Email on Documents Opening

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Tired of wondering if recipients have reviewed the documents you’ve shared with them? Learn how to stay in the loop on the status of your documents and get them completed quickly and easily.
Email on Documents Opening

About this course

This course explains how to avoid delays and lost documents in your day-to-day operations. You’ll find out how to make your document workflows transparent, move to the document completion stage faster, and confirm if the documents you’ve sent were reviewed.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to automate and personalize email notifications to highlight the most important updates for yourself or your recipients.

What’s included?

lessons to explain how to confirm if your documents were opened
quiz to consolidate your knowledge & test new skills
badge to showcase your new skills

What will you learn?

How to decide who to inform once specific documents are opened
How to personalize a notification message to make it stand out
How to adjust when email notifications should be sent

Who is this course for?

Anyone interested in establishing greater transparency and control over documents
Anyone looking to track updates and check the status of documents
Those who want to advance their career with new skills

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Review from Capterra platform

The different courses are well defined, easily searchable, and the titles are useful. The content can get a bit long, and theoretical from time to time but mostly they try to keep it to bite-sized chunks with small quizzes to help you retain what you just read.


Review from YouTube

I’ve taken 20 airSlate Academy courses. These courses helped me create a workflow and generate business. The biggest skill I’ve learned is how to integrate data from other platforms into my workflow.


Review from G2 platform

airSlate Academy offers free courses in business process and workflow automation innovatively. The courses are well-researched and presented. Easily understood by a noncore IT audience.

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Stay one step ahead with automated email notification capabilities

Setting up an automaton via email notification is the basis for any automation workflow. Doing so helps you control every step of your multi-level workflow from increasing productivity to getting rid of labor-intensive processes. Email reminders are key to easily keeping up with your team’s updates. The worst thing that can happen (other than losing the deal) is the deal slowing down because people aren’t completing their roles. If you are like millions of other businessmen and women out there you’re ready to increase process efficiency. This article introduces you to the airSlate Academy and the Email on Documents Opening Bot and how to use it.

Who would benefit from an email notification training course?

Anybody interested in automating document workflows that involve multiple parties would benefit from a course that teaches them how to use Bots for sending notifications. This course is for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Receive/send updates instantly
  • Automatically notify interested parties on all changes
  • Eliminate wasted time usually spent creating Gmail notifications
  • Focus on more critical tasks
  • Eliminate routine steps

How can auto notifications help my business?

Let’s imagine you sent a contract to a client. All the details are already agreed upon and all that’s left is for the client to execute it and get it back to you. To prevent anyone from forgetting their role, you track the status of the document. The reality is, even if you have a comprehensive audit trail, checking every step manually is a waste of time and takes a lot of your energy. A pre-set email notification that’s sent to each party after certain roles have been completed is exactly what our above scenario needs. Each notification should include the actions that occurred along with the document they occurred to and the person’s name who did it. When your processes have routine auto notifications, things get done smoothly.

Customize an email notification message to keep everyone in the loop every time someone changes something. Adopting automation to your process makes it more flexible and efficient.

What does the course consist of?

The course combines the theory and practice behind enhancing workflow automation with automated emails. Each bit of information can easily be taken and applied right to an airSlate Flow in real time.

After completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate confirming your knowledge in business-level automation. Easily add it to your resume to show off your skills. Continue your education and jumpstart a career as an Automation Architect or Business Process Analyst.

Take the Academy’s other courses to improve your understanding of how automating workflows improves the way businesses operate. As of now, there are over 12 different courses that teach you valuable information like how to transfer data between different systems of record, send a form for filling out to multiple recipients and how to set conditional role-based fields.

How to automate notification settings in 3 simple steps

  1. Install the Email on Documents Opening Bot to your Flow.
  2. Configure the Bot’s settings.
  3. Click Apply and see it in action.

Get your Flow rolling without extra workflow automation software. airSlate is a no-code platform built for everyday office workers looking to make their jobs easier.

There are three different settings available while setting up this Bot:
  • Select recipient and customize message
  • Bot conditions
  • Advanced

Using the email notification settings to choose who sees the notifications and when. Use simple if-this-then-that conditions to automate email notifications in the Flow.

How to avoid overwhelming recipients with Gmail notifications

Your recipients are like you in the sense that they don’t like pointless notifications in their inbox. When setting up an email notification be considerate and only apply relevant conditions, e.g., if the document is opened on a certain date or by a specific person. Limit the number of notifications sent to something that gets the job done without annoying anyone.

How to create a helpful email notification that comfortably keeps everyone in the loop

With airSlate, you can customize your email notification in a way that delivers results. Put our advice below to use, and start building more effective messages.

  1. Write a short but informational title. The title should be short but also immediately explain the message’s purpose. Include things like the name of the Flow, and the signer(s) involved.
  2. Break the body into paragraphs. If your text is going to have more than 4-5 sentences, break it into paragraphs.
  3. Make sure the instructions are clear. Each recipient should know what you want them to do without them having to guess.
  4. Use the right tone of voice. Keep in mind that your recipients are probably busy. Just like you. Use a tone of voice that is positive and energetic. Avoid being boring or demanding.

Enroll in the airSlate Academy for free and start automating workflows of any complexity from the bottom up!

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Most companies use specialized email marketing services or develop their own. Usually, they aren't very customizable, so people often run into problems with getting their inbox spammed with lots of useless messages sent by these services. This problem can be easily solved with airSlate: add an email Bot to your Flow and define set conditions to only get high-priority mail. Automate notifications and be free of spam.

Bots operate as robotized assistants that automate your everyday tasks. They can transfer between multiple systems of record, pre-fill forms, or send notifications. For example, an email opening notification is a simple example of bot email settings and functionality.

An email Bot is an automated tool that can deliver responses to recipients. Using pre-defined conditions, it can define a recipient, choose a text message, and change attachments. Combined with email opening notification functionality, it becomes a powerful marketing tool that helps you get more leads to read your messages.

You can find a ready email Bot in airSlate. There’s no need for coding; just open the Bots menu in your Flow, click Email on the left, and select the email Bot that suits your needs. After that, indicate conditions for when it should activate, define recipients, and click Apply setup. After that, you’ll have a customized email Bot that works as you need it to.

Sure! Just add the needed Bot to your Flow settings, customize conditions, and receive notifications in your inbox. Send Slates in emails along with different sets of information.

To make your bot email service work, you need to use specialized services for creating bots from scratch or code them from the very beginning. A faster, more affordable way is airSlate. It’s a no-code solution that uses Bots for automating daily routine tasks without code. Just add a Bot to your workflow and set up conditions for its activation. Voila! You can automate notifications as you need them.

It's important to get notifications when someone completes their work/a document. Sometimes, knowing that a recipient opens a document you send to them can be beneficial. airSlate as a holistic workflow automation solution allows you to use bot email functionality for deeper transparency into your processes.

Enable the sending of attachments while customizing bot for email notification settings. Indicate recipients, adjust texts for topics and the main body of messages, and select a needed form from the Documents to attach menu. This option isn't enabled by default, but, using these instructions, you can activate it and attach Slates to emails in a couple of clicks.

airSlate gives you the ability to know when your recipient opens a sent document. This way, you always know that your letter delivery is successful. To learn more about automating notifications, consider enrolling in the airSlate Academy courses and learn how to get more benefits from powerful business process management.

The list of Bots for emails constantly updates. Automate notifications and receive messages about Slate opening and completion for custom addresses or NetSuite contacts. In the near future, the list of Bots will be increased. Start improving your skills with Bots with the airSlate Academy.