AirSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy


AirSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy

During this workflow automation training, you will receive the knowledge and skills required for workflow automation in both small companies and big corporations.This course is created for people who are searching for rpa accreditation. With the help of airSlate Academy, receive both beneficial awareness and a certificate to prove it.


About airSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy

This learning program is an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into business process automation and its importance for company growth. It leads through the basics of the RPA technology, how it works in airSlate, and what you need to do to implement it.

What does this program cover?

You'll learn all about airSlate's robotic process automation solutions thanks to airSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy. You'll learn how to build up RPA processes in just a few minutes, and how to do it correctly.

Who can apply for the airSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy?

This program is a perfect solution for both newbies in workflow automation and those who already have some experience in it, regardless of their current technical and coding skills. Business owners, managers, and regular employees learn the tips for improving their work productivity.

Why was this course made?

We’ve created the airSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy to enable specialists to explore the best RPA techniques and show them the easiest way to streamline their business processes with minimal time and effort.

What does airSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy studying include?

It includes of resources that address the theoretical foundations of BPA, its techniques of data processing and transfer between templates and apps, and a visual guide for setting up automated processes based on a real-world use case.

What will you learn with the airSlate presents the how to improve Mailchimp automation free academy

How to start automating processes
The basics of business automation
The main rules for automating workflows
How to save time spent on the routine tasks
Methods of securing your data and work processes without hiring expensive employees
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Duration 1 week
Certificate Verified Certificate
Level Beginner, Intermediate
Language English
Price Free
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Automation Courses

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Pre-fill from Excel Spreadsheet
Make the most of document workflow automation by simplifying your work with loads of data in Excel spreadsheets and eliminating possible errors.
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15 minutes
Web Forms
Web Forms
Online forms possess a number of advantages in comparison to other types of business documents: they are much easier to track, organize, and more convenient for collecting client data. Learn how to create a web form on your own, add various elements to it, and transfer the filled-in data within seconds using airSlate.
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1 hour
Collecting Data for Salesforce Records
Collecting Data for Salesforce Records
Forget about time-consuming and error-prone data collection. Learn how to automate document workflows to collect customer data with ease and seamlessly route the received data to Salesforce.
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30 minutes
Automating Invoice Processing
Automating Invoice Processing
Time is money, who would argue? The faster an invoice is processed, the sooner money exchanges hands. But urgency can result in errors. So how to streamline the process while maintaining accuracy and compliance? Automated workflow software can now do it for you.
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30 minutes
Contract Negotiation
Contract Negotiation
The automated contract negotiation workflow streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, eliminates risks, and enhances collaboration. Learn how to create, negotiate, and sign contracts in no time regardless of where other parties are located.
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30 minutes
airSlate 101
airSlate 101
Familiarize yourself with the basics of airSlate that are required for creating and managing automated workflows for your business.
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30 minutes

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"The contract negotiation course was especially important to me. I got an alternative perspective on how I can solve the problem at hand. airSlate just gives you a different view on how to do business."
"We had been looking over nearly all of the no-code options currently available on the market, this led us to airSlate with its impressive performance in automation."
"We were able to configure airSlate to match our process instead of changing our process to fit into some predetermined workflow."

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Students who complete the airSlate Academy courses are welcome to become partners. Get the necessary skills for building automated processes, helping airSlate newbies, and generating revenue.

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All courses with airSlate Academy are free of charge. You just need to set up an account with the airSlate Academy, confirm your email address, and start your learning journey.

Yes, you are free to sign up for as many classes as you choose. However, we advise you not to sign up for too many courses at once, as some require your full attention. Sign up now and keep a productive pace of learning every time.

You may easily streamline your document-based operations with minimum human input by utilizing airSlate's RPA capabilities. Create new documents, collect electronic signatures and data from third parties, invoice and request payments, and route data throughout your company's CRMs and apps.

Bots are pieces of software that have been programmed to do certain tasks based on rules and if/then statements. It's easy to sync data between apps and documents with airSlate Bots.

We regret that we do not provide courses in other languages. The complete airSlate interface, as well as all supporting resources and learning materials, are written in English. If you would want to see a localized product in the future, please share your thoughts with our support team.

We hope that you will continue to progress in your studies. The airSlate Academy will issue a certificate to students who successfully finish any of their courses. Working in your current position or advancing your career are both possible outcomes of earning this degree.

Gartner predicts that automation will be a new necessity for organizations that want to deliver more efficiency and flexibility. If you want to stay competitive and not lag behind, learning automation is something you need to consider in your growth strategy.

Our solution requires no knowledge of programming languages. It’s one of airSlate’s most competitive advantages. Configuring some of our tools may take some time, but this process does not involve coding.

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is a specialized technology comprising tools and features designed to automate repetitive and routine chores. airSlate provides numerous RPA Bots to automate time-consuming document-based procedures without the need for coding.

Partner Connect is the airSlate Partnership program that helps businesses add the airSlate product offerings, promote them across their marketing channels, and earn commissions. Learning about automation with airSlate is an important part of becoming our partner.