Create Event in Google Calendar


Create Event in Google Calendar

Simplify scheduling and planning by automatically creating events in Google Calendar using data from the completed documents.

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About this course:

Learn how to automate the process of creating Google events with data taken from your documents.

By the end of this course, you will be able to automatically create events in Google Calendar for your document workflows and adjust them to your needs.

What does this course cover?

This course explains the entire process of automatically creating events in Google Calendar, from connecting Google accounts to setting conditions for when the Bot acts.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to explain how to automatically schedule and customize events in Google Calendar based on the information from the completed documents.

Who can enroll?

Anyone can enroll in this course to start automating the process of creating events in Google Calendar for their document workflows.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources to help you learn how to automate scheduling events in Google Calendar.
  • quiz to consolidate your acquired knowledge.

What you will learn

How to create new events in Google Calendar without entering data manually
How to connect or disconnect your Google account, change, and share the connection
How to customize event details using data from the completed documents
How to adjust when events are created based on a workflow’s needs
Duration 15 minutes
Badge A sharable achievement is included
Subject The Create Event in Google Calendar Bot
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price FREE



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Drive company productivity with the Create Event in Google Calendar Bot

Google Calendar is a service from Google designed to help you plan various events, both business and personal. Use Calendar as a web application by opening it in your browser and or through mobile apps for Android and iOS. It’s entirely free for anyone with a Gmail account. In terms of free calendars, it’s very comprehensive, allowing you to create events, set them as one-time events or even as repeat events, add labels, notes, and so much more. Create several calendars at once if necessary. For example, one for a business meeting and another one for a personal meeting. Plus, share these events with others by adding their emails; they’ll receive notifications asking them to accept or deny your invitation. Accepting an invitation automatically adds the event to the recipient’s Calendar.

However, adding things in your calendar manually eats away at your valuable time. The time you could use preparing for meetings or completing other important tasks. What if there was a way that you could automate the process? Good news. There is!

airSlate is an industry leader in workflow automation and has built a powerful tool for integrating with Google Calendar via a no-code Bot. airSlate’s smart event Bot connected to Google Calendar gives a massive advantage to companies who add it to their workflows.

The Create Event in Google Calendar Bot automatically creates new events by transmitting data from a document as soon as a user fills it out. In this way, you can plan further meetings faster as there is no need to enter the data manually.

With automation, teams can organize and prioritize projects, increasing efficiency; collaboration becomes much more convenient and productive. Continue to read this excerpt to learn more about the Bot and how airSlate designed it to enhance business processes.

Do more with Google Calendar automation

With all of your communication and collaborative tools in a single Workspace, remote teams can stay productive no matter where they’re working from, at the office or at home.

airSlate brings teams together no matter where they are. Understanding the key features of Google Calendar automation is the first step to understanding why thousands of companies have already chosen to make the switch:
  1. Manage and share events.
    Centralize tasks and combine different software, share and fill in applications and forms, use Slate data to pre-fill Google events, and create appointments right from airSlate.
  2. Keep projects on track.
    Send automated invite updates and reminders to teammates via email, keeping everyone on top of project changes and progress.
  3. Reduce monotonous work.
    Create appointments, plan weekly meetings, automatically request and add vacation time all with data from completed e-forms.

Work with airSlate the way that suits you best. Our features and tools can be customized to meet your needs exactly.

How to send a Google Calendar invite using airSlate’s Bot

Nowadays, Google’s apps are leading the corporate business environment. It’s tough to think of someone not using Gmail or Google Drive at a professional level. You yourself probably schedule all of your and your team’s meetings in Calendar. Plan tasks, set appointments, and join online sessions with colleagues. Share calendars to keep things organized and understand who’s doing what and when and to track weekly team weekly.

If your team uses Google Calendar automation or plans on using it, integrate with airSlate for significantly more streamlined workflows free from wasted time on manually managing calendars.

Let the Create Event in Google Calendar Bot handle manual tasks like data input so that you can spend more time doing what matters the most. Make the automation Bot schedule a Google Calendar event:
  • Connect your airSlate and Google account(s)
  • Set up and customize event details
  • Add invitee emails to the event
  • Configure the Bot to automatically create events with data from Slates

Manage your schedule from your computer or smartphone with airSlate. Stop manually entering information into your timetable, save yourself from wasted time, and make appointments automatically without the usual hassle.

