Automating Partnership Agreements


Automating Partnership Agreements

Are you about to start a business with a new partner? Try delegating all of the manual work to a workflow automation solution and experience how simple the process can be. Discover how to go paperless, eliminate human error, and conclude agreements with new business partners in no time.

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About this course:

This course is aimed at those interested in setting up an end-to-end partnership agreement workflow in a fast and efficient way. You will learn how to create an agreement from scratch, ensure both parties agree with the terms outlined, and sign the document right from your computer.

By the end of the course, you will be able to set up a fully automated partnership agreement workflow that will benefit every party involved.

What does this course cover?

The course goes through the common bottlenecks of the manual partnership agreement process and how automation addresses these issues. Besides, the course provides step-by-step guidelines on how to create and configure an automated workflow from scratch, including document editing, integrations with external systems, etc.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to help business partners conclude a partnership agreement in minutes regardless of their location, eliminate paperwork and human errors, and ensure no documents are lost or misplaced.

Who can enroll?

Anyone can enroll in this course to gain sufficient knowledge in automating the partnership agreements process and we recommend doing so while getting to know airSlate better.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources to teach you how to automate every step of the partnership agreement process with no-code Bots.
  • quiz and assignments to consolidate the received knowledge.

What you will learn

How to streamline partnership agreement workflows without losing efficiency
How to ensure the terms and conditions of an agreement suit both parties
How to eliminate human errors within the workflow and go paperless
How to automatically transfer a completed agreement to a data storage system
Duration 30 minutes
Certificate A verified certificate is included
Subject Partnership agreement workflow
Level Advanced
Language English
Price FREE



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Business Partnership Agreements: automated contract negotiation and document management

Like any other business process, establishing a partnership agreement requires preparation and investigation so that every party involved will be ready to sign. For those who’ve decided to build a business, signing a business partnership agreement is a necessary step. This lengthy process includes discussing requirements, outlining terms between partners, drawing up a legally binding contract, and more. You’re bound to run into situations that are prone to bottlenecks. Postponing face-to-face meetings, misplacing documents, and making typos lead to delays and redundant layers of manual review which consume more time and money.

Is it even possible to turn these error-prone processes into a smooth contract workflow? The airSlate Academy takes you on an in-depth journey into partnership agreement workflows. You learn about their ins and outs and observe exactly what your team has to do to implement automation into your organization using airSlate.

The Partnership Agreement Academy course is designed in such a way that in addition to theoretical knowledge of contract automation processes, you also have a variety of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned. The Academy introduces you to all of airSlate's features and teaches you how to properly implement them into your working processes.

Enroll in the partnership agreement course to learn how to:
  • Stay up-to-date on changes using automated email notifications.
  • Integrate your workflow with any third-party system, CRM, or ERP without coding.
  • Generate documents in a few clicks.
  • Process large amounts of data automatically.
  • Pre-fill contracts with relevant information.

The course is based on self-paced learning methods, allowing you to control the pace at which you and your team study. It’s also designed to allow users to retake or revisit the course as many times as needed to fully absorb all of the information. Useful guides are accompanied by insightful videos that help