Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams


Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams

Practice the RPA learning to have everything needed for setting up business workflows.AirSlate Academy ensures that you will get new skills and understanding that will assist your team automate workflows and remove regular duties from the list of everyday tasks.


About Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams

This course is a great chance to learn more about the benefits of BPA for businesses. This guide will walk you through the fundamentals of RPA technology, how it operates in airSlate, and the steps necessary to set it up.

What does this program cover?

The Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams explains how workflow automation works and how it can help your staff do their jobs better. It goes over the basics of these tools, like flows, templates, and Bots, and how to set them up step by step using airSlate, the best BPA platform on the market.

Who can apply for the Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams?

No matter how good or bad your technical or coding skills are, this program is perfect for both people who are new to flow automation and those who have some experience with it. Business owners, managers, and regular workers can all learn how to work more efficiently.

Why was this course made?

You'll learn how to use the Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams to conduct everyday business processes in an innovative and straightforward method, and you'll learn how to configure automated workflows without coding.

What does Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams studying include?

There are instructional materials on the theoretical foundations of BPA, as well as a visual approach to putting up automated processes based on a real-world use case.

What will you learn with the Discover the top employee onboarding workflow course for teams

The differences between automated and manual processes
Triggers for integration Bots
What a Bot condition is and how it works
How to simplify the process of transferring data to systems of record using Bots
About use cases where RPA improved workflows
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Duration 1 week
Certificate Verified Certificate
Level Beginner, Intermediate
Language English
Price Free
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"The contract negotiation course was especially important to me. I got an alternative perspective on how I can solve the problem at hand. airSlate just gives you a different view on how to do business."
"We had been looking over nearly all of the no-code options currently available on the market, this led us to airSlate with its impressive performance in automation."
"We were able to configure airSlate to match our process instead of changing our process to fit into some predetermined workflow."

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Our solution requires no knowledge of programming languages. It’s one of airSlate’s most competitive advantages. Configuring some of our tools may take some time, but this process does not involve coding.

Our courses are only available in English. All of the airSlate resources, including the user interface and documentation, are available only in English. Please let us know if a localized product is something you'd want to see in the future.

Automated systems, or "bots," are computer programs that are programmed to carry out specified tasks based on predetermined rules and logic. With the help of airSlate Bots, you can automate the process of transferring data from one app or document to another, generate reminders and notifications, and more.

All classes at airSlate Academy are completely free. Simply create an account with airSlate Academy, validate your email address, and begin your learning experience.

According to Gartner, automation will become a new requirement for firms seeking to increase efficiency and flexibility. If you want to stay competitive and avoid falling behind, you should include learning automation in your growth plan.

While these two technologies are similar, they are not the same. AI is mostly about learning on its own, developing its own logic, and making predictions. On the other hand, RPA can only work based on the logic that has already been set up. It can't work without humans.

You'll find the complete list of courses in this catalog. Students can choose from a variety of course types, each with varying degrees of difficulty. In case you don’t see a certain training course, please contact us.

In each lesson, you'll learn about a different part of airSlate. There are certification courses that go into more detail and can last up to four hours. There's also the matter of how much time you'll need to devote to finishing the homework.

Using RPA technologies from airSlate, you can easily streamline your document-based processes with little help from people. Create documents from scratch, collect electronic signatures and data from other parties, send invoices and payment requests, and route data within your company's CRMs and apps.

Yes, you can sign up for a free subscription plan. You will have 30 days to test airSlate and gain hands-on experience with our solution. After that, you can upgrade to a premium plan at any moment. To get a better idea of how airSlate works, check out our YouTube channel featuring multiple webinars, tutorials, and use cases.