Business Processes Automation with airSlate


Business Processes Automation with airSlate

This course aims at introducing users to the world of business automation through airSlate. You’ll learn about the purpose behind automation, the key pain points airSlate solves, and the how-to for integrating BPA into your business.

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About this course

Businesses benefit from airSlate on every level of process-automation. airSlate provides an array of necessary tools for optimizing the way a business operates.

We created this course to share hands-on experience for using our end-to-end solution (instead of integrating several tools) to get work done more efficiently while saving time & money.

What does this course cover?

This course describes the details of business process automation benefits with airSlate.

Why was this course made?

We made this course to provide insight into the benefits of automating business processes with airSlate.

Who can enroll?

We recommend taking this course as an introduction to your airSlate journey.

The materials of this course include:

  • learning resources in the form of workflow automation use cases to help you better understand the main advantages of airSlate.
  • interactive practice sessions so you can consolidate learning through practical application.

What you will learn

Key benefits of workflow automation for your business
How to minimize human error
How to configure business process automation software for your business processes
The basics of data integration solutions
How to improve data access and strengthen security
Duration 3 hours
Certificate A verified certificate is included
Subject airSlate Automation Solution
Level Beginner
Language English
Price Free

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Achieve your career goals with airSlate’s advanced certification programs

Automation Architect
Learn how to make any process in your workflow run like clockwork. Automate each step using Bots and triggers and perform integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce or MS Dynamics 365.
Business Process Analyst
Identify which processes in your workflow can be automated. Learn key metrics to propel your business forward and increase your return on investment (ROI).
Custom Bot Developer
Learn how to design and develop airSlate Bots — a powerful robotic process automation tool that can be customized using airSlate.
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Students who complete the airSlate Academy’s courses are welcome to become partners. Get the necessary skills for building automated processes, helping airSlate newbies, and generating revenue.

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Discover the ‘next best thing’ in business efficiency: business process automation.

High operational business efficiency is a key feature to stay competitive and ensure the highest possible level of profit. Achieve this by implementing automation. Any time an existing work environment is  optimized it requires a particular understanding of that environment; how it works, its processes, etc. Reading this will explain why the only ‘next best thing’ is business automation. Explore its standards, benefits and the most effective tools and solutions on the market.

Business process automation software

Currently, companies around the world deal with the issue of optimizing business process management in several ways. Depending on your market, size, and goals there are few options. The first option is  to create a unique software tailored to your needs. This is great if you have a team of software developers/engineers laying around. However, even if you do, the development and testing of such software is time-consuming and expensive. The second option to optimize enterprise workflows is to use ready-made products. This is great if you don’t have a team of software developers/engineers laying around. Plus, they’re almost always faster to launch and cheaper to implement.

Make your choice, wisely and make sure to go over the pros and cons of both. Determine what changes your company expects to have over the next few years. Try to consider everything. Today, business environments change like the wind. The best business automation services should be flexible and customizable to meet customer needs.

Automate workflows of any complexity with unique technology from airSlate, the only holistic, no-code configurable workflow platform. Thanks to ready-made solutions for automating workflows, airSlate allows you to flexibly implement the features needed to improve any department, from the front desk to marketing or accounting. Manage changes across the entire enterprise effectively. Enjoy complete access to custom tools for configuring and managing your system.

Business process management and where to start automating it

Before you start implementing the new software, analyze and understand what you are unhappy with about your current workflow and which processes actually require optimization. It’s essential to choose the best business automation software to make sure the things you need automated get automated. Answer the following questions to get started:

  1. What can you automate?
  2. What is your budget for acquiring and implementing business automation software?
  3. Which of your teams will/would benefit from digital workflows?
  4. How quickly do you need the software implemented?
  5. How flexible should the system be and what level of security do you need?
  6. What is your budget for the maintenance and support needed to keep the software running correctly?

You might not know the answers to all of those questions right now, so don’t be overwhelmed. We recommend taking the Business Processes Automation with airSlate course for a better understanding of the whole process. Completing this course is the first step towards success. The information in the course will help you, owners, team managers, analysts and employees with useful tools and tips to help the company achieve profitable growth through workflow automation. Learn how to accelerate your business’s core processes and improve overall performance.

See what you get with the business automation

Digital transformation engages companies of all sizes. By optimizing operations, avoid business challenges, including insufficient or excess control, late reporting, breaches of discipline, and others. This applies to both enterprise and small business automation.

Choosing the right solution decreases the cost of deploying a workflow by 10-100x. Join thousands of  other businesses who’ve chosen airSlate as their partner on the journey to digital transformation. It’s a modern multi-cloud workflow solution, automated, integrated and configurable. By partnering with airSlate, get the ultimate enterprise suite of tools for:

  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing costs
  • Eliminating routine and repetitive actions
  • Improving the quality and accuracy of results
  • Increasing transparency, supervision, and manageability
  • Rerouting wasted time to more productive tasks
  • Increasing profits

Business automation software takes over all of the routine processes in a given workflow. Because of  that, it’s possible to take orders, issue invoices, send goods and even more on autopilot. Switching to a digital workspace with airSlate enables, develops and educates.

How quickly do employees learn to work in the new system?

Employee training should be done from the very beginning. According to specialists’ experience, the average time to familiarize an employee with airSlate’s software takes anywhere from a day to several weeks depending on how many employees participate and how many different workflows are created. At airSlate, we believe that on-boarding should be fun.

Get even more! Advance your and your teams’ automation skills with the airSlate Academy free certification program.

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