Document Process Automation for Education

Discover the power of workflow automation in eliminating paperwork, manual data entry, and human errors in educational processes. Gain insights on how to effortlessly register students online, streamline data collection, automatically prepopulate and securely store vital information, and foster seamless collaboration between academic institutions and students.
Document Process Automation for Education


This certification program is aimed at anyone working at an educational institution looking for ways to solve the issue of excessive paperwork, data loss and errors, and time wasted on manual data transfers. The program guides you through the entire process of learning the basics of airSlate WorkFlow and presents typical use cases for the education industry.

By the end of the program, you will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to create automated workflows that increase efficiency and reduce stress in your educational organization.

You will learn

    How to get started with document automation with airSlate WorkFlow
    How to set up a fully automated document workflow for educational institutions
    What no-code bots are and how to use them for educational document-based processes
    The most popular no-code bots for educational workflows and their step-by-step configuration process


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Lost in paperwork: how can automation in education offload educators’ administrative tasks

The current state of educational processes, especially those associated with document-heavy administrative tasks, leaves little to be desired. A stressful environment and tons of paperwork challenges those involved.

The pandemic-induced shifts put even more pressure on educators. This leaves teachers less time and opportunities to work with students individually and carry out their primary duties. Despite all the hardships that came with these unprecedented times, there’s no better time to turn challenges into opportunities. One of those opportunities being the introduction of automation in education.

How does automation in education work?

Institutions are struggling to deal with an increasingly burdensome workload that doesn’t involve the actual process of passing on knowledge to students. It includes signing contracts, making daily inventory purchases, hiring and onboarding new staff, updating policies, etc. The majority of this work is still done on paper and with a lot of direct human involvement. Something as easy as signing a physical document doesn’t need to take hours, but very often, it does. A constant effort to follow all bureaucratic procedures and maintain strict compliance leads to increased errors and lost documents. This is where automation comes into play.

When automation in education is brought up, it’s immediately associated with robots designed to take the jobs humans do. To some extent, it’s true. However, the biggest point to keep in mind is that these robots take over the slow, monotonous work that humans do. As a result, this allows teachers to concentrate on more important things, like teaching and interacting with students.

Usually, automation platforms are built around AI (Artificial Intelligence) or RPA (robotic process automation). In simple terms, AI learns how to think like a human when dealing with specific tasks and how to make decisions and predictions about collected data. Compared to AI, RPA is rather a process-oriented technology. It enables people to build logically structured workflows for automating and streamlining repetitive tasks. Despite these reasonably technical components of automation solutions, they don’t necessarily require people to be versed in math or programming. In fact, many of them are low-code or no-code solutions. Let’s examine what airSlate, a no-code automation solution for education can bring to the table.

How can airSlate help accelerate automation in education?

airSlate is primarily a no-code solution. It means that educational institutions don’t need to spend additional resources on training or hiring an IT team to get it up and running.
In addition to that, it offers a centralized document-oriented place for performing tasks of different complexity:

  1. document generation
    Create and edit interactive fillable documents to collect registration forms, policy agreements, parental consent papers, etc. Generate templates for commonly used documents.
  2. Workflow configuration
    Automate data collection, extraction, and routing using Automation and Integration Bots that operate on if-this-then-that logic.
  3. Role-based eSigning
    Take advantage of legally-binding esignature. Assign roles, restrict, or allow access. Oversee the entire execution process in real time with the Audit Trail feature.
  4. Analytics
    Set up your Dashboard with analytics widgets to get insight into a variety of metrics, from completed documents to team members’ activity.

This is just a part of what airSlate has to offer to educators. Having all the needed solutions under one roof eliminates the need for using multiple vendors.

Finally, where there’s data, there’s a risk for error. airSlate is a cloud-based solution. It means that your data will be safely stored and remain consistent no matter what device you use to access it. In addition to that, we follow the leading compliance and legal frameworks (such as GDPR and HIPAA) to ensure the highest level of data protection. To learn about all the measures we take to protect sensitive information, visit our Security and Compliance page.

How to get started with automation in education

Are you new to automation? No worries. We, like all educators, believe that the best results in any sphere can be achieved through constant learning. That’s why we created the airSlate Academy. It features dozens of free courses on no-code workflow automation, including education automation. You can create an account and put your knowledge into practice along the way. The courses will help you start your digital transformation journey and learn the ins and outs of education process automation.

