Invoice Processing Course


Invoice Processing Course

Paper-based invoicing requires manual data entry, often resulting in delays or erroneous payments. Automating invoice processing streamlines not only the process but also improves accuracy and compliance.

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About this course:

In this course, users will learn how to automate invoice processing, reducing the time it takes to process a payment from days to hours, as well as minimize the need for manual data entry.

By the end of the course, you will be able to build and implement the invoice processing workflow, automate it using no-code airSlate Bots, and integrate it with the CRM/ERMs you already use.

What does this course cover?

This course goes over how to automate the invoice processing procedure with no-code airSlate Bots, drag-and-drop documents, and custom integrations. All these help to streamline payments, minimize the chance for error, and route data to and from CRM/ERMs.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to help Finance departments handle supplier invoices with ease. We will teach you how to automate the entire invoice lifecycle from receiving and processing to storing invoices in your accounting database.

Who can enroll?

We recommend this course to all users who want to get practical knowledge in automating invoice processing procedures.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources to teach you how to automate invoice processing in practice.
  • practice sessions so you can consolidate learning through practical application.

What you will learn:

How to collaborate on an invoicing workflow, assign roles, add access permissions, and set reminders and notifications in a single secure workspace
How to automate the invoicing workflow with no-code Bots and integrate it with the CRM/ERM you already use
How to save time and reduce the amount of manual data entry by pre-filling data from your accounting database or CRM/ERP
How to export completed invoices to your CRM/ERP and store them for future use
Duration 3 hours
Certificate A verified certificate is included
Subject Invoice processing workflow
Level Advanced
Language English
Price FREE

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Automated invoice processing and how it affects business operations

Document workflows, regardless of their type and purpose, are key factors influencing the speed and efficiency of business operations. Consequently, a company’s profit is directly related to them, with Invoice processing being no exception. Find out how to enhance processes and set up automation with the help of the airSlate Academy and its courses.

Invoice management and its structure

It would be logical to start by answering the question: "What is invoice processing?"
The very notion implies managing invoices from the time they arrive up to the moment they’re paid. Invoices can be in paper or electronic format. In either case, if handled manually, the entire procedure looks like the following:

  1. A company receives a record from its supplier.
  2. The document is tagged for processing.
  3. The data from the document is transferred to the recipient’s accounting software. Manual processing requires the accountant to check whether the data in the Purchase Order and the invoice match.
  4. The responsible person has to approve the document (provided there are no questions) and sign it.
  5. The record is forwarded for payment.

How invoice processing software works

The previous paragraph described how manual invoice processing looks. Every step must be conducted and controlled by the finance department, which can lead to lost time and human error. One of the reasons why people stick to the old-fashioned way of handling this process is is because they’re reluctant to try and learn new things.

Therefore, airSlate has developed a separate course dedicated to automated invoice processing with a detailed explanation of how the Flow should be set up, its elements, and advantages in comparison with the manual procedure. With airSlate, you can automate without having any special skills in automation or programming. The roles you assign (Finance manager and Vendor) influence the actions the parties involved take. In terms of documents, you’ll need a Purchase Order and a Payment processing form. The no-code automation and integration Bots will help transfer the data, export documents, and send notifications and reminders to guarantee that all the steps have been completed. The course is self-paced, so take your time and absorb the information. Upon completing it, you’ll be fully prepared to implement automated management of this document type into your company’s business operation.

Benefits of automatic invoice processing

Before enumerating the benefits of an automated invoice processing platform, let’s focus on the key issues your company (and the finance department in particular) faces when handling the procedure manually.

The four main problems are:
  • Slow processing and turnaround time
  • Human error
  • Lost forms
  • Wasted money

Statistics show that the manual process can sometimes take more than a month depending on the situation. Besides, the longer the process takes, the more expensive it is; salaries, supplies, meetings. And finally, there’s always the risk of mistakes and inaccurate data transfers. Deploying airSlate and its Sales Invoice Workflow eliminates the problems listed above and increases your business’s productivity.

Here are the key benefits of automated invoice management:
  1. Time efficiency 
    Reduce the time it takes to close an order from months or weeks to days or hours.
  2. Budget protection 
    Save money by processing more documents a month with less spent energy and resources.
  3. No more human error 
    Minimize human interaction by implementing Bots to create a more transparent, effective, and time-efficient Flow.
  4. Increased productivity 
    Delegate routine and mundane tasks to the automation and integration Bots to keep things moving steadily forward.

Mastering document workflow automation is much easier than you imagine. With the airSlate Academy, you’ll learn how to automate invoice management within your organization in a couple of hours. Stop wasting your budget and human resources on manual operations, use airSlate, and experience the benefits of business process automation (BPA). Get started now!

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