows? Learn how to improve document processes, reduce manual errors, and save time, all without coding.

50 minutes

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Business process analyst certification from airSlate Academy

Profitable company growth depends on such fundamentals as choosing the right market niche, focusing on customer needs, keeping accurate and detailed records, making successful deals, implementing effective management inside the company, etc. But how can managers evaluate their internal processes and sales numbers as effectively? Quick and accurate analytics help companies determine their weak points and areas for improvement for every regular activity. That’s why the business process analyst profession is trendy now. Let’s look at how to become a business analyst and what training course will help you become an in-demand specialist quickly.

What does a business analyst do?

Workflow analysis (also known as operational intelligence) involves exploring past and current company’s records using specialized modern software, building data models, and determining which operations to optimize. A business process analyst is a specialist who assesses the company’s operational data and gives recommendations on how to overcome inefficiencies. A person in this role points out what impedes an organization and suggests solutions to improve future growth.

The main responsibilities of a process analyst are:

  • Interviewing employees to determine their needs and expectations and to evaluate work arrangements in and between teams.
  • Monitoring customer reviews and feedback to determine whether the company's products satisfy their needs.
  • Designing internal workflows and gathering data on their performance.

Hence, these specialists have broad responsibilities and deal with extensive arrays of information. Typically, their job requires using the company’s CRM system, accounting and HR tools, and some specialized business analyst programs to make calculations, work with metrics, and prepare reports for the executives. However, workflow analysts play a significant role in building effective workflows and operational strategies; they can obtain a substantial advantage by using a single yet versatile tool, like airSlate.

What makes airSlate so valuable for workflow analysis?

airSlate is the top no-code automation platform that covers all areas of company’s activities and facilitates recurring operational processes. So, airSlate performs the primary task of business process analysis — optimizing day-to-day operations and eliminating manual task completion inefficiencies. Here are a few facts proving that it’s a perfect business analyst program:

  • The platform provides ready-to-use workflow templates for industries with fast customization opportunities.
  • No-code Automation and Integration Bots enable employees to quickly and easily set up form pre-filling, document auto-generation, data exporting, signature requests, email notifications, etc.
  • airSlate provides built-in analytical tools, such as custom reports, analytic widgets, and a real-time document Audit Trail.

Business analysts training programs to enroll today

Knowledge and practice are two key indicators of success. Apart from Business Administration, Statistics, and Management skills, business process analysts should also learn the best modern technical solutions used in their profession. airSlate Academy is an excellent opportunity to explore our platform’s tools and capabilities free of charge. If you’re wondering how to become a business analyst with no experience or looking for a fast and informative training course to improve your professional skills, sign up for our program analyst certification. Go through our learning materials and video explanations, complete the quiz, do your practical task, and become a certified workflow automation and optimization expert!

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A business analyst is a specialist who collects data and examines how a company operates, finds its weak points, identifies which processes are inefficient, and facilitates solving those problems for company growth. They use various business analysis programs and technologies, like airSlate, to evaluate key metrics and boost productivity.

The first step in becoming a business analyst is getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Statistics, Finance, or Economics. Having a certification in computer science is also a plus. The next step is to sign up for specialized business analyst training programs. Also, join the airSlate Academy to learn how a workflow automation solution can help you collect metrics, visualize them with custom graphics, and improve company efficiency on all levels.

First of all, you need to have a qualification in Management or Economics to grasp how business processes work. Take one of the analyst training programs to improve your skills in data processing and statistical methods. Then, enroll in the Business Analysis Program with the airSlate Academy. You’ll learn how to collect and analyze data and set up company workflows in the most efficient ways.

Business intelligence analysts collect data, investigate how it influences business processes, and prepare reports for finance and marketing experts. Thus, having qualifications in Business Management, Statistics, Computer Science, or other related specializations is a must. Sign up for a Business Analyst Program with airSlate Academy to learn how to gather and analyze information, make graphics and reports, and build effective workflows with no-code automation tools. Get your Business Process Analyst Certification for free!

There are many education programs for those who want to become a business analysis expert, including such courses as ECBA, CCBA, PBA, and others. In addition to professional analyst training programs, you should also take our specialized airSlate Academy course, which is free of charge, to get practical knowledge and expertise in applying no-code automation into your workflows.

Analyst training programs for business include such courses as Business Intelligence and Management, Data Analytics, and Computer Science. Enroll in our specialized course and get a Business analyst program certificate with the airSlate Academy. You will discover and practice how to apply no-code workflow automation and analytics for your company's growth.

Experts in Business Analytics usually work with databases and CRM systems, which their company uses, and programs for sorting data, making calculations, creating graphics, and managing workflows. The Business Analyst Program by the airSlate Academy explains how using airSlate no-code workflow automation can cover most of your professional needs in data processing, creating reports, and optimizing regular tasks.

Business analyst training programs cover different aspects in management and data analytics such as the methodology of data collection and analysis, creating reports with graphics, etc. The Business Process Analyst Certification at the airSlate Academy introduces no-code automation tools for effectively managing business processes.

To become an expert in Business Analytics, you should gain knowledge in Business Administration, Finance, Statistics, and Computer Science. You can take the Business Process Analyst Certification with the airSlate Academy and discover how to set up workflow automation and how to effectively analyze daily processes for productivity and growth.

There are many courses that can help you get a business analyst qualification, but try to choose a verified program analyst certification like CAP, ECBA, CCBA, CBDA, etc. In addition, taking a Business Analyst Program with the airSlate Academy is a great plus for your future career. It will help you explore how to apply automation to your daily workflows. You will learn how to collect and analyze business data in the most efficient way.