Check out the airSlate Fundamentals Certification Program and Create Event in Google Calendar Bot course to get started with enterprise-grade automation.

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A bot is an automated program that helps to complete certain regular tasks according to set conditions. The Google Calendar Bot is a kind of schedule bot created by airSlate to help users plan events and automatically add them into timetables. It creates events in Google Calendar and sends invites to guests without manual data input based on the information provided in various documents and forms completed with airSlate. If you want to know how to easily create recurring events in Google Calendar, take the corresponding course in the airSlate Academy free of charge.

Managing events and manually adding them into Google Calendar is rather time consuming. With airSlate, you can do it automatically by setting up the Google Calendar Bot to your workflows. Once configured, it will automatically create Google Calendar events by transferring information about an appointment (meeting, vacation, etc.) from various forms every time users complete them. Join the airSlate Academy to learn more about using no-code automation in scheduling regular affairs.

Use a powerful no-code workflow automation tool like airSlate. The platform enables you with an easy-to-handle Calendar Bot that transmits the details of an appointed event from a spreadsheet and automatically creates Google Calendar events. Install the schedule Bot when setting up your Flow, join it with your Google account, and follow the instructions to configure other settings. Discover more about Google Calendar automation and many more with the specialized free courses in the airSlate Academy.

There are several ways in which users can create Google Calendar events from an email. The traditional way is to click “Yes” accepting an invitation for an event, meeting, etc. You can also add one manually to your Google Calendar. Open your message in Gmail, click on the More function (the three-dot icon), and choose Create Event. Google will pre-populate the event details, which you can then edit as needed. Thanks to Google Calendar's collaboration with Gmail, you can automatically appoint events in your timetable right from your inbox. In your Calendar, open the Settings, choose Events from Gmail, and enable the option for creating Google Calendar events from your Gmail.

You can use standard Google Calendar settings to robotically create Google Calendar events from an email or take advantage of airSlate workflow automation and set up the no-code schedule Bot for arranging events from forms and spreadsheets. Register in the airSlate Academy. Join a course dedicated to the Google Calendar Bot (it’s free of charge). Explore how no-code robotic technologies can help you automatically schedule your events and quickly send invites to meetings with no manual data entry.

First and foremost, you need to create/register your airSlate account and start building a workflow. When your Flow is ready, go to the Bots setup page and install the Google Calendar Bot. Connect your Google account, configure settings by adding an event title and description (optionally) and the email addresses of those whom you want to invite to your event. Choose the dates/time for your appointment and set up conditions for when your schedule Bot will be triggerd.

Enroll in the airSlate Academy. Get access to free courses on workflow automation and how to use no-code Bots. Take the Create Event in the Google Calendar Bot course, discover how to create an event on Google Calendar based on completed documents, and notify others about the upcoming meeting. During the course, you’ll see detailed instructions on how to set up the schedule Bot in minutes without special skills, learn about common use-cases, and be assigned practical tasks to consolidate your knowledge.

You can add regular events to your schedule by using the Create button in the upper left corner of Google Calendar. Add the details of your event, then click on Does Not Repeat, and change the recurrence settings. Alternatively, you can use airSlate as a Google Calendar automation tool and set up the Calendar Bot to create events in your Google Calendar without entering them manually, make regular appointments, plan your team’s weekly meetings, etc. Join the airSlate Academy to find out how its Google Calendar Bot works and how to create regular Google Calendar events without manual data entry. Make managing and creating events in Google Calendar easy.

Register your account in airSlate and enroll in the airSlate Academy to quickly learn everything about automating regular business processes using the no-code robotic technologies. No programming skills are required. After you finish the Fundamentals course, take the one dedicated to the Create Event in the Google Calendar Bot, and learn in detail how to properly set it up. Connect the Calendar Bot to your Google account, configure what document to use as an origin for your appointment, add a title and details of the event, and enter the emails of everyone whom you need to inform and invite to that meeting.

With airSlate, that’s faster and easier than ever! Install the Create Event in Google Calendar Bot to your Flow, connect it to your Google account (use the current connection or add a new one), choose Personal or Document Calendar as a source of your event; then, name it, add a description, and a start and end date. Enter the emails of everyone you want to invite to the meeting. Determine the conditions for when the Bot should run to automatically create a Google Calendar event.