airSlate WorkFlow Fundamentals

Uncover the basics of handling documents with airSlate WorkFlow. Get the knowledge you need to start automating entire document workflows using an all-in one solution.
airSlate WorkFlow Fundamentals

About this program:

This certification program is designed specifically for beginners, guiding you through the fundamentals of our document workflow automation solution. By completing our program, you'll not only gain the confidence to embark on your no-code journey, but the expertise you'll need to work with documents and automate processes with ease.

What you will learn

    • How to begin your no-code journey, from setting up an account to ensuring efficient team collaboration
    • How to work with documents, including adding, assigning, sending, and tracking their progress
    • How to automate your document workflows step-by-step without any technical skills required

Program structure:

Getting Started with airSlate WorkFlow

Getting Started with airSlate WorkFlow

Swamped by your workload? Discover an easier way to take control of your workflows, improve transparency, and keep your team on the same page.

20 minutes
Working with airSlate WorkFlow Documents

Working with airSlate WorkFlow Documents

Gain peace of mind with process visibility. Unlock the potential of seamless document preparation and enjoy greater transparency over your business routine.

15 minutes
airSlate WorkFlow: Designing Automation

airSlate WorkFlow: Designing Automation

Get ahead of the game with quick and easy automation of complicated document tasks. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and let automation take care of the hard work for you.

15 minutes

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An optimized document management workflow is the first step to business automation

Refined and streamlined processes are the backbone of any company. You're in charge of improving and renovating them. However, if you don't know where to start, document management automation is a fundamental part of any process. Using tons of paper and running between offices to collect signatures from managers or executives to get resources, approvals, or contracts are things of the past and bring nothing but problems.

The airSlate Academy Fundamentals Certification Program provides you with a new way to get workflow automation. Introduce document management to help you eliminate routine monotonous processes, thus, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of energy.

Why is having an outdated document management workflow a problem?

Think about your internal workflow. How is it set up, and how does it compare to workflows at other companies? Typically, an employee requests specific actions or objects, then sends them to a manager for approval. Then the manager either approves or disapproves and sends the data to other departments. If a mistake is made during this process in a paper-based workflow, the whole process needs to restart from the beginning. When a document management workflow is set up incorrectly, documents go in circles. Solving basic things becomes a complicated task because of hierarchy and complex approval processes.

With an all-in-one automation solution, everything is different. An automated document management workflow becomes an easy-to-use system for creating, tracking, and storing records. The more processes you can optimize and automate, the faster and smoother Flow you get. Automation is a key factor in business success in 2020 and beyond. Integrating powerful no-code automation software for managing Flows saves a lot of time and eliminates headaches. Let Bots take care of documents and troublesome routines while focusing on goals and enhancing customer experience. You and your team will notice the palpable difference automation makes.

Enroll in the airSlate Academy Fundamentals Certification Program to learn the ropes of automation and set up a Bot and airSlate Flow correctly.

What are the benefits of document management workflow automation?

When it comes to the benefits of no-code automation, the list could go on and on. So let’s take a look at the most significant ones:

  • Freedom to adjust Flows at any time.
  • Process and improve Flows regularly.
  • Accelerate entire working processes.
Complete freedom to adjust the Flow
There are no restrictions. No requirements. Only you decide how your automated process will look and work. It can have both a linear and a tree structure with different variants and branching. Thus, it’s possible to design the process as an intermediary between the employee and the manager when only one signature is required and a complex system for ten or a hundred recipients when much more is required. You can export data to separate databases, archive every step, or simply save changes. Using other services such as task managers or tables, you can see the current status of assignments, the workload of individual employees, and their requests.

Process and Flow improvements
The airSlate Academy makes processes much faster and more enjoyable. Implement dozens of automated actions, even the little ones that keep employees informed on every «step» of their document, remind managers about new requests and offers, and pre-fill the information they need. Your workflow is protected from human errors and time-consuming tasks.

Accelerate entire working processes
Automated systems work according to algorithms, so they don’t need to think or doubt. Further actions for each request are already incorporated into their structure. The simplest way to speed up the entire Flow is to automatically send the document to the next responsible person after the previous one’s approval. The need to collect physical paper and ship it UPS or USPS is a thing of the past. Adjusting the settings will allow you to automatically send files to recipients based on the information you include. You can also create custom forms so that employees don’t forget to provide the required information and don't have to restart later.

