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Document Workflow Automation for Salesforce

Comprehensive document workflow automation in Salesforce has never been easier! Learn how to get the most out of airSlate for your Salesforce organization — run your document workflows in Salesforce with the single click of a button, automatically route and process large amounts of data, connect to other systems and apps you use, and much more.

About this program:

This certification program covers everything you need to implement airSlate with your Salesforce organization, eliminate the manual routines associated with working in Salesforce, and automate your document workflows from end to end.

The certification program consists of 9 courses:

airSlate for Salesforce: Getting Started covers the key benefits of the airSlate integration for Salesforce. It explains how airSlate adds value to Salesforce users when managing data-heavy processes.

Generating Documents with Salesforce Data demonstrates how to create and run automated workflows with DOCX-based templates using merge fields, dynamic tables, conditional logic, fillable fields, dynamic images, and more.

Collecting Data for Salesforce Records explains everything about airSlate dynamic web forms and how to use them to collect and route data to Salesforce and other systems of your choice.

Building Salesforce Workflows in airSlate details how to create and visualize complex processes that require automation, adjust role-based workflow routing, and manage notifications and permissions for your recipients from inside and outside Salesforce.

Automating Bulk Sends with airSlate for Salesforce teaches you how to automatically send documents to multiple recipients on schedule without leaving Salesforce or copying and pasting emails one by one.

airSlate Contract Negotiation for Salesforce covers all the ins and outs of handling a contract negotiation process with airSlate using document generation, no-code automation, online redlining, and seamless integration with Salesforce.

Different Ways to Create Documents from Salesforce Records guides you through the key principles of working with custom buttons to access the internal or external record pages of your organization, launch custom links, or start any airSlate workflow or Salesforce process right from Salesforce.

Syncing Salesforce Data between Multiple Systems leads you through the entire process of connecting your Flows to multiple external systems and routing data to the cloud storage apps of your choice all at once.

airSlate Functionality for Salesforce Teams covers how to manage your airSlate workspace, give access permissions to your teammates, and enable them to use the airSlate package right in Salesforce.

What you will learn

How to benefit from airSlate no-code automation in a Salesforce organization
How to generate documents automatically for Salesforce workflows
How to accelerate and automate data collection with airSlate dynamic web forms
How to simplify and visualize complex workflows that require automation
How to schedule sending documents to multiple users in one click
How to streamline contract negotiation for parties inside and outside Salesforce
How to connect the workflows you run from Salesforce to multiple external systems
How to enable airSlate functionality for your Salesforce teammates without extra logins
Duration 5 hours
Certificate A sharable achievement is included
Level Intermediate-Advanced
Language English
Price FREE

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All you need to digitally transform your business

The airSlate Academy combines everything you need to digitally transform your business, including legally binding eSignatures, advanced PDF editing, and automated workflows.
Familiarize yourself with eSignatures, their implementation, business value, and learn how to create legally binding eSignature workflows for your business.
Change the way you work with documents into an interactive online experience and learn how to make your documents look professional.


Will I earn a separate certification for each course or just one for the entire certification program?

You will receive a verified certificate for the entire certification program and a separate badge for each course you pass.

Can I take the courses in the certification program in any order?

Yes, you can take courses in any order you wish. However, we recommend passing these courses in the order listed in the certification program.

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Boost efficiency with airSlate’s integration for Salesforce workflow automation

Today's fast-paced workspace requires companies to keep up with the speed of now. The best way to do that is by using automation tools to speed up and automate business processes. The pandemic has shown us that going digital is crucial for businesses to survive and succeed. Automated electronic document management is a key step to take in digital transformation - especially in sales and customer-related activities.

Thousands of companies worldwide use Salesforce’s cloud-based customer relationship management platform to help track customer activity and manage sales cycles. So how do you automate workflow management in Salesforce? Let’s dive in and see how businesses can improve their document generation and management with no-code automation and how they can benefit from it.

Document creation automation as a top priority for workflow management in Salesforce

Sales representatives juggle multiple tasks each day — from making the first contact with perspectives and preparing commercial proposals to closing deals and completing analytical sales reports. These efforts are often manual and repetitive resulting in hours spent to create, complete, sign, print/scan, and send various paperwork. Challenges before implementing workflow automation:
  • Time-consuming preparation and eros in documentation
  • Slow sales cycle - often receiving documents back with missed data
  • Inconsistent signing experience for customers
  • Inability to streamline processes resulting in the need for multiple tools
  • Financial harms from unclosed agreeements
Implementing airSlate’s workflow management solution in Salesforce helps to automate the sales cycle and boost productivity. Some CRM software may include automation tools, however, they can be complex and difficult to get up and running. That’s why using airSlate for your Salesforce workflow automation is a great solution to quickly deploy and increase your business efficiency. Let’s find out how you can automate your business workflows in your CRM system with airSlate’s no-code integration.

How airSlate automates your sales workflow in Salesforce

airSlate is a robust, end-to-end no-code solution for business process automation for companies of all sizes and across all industries. “No-code” means you don’t have to be a programmer to build an automated Flow for any systematic process — Bots will do the work for you. Here’s what you get within a single platform with airSlate:
  1. Document creation automation with data pre-fill options;
  2. Library of ready-to-use Flow Templates;
  3. contract negotiation and payment collection;
  4. Web-forms creation and survey generation;
  5. Legally-binding electronic signature tool;
  6. Automated notifications and reminders;
  7. Document status tracking and analytics;
  8. No-code software integrations.
Setting up an effective document workflow in your CRM with airSlate is easier than you might think. Simply select the appropriate Bot for Salesforce, connect your accounts, map the fields, and provide the conditions for when you want this Bot to act. This functionality enables you to automate the following:
  • Export signed agreements to your CRM records;
  • Create new records in Salesforce after form completion;
  • Update existing CRM data with data from airSlate’s documents;
  • Pre-populate a form with data from the CRM record;
  • Notify your CRM contacts when others fill out and sign an airSlate document.
airSlate’s integration with Salesforce empowers you to save time by automating routine tasks, reducing errors with document generation, and speeding up signature collection. Create custom workflows, close deals faster, and improve your sales team’s productivity with airSlate’s integrations.

How airSlate Academy can help you learn to set up Salesforce process automation

There are many benefits of workflow automation for your CRM. Are you ready to learn how to automate workflows in Salesforce? If you’re wondering where to get more information and how to get started, we are here to help! airSlate provides free specialized courses about its integrations with popular business applications and helps you build effective daily processes. In about one hour, you can learn to connect your solutions, choose and configure Bots to automatically generate a Salesforce document or export CRM records into other forms, set conditions for the Bot to act, and much more. Each course contains general information, a typical use case, and visual guidance on building your Salesforce process automation. Register for an account with airSlate Academy, complete the Document Workflow Automation in Salesforce Certification Program, and start automating your business processes today!

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