Education is probably one of few industries worth investing in because it pays the best interest in the long run. Give airSlate a try and let educators take care of what they’re supposed to do in the first place: motivate students and share knowledge.

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Education isn’t all about teaching, and there’s a lot of administrative work behind the scenes. Automation helps educational institutions streamline routine daily tasks and cut down on paperwork. As a result, educators have more time to devote to their primary duties, improving their performance and job satisfaction. If you’re interested to learn more about the aspects of effective automation in education, take some of the self-paced courses provided by the airSlate Academy. They’re free and don’t require any prior knowledge of automation.

Due to a common misconception, many people think that education automation will lead to the layoff of thousands of workers. On the contrary, automation will make everyone involved in the educational process more flexible and efficient. airSlate is a tool that gives all administrative tasks to Automation and Integration Bots to free up educators and let them do what they were brought to do – teach.

Before, embracing automation in education was a vital necessity. To make the first step towards automation, schools and other institutions need to develop a roadmap to digitize their paper-centric operations and reduce the costs associated with shipping, storing, and managing massive volumes of data, respectively. This is becoming increasingly needed considering that students’ records need to be kept indefinitely. No-code and cloud-based solutions, like airSlate, are designed to help institutions of different sizes move well-established document-based processes to the digital realm, streamline them, and minimize human intervention in the routine side of these processes.

Education automation by no means replaces teachers. However, it can give them more time and freedom to do what they are supposed to do in the first place instead of dealing with tedious paper-based managerial tasks. Happy and satisfied schools and university staff always mean a higher level of productivity and brilliant student performance. Using an intuitive no-code automation solution, like airSlate, educators can enhance educational processes overall and create a healthier and stress-free environment for everyone involved.

Before making any decisions on implementing an automation solution for education, you need to consider a few critical points. First and foremost, you need to map out the steps of the paper-based workflow established in your institution and determine what part is holding back your efficiency. After you’ve done that, you can select an automation solution. Take in to account two factors: existing IT infrastructure and budget. If you don’t have an IT team or hiring one is not on the roadmap, opt for affordable no-code cloud-based solutions like airSlate.

airSlate is primarily a no-code solution. It means that schools and other educational establishments don’t need to overspend hiring an IT team to fine-tune their daily workflow needs. It has everything from document generation to eSigning, contract negotiation to streamlining day-to-day operations without typing a line of code. airSlate is super intuitive and requires a low learning curve, which helps schools quickly adapt to the ever-changing learning landscape and implement automation in education.

One of the most common types of paperwork schools, colleges, and universities are regularly challenged with is forms. The data within the forms must be collected, routed to various storages like Google Sheets, passed around by multiple parties, signed, and safely stored for future record. With airSlate, users can create interactive, ready-to-sign forms that are fillable to collect information, signatures, and payments. It also connects with various Integration and Automation Bots to route data within your database and distribute it to multiple parties. The forms can be embedded on the website or shared through a sharable link. To check the most popular use cases and see them in action, take our professional course on Workflow Automation in Education.

Yes. airSlate offers a holistic approach to implementing eSignature to document management in educational establishments. Apart from creating, adding, and collecting eSignatures, you can set up a multi-branch eSignature workflow and track it via the Audit Trail feature that allows for increased visibility across every point of interaction. Our eSignature is legally binding and complies with leading industry standards related to eCommerce and data privacy. If you wish to explore all eSignature capabilities for automation in education, you can sign up for the Workflow Automation for Education course by the airSlate Academy.

Yes, after successfully completing the course on Workflow Automation for Education, you will get a certificate that shows you’ve spent the time to learn how to set up an automated workflow that caters to the needs of students, educators, and other professionals in the educational sphere. Also, upon completion, you can become our partner. Learn about the perks of partnership with airSlate here.

Yes. airSlate is your safe harbor when it comes to dealing with and storing sensitive data and making steps towards automation in education. Every aspect of airSlate’s functionality is created with security and privacy in mind. We’ve put in place the world’s best frameworks, such as FERPA, CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and others, to ensure that your data is kept away from prying eyes. We’re a security-conscious business backed up by SOC 2 Type II and PCI DSS certification, two-factor authentication, and 256-bit encryption.