Digital Lending: a Roadmap to ROI and Intelligent Automation


Digital Lending: a Roadmap to ROI and Intelligent Automation

Advancements in tech have had a major impact on the entire financial industry. As one of the most influential parts of the financial sector, lending has gone digital and is now more convenient and accessible for both lenders and borrowers than ever before. Learn how to digitize and automate lending using intelligent lending automation.

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About this course:

We’ve created this course in partnership with Turnkey Lender to help you discover the ins and outs of digital lending, its benefits, types, and services. You will learn how delivers a seamless digital lending experience, as well as the role AI and ML have in the process.

What does this course cover?

This course reveals how Turnkey Lender automates the key lending steps for increasing business productivity, reducing credit risk, lowering operational costs, and eliminating human error. It explains how to customize functionality and simplify credit processes using integrations as well as providing real-life examples of businesses that went digital with TurnKey Lender.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to demonstrate how Turnkey Lender's digital lending automation works in practice. The course will guide you through automating the entire lending process from loan origination to regulatory compliance.

Who can enroll?

We recommend this course to all users who take an active part in the financial industry and are interested in enhancing their lending process.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources assist your learning of automated lending.
  • quizzes so you can practice your knowledge.

What you will learn

What digital lending encompasses, the value it can bring to your business, the benefits of lending process automation, and the statistics driving success in today’s digital transformation of the lending process
How automated lending processes will solve your customers’ pain points
How Artificial Intelligence holistically evaluates risk and streamlines auto-decisioning for loan applications
Why in-house financing is the wave to ride into 2021
How to automate lending processes step by step
What the bottlenecks in traditional lending are and how to solve them
How to streamline the customer experience through digital transformation
Why API integrations are vital for your digital lending operation
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Certificate A sharable achievement is included
Subject Digital lending
Level Beginner
Language English
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What is intelligent automation (IA)?

In a world of constant change, nothing stays the same for long. Organizations across the globe are already successfully implementing powerful document and robotic process automation. But intelligent automation is more than just automation, it’s forward-facing. Every day we see advancements in technology, innovations like artificial intelligence, big data, neural networks, and more.

Advancements in artificial intelligence introduce new opportunities and capabilities for businesses. Get access to a powerful new tool — intelligent automation — that combines the power of RPA (robotic process automation) and AI (artificial intelligence). It significantly accelerates the process of digital transformation and improves workflows. More and more organizations are already implementing it into their working processes and are reaping the benefits.

Why you need intelligent process automation

Intelligent automation is key to leveling the playing field and getting your organization the upper hand it needs to compete more competitively.

Let’s clear the water and go over the main advantages of artificial intelligence.

Operates 24/7 according to defined rules

It never tires, meaning it doesn’t take breaks, doesn’t go home early, and doesn’t go on vacation. AI is always learning and completes its tasks accurately and according to the rules you set. Humans can make mistakes, miss important information, and so on. Errors related to the human factor are time-consuming and costly.

Does more, more effectively

Intelligent automation processes and transfers data much faster and more accurately than humans. It works with large amounts of data in less time with far fewer mistakes.

Increases customer satisfaction

Quick processes mean happier, more satisfied customers and clients. When data is analyzed faster, and decisions are made quicker, questions are asked and answered in record time, financial issues are immediately resolved, and website visitors get what they want sooner.

Makes business more secure

Intelligent automation solutions examine many factors, some of which can be missed by humans or hidden by consumers, including digital behavior. IA can analyze a system’s potential vulnerability to being cheated. Thus, providing an honest rating of each user to avoid or eliminate risk factors.

Increases business profitability and ROI

All the factors mentioned above, including decreasing risks, streamlining and accelerating workflows, and growing customer satisfaction — positively influence your ROI (Return on Investment).

Lending steps that need intelligent automation & soft computing

As powerful as IA is, the system can't process all the steps in a lending workflow (for example) on its own, but it's only a matter of time. Each case, more or less, requires human interaction. However, robotics drastically minimizes these interactions. For example, some of the steps in the lending process can be easily automated. These include loan applications where a potential borrower files all the required personal and financial information. Or email communications when you and your client need to correct mistakes in forms or discuss an agreement. Other steps include automating risk evaluation for simplifying the process of making decisions and signing procedures.

Intelligent automation and robotics in lending and many other spheres are definitely worth implementing.

How to become an intelligent process automation expert

Learning how to automate business processes is easier than you think. The days of universities are gone. Now you have the opportunity to learn from your home, office, or anywhere. The airSlate Academy makes this a reality.

The airSlate Academy offers professional courses that teach you and your team how to utilize different tools for improving your business in various spheres. It starts with advanced tutorials for airSlate — a holistic BPA solution, which allows you to organize and streamline your everyday workflows. For example, in the Fundamentals course, you’ll find information about how to build your first Flow and set up Bots to do manual, repetitive work for you.

The airSlate Academy offers various materials that cover a wide scope of automation possibilities with airSlate. Learn how to use intelligent automation & soft computing via solutions like TurnKey Lender for lending organizations.

How to enroll in the airSlate Academy

Absorb new information in a fun, interactive way. Begin improving your skills by creating an account and choosing a course to start with.

At the end of the course, you will have obtained:
  1. Theoretical knowledge
  2. Practical skills
  3. Relevant use cases
  4. Licensed certificate

The future is here and now. It’s time to adapt and grow to stay competitive on the market. Enroll in our intelligent automation course today!

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Intelligent automation is a combination of technologies synthesizing robotic process automation and artificial intelligence solutions for seamless automation of business processes. Intelligent automation can be applied to processes in businesses of diverse scales or fields. It empowers the efficiency of an enterprise, as automation can take on routine, time-consuming processes that do not require critical thinking or problem-solving. It gives more time to the team for more demanding tasks.

Essentially, intelligent process automation is used to replace people on tasks that can be handled by a machine or artificial intelligence. An automated approach to tasks helps save employees' time and secure their safety if it handles potentially dangerous tasks. With intelligent automation, the company distributes challenging and mentally demanding tasks more effectively.

Based on the tasks it is set up to cover, intelligent automation runs on the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and process mining. These technologies are encompassed in the rule-based processes that can be carried out without human involvement with tasks that are mainly time- and effort-consuming.

As of today, there are many processes that can be handled with intelligent automation. One of the examples is the automation of the dialing process for call centers, in which operators do not have to put in numbers and listen to calls. Instead, call center operators are only connected to answered calls, and automation handles the rest. AI and automation can also be involved in data transfer, order processing in E-commerce, employee onboarding in human resources, and many more routines.

Intelligent automation tools help to set up the automated process. Their combination depends on the task they are to handle and the company's business objectives. If you want to know about their diversity and implementation, try this interactive training course to figure out how it works and how your business can benefit from it.

Intelligent automation is a broader notion that includes RPA, or robotic process automation. The latter usually handles repetitive manual tasks with the help of software bots. RPA can complete tasks without decision-making or judgment, while automation AI can do both.