Develop your for Salesforce Implementation Partner skills with Online Quote automation course


Develop your for Salesforce Implementation Partner skills with Online Quote automation course

Open new horizons for your business by learning how to build effective automated workflows in Salesforce. airSlate Academy is an excellent resource for everyone to master RPA technology skills completely free of charge. Sign up for a Online Quote Process optimization Certification for Salesforce Implementation Partner, find out how to quickly implement no-code automation into your daily routine, and find your business productivity increasing!


About Online Quote Process optimization Certification for Salesforce Implementation Partner

Our quick-start learning program provides the fundamentals of business process automation and clarifies how Salesforce specialists can simplify their everyday routine in real examples. After finishing the course, you will be able to automate and boost your Online Quote workflows in about 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

What does this program cover?

The course covers all the steps of the Online Quote workflow developing using the airSlate platform, form generation and pre-filling, and configuration of corresponding Bots for seamless data transfer to and from Salesforce records.

Who can enroll in the course?

We developed our Online Quote Process optimization Certification for Salesforce Implementation Partner to enable them to rapidly discover ways to transform standard business procedures into highly-effective workflows with minimized human interaction. Other business professionals who use Salesforce in their daily routine will also get a lot of recommendations on rationalizing their processes

Why was this program created?

The Online Quote Process optimization Certification for Salesforce Implementation Partner is made to help you in getting no-code automation skills in minimum time and at no cost. Register in the airSlate Academy to explore the most state-of-the-art ways of boosting your business’s productivity.

What does studying include?

The course comprises three major steps:

  • Theoretical part with the essential concepts of BPA and the terminology we use in airSlate;
  • A precise explanation of the workflow creation and the Bot setup process;
  • Practical tasks to consolidate knowledge and improve automation skills.

Go through all levels to quickly become a qualified specialist in automating Salesforce processes.

What will you learn in the Online Quote automation course?

Generate actionable Online Quote docs pre-filled with Salesforce data
Set up conditional routing between Salesforce contacts and internal and external recipients
Create new or update existing Salesforce records based on data entered into a doc
Trigger Salesforce actions based on actionable data in documents
Save documents to Salesforce attachments or external storage services
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Duration 1 week
Certificate Verified Certificate
Level Verified Certificate
Language English
Price Free
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"The contract negotiation course was especially important to me. I got an alternative perspective on how I can solve the problem at hand. airSlate just gives you a different view on how to do business."
"We had been looking over nearly all of the no-code options currently available on the market, this led us to airSlate with its impressive performance in automation."
"We were able to configure airSlate to match our process instead of changing our process to fit into some predetermined workflow."

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Gartner says that in the future, organizations that want to be more efficient and flexible will have to use automation. If you want to stay competitive and not fall behind, you should think about learning automation as part of your growth plan.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide courses in other languages. Unless otherwise noted, everything on the airSlate website is written in English. Please let us know if you'd like to see a localized version of our product in the future.

With huge shifts in the economy caused by the pandemic and the adoption of hybrid work, it’s critical for businesses to obtain a solution for paperless and automated document management.

Bots are software programs that are programmed to do specific activities based on pre-defined rules and conditional logic.Bots are computer programs that are programmed to do specific tasks based on pre-defined rules and conditional logic. Yo can use airSlate Bots to move data between documents and apps, set reminders and send automated notifications, create and update entries in your CRM based on the information collected, and do a lot more.

You'll find the complete list of our courses in this catalog. The courses are broken up into different types and levels of difficulty. In case you don’t see a specific topic contact us.

Our solution requires no knowledge of programming languages. It’s one of airSlate’s most competitive advantages. Configuring some of our tools may take some time, but this process does not involve coding.

The airSlate Partnership program, known as Partner Connect, enables businesses to promote and monetize their airSlate product offerings through their existing marketing channels. Our partnership requires you to learn about automation using airSlate as part of the agreement.

Each lesson focuses on a different feature of airSlate. They can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on their complexity. Certification classes are more in-depth and can last up to four hours. You must also consider the time required to complete the jobs.

Despite the fact that these technologies share many similarities, they are not identical. Predicting the future and learning from its mistakes are the primary goals of artificial intelligence (AI). RPA, on the other hand, is limited to following pre-programmed logic and cannot function in the absence of human intervention.