Complete the airSlate Fundamentals Certification Program to automate your first document management workflow

You don’t have to pay for business automation seminars or take monthly courses to get the knowledge needed to implement automation and document management software. All you need to know is already in the airSlate Academy’s certification program, just waiting for you to take it. Begin studying with the Fundamentals certification program; you’ll learn about the essential components, methods, tools, mechanisms, and settings for setting up workflows in airSlate. Complete the certification program and grasp all the ins and outs of Bots and Flows for automating business processes. Seize the opportunity to turn paper-based workflows into effective digital document Flows.

As you gain more and more knowledge, move on to additional practical lessons that help you create processes from scratch. With powerful document management software like airSlate, reduce staffing, save effort, time and money. It creates a possibility for your employees to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on genuinely business-relevant processes. With monotonous tasks out of the way, there’s energy for new ideas and improved teamwork.

Benefit even more by using airSlate for communicating with clients. Instead of lengthy phone calls with customers, having an automated process will show your clients that you’re a professional business and operate at a higher efficiency than your competitors. By introducing airSlate into each department of your company, including HR, Sales, IT, and Legal, you create a unified system where each process, regardless of its purpose, meets general and specific requirements.

Automation is no longer an advantage or a bonus. It’s a must-have in today’s world of modern business. While your employees are still copying and transferring tons of paper, your competitors have already decided that automated document management is the future. If you ask yourself, “what could I do to be better during the age of automation?”, please start with the airSlate Fundamentals certification program and take your business to the next level.

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Each end goal consists of repetitive tasks joined into workflows. They are usually monotonous and boring. Completing this work often leads to a high risk of human error and decreasing employee morale. To stay efficient and even accelerate your everyday processes, people use workflow automation – transferring operations to systems where manual tasks, files, and information are routed between different sources by defined business rules.

Document workflow automation is the action of using specialized systems to create a complete document lifecycle that starts with document generation, continues with data transferring, and ends with its storage. Such services work according to predefined rules and don’t require human intervention, so they significantly reduce tedious paperwork. You can find various platforms that require low coding, but we recommend airSlate – a holistic no-code solution.

In general, workflow management is the process of creating and optimizing existing workflows within a company. Workflow automation software is a system that provides an infrastructure for creating, performing, and analyzing tasks. Its primary purpose is increasing the efficiency of work processes.

It's a synonym for workflow automation software – a platform that gives users all the necessary tools for eliminating human interactions within workflows. They assist in document generation, data transferring, notification sending, and so on. An excellent example of a holistic workflow automation software is airSlate. It’s a no-code platform for business process automation. Get started with the Fundamentals course by the airSlate Academy.

The easiest way to visualize any workflow is a flowchart diagram. It’s representative enough to show all the stages of each process and offer a solution for any issue. The only difference between automated and manual workflows is that all recipients' actions are processed without human work; the software checks human answers and works on predefined conditions on its own. When it comes to visualizing workflow automation results, you need analytics widgets like you can find in airSlate. Enroll in the airSlate Academy’s courses to learn more about automation in any workflow and how to closely monitor steps and processes.

Start with completing a training program by the airSlate Academy. To begin, try the Fundamentals course, which explains the basic principles of workflow automation and teaches you how to create your first automated process in airSlate. All the airSlate Academy training programs provide a favorable combination of theory and practice, so you'll gain not only knowledge but also skills necessary for automating a wide variety of tasks.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or service that can automate the process of creating new workflows. Even such a powerful solution like airSlate has no capabilities to replace the human mind. It's the only thing that knows what the customer needs to do and how he can do it. Maybe, in the future, artificial intelligence will be able to automate the creation of a workflow program, but for now, they have to be designed by people. You can start learning how to implement automation in workflows with the airSlate Academy’s Fundamentals course.

Workflow program/software is a platform that assists you in designing and executing work processes when various tasks need to be done in a particular order. Nowadays, this definition has become a synonym for workflow automation software.

Workflow automation software (sometimes also called workflow programs) is a platform that allows its users to create rule-based processes. When the system recognizes a previously defined rule, it processes data as it was configured to do. Usually, it easily deals with collecting, checking, and transferring data, leaving humans with the task to check the correctness and validate results. Workflow automation allows organizations to become free from complicated business processes and tedious, repetitive tasks.

You can also include a certification program in a business automation workflow. Just open airSlate, upload documents or create them from scratch, assign roles for teachers and students, and add Bots that will be your assistants in the educational process. airSlate allows you to develop a whole series of lessons with automatically sent notifications and certificates. Learn how to start building certification automation workflows with the Fundamentals course by the airSlate Academy.