Upgrade your for Salesforce Agency Expert career path with Service Request Details automation course


Upgrade your for Salesforce Agency Expert career path with Service Request Details automation course

Open new horizons for your business by learning how to build effective automated workflows in Salesforce. airSlate Academy is an excellent resource for everyone to master RPA technology skills completely free of charge. Sign up for a Service Request Details Automation Certification for Salesforce Agency Expert, find out how to quickly implement no-code automation into your daily routine, and find your business productivity increasing!


About Service Request Details Automation Certification for Salesforce Agency Expert

Our quick-start training program provides the fundamentals of business process automation and clarifies how Salesforce users can streamline their everyday routine in real examples. After completing the course, you will be able to automate and improve your Service Request Details workflows in approximately 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

What does this program cover?

The course covers all the steps of the Service Request Details workflow building using the airSlate platform, document creation and pre-filling, and setup of corresponding Bots for seamless data transfer to and from Salesforce records.

Who can apply for the course?

We created our Service Request Details Automation Certification for Salesforce Agency Expert to enable them to quickly learn how to change typical business procedures into highly-efficient workflows with minimized human interaction. Other specialists who use Salesforce in their day-to-day routine will also get many recommendations on rationalizing their processes

Why was this program created?

The Service Request Details Automation Certification for Salesforce Agency Expert is made to help you in gaining no-code automation expertise in minimum time and at no cost. Enroll in the airSlate Academy to discover the most cutting-edge ways of increasing your business’s productivity.

What does studying include?

The training consists of three major levels:

  • Theoretical part with the fundamental concepts of BPA and the terms we use in airSlate;
  • A comprehensive description of the workflow building and the Bot setup process;
  • Practical activities to consolidate knowledge and level up automation expertise.

Go through all levels to quickly become a certified specialist in automating Salesforce processes.

What will you learn in the Service Request Details automation course?

Generate actionable Service Request Details docs pre-filled with Salesforce data
Set up conditional routing between Salesforce contacts and internal and external recipients
Create new or update existing Salesforce records based on data entered into a doc
Trigger Salesforce actions based on actionable data in documents
Save documents to Salesforce attachments or external storage services
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Duration 1 week
Certificate Verified Certificate
Level Verified Certificate
Language English
Price Free
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"We were able to configure airSlate to match our process instead of changing our process to fit into some predetermined workflow."

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While these technologies are similar, they are not the same. AI is mainly geared towards self-learning, developing its own logic, and making predictions. In contrast, RPA can only operate based on the pre-set logic and is not capable of working without humans.

By using airSlate’s RPA technologies, you can easily streamline your document-based processes with minimal human input. Generate documents from scratch, collect electronic signatures and data from other parties, invoice and request payments, and route data within your company’s CRMs and apps.

ESignature, RPA Bots, contract negotiation tools and more are all included in our no-code platform. Automating your document-based processes is one of our specialties. Read our our customer stories today to see how our features have aided various businesses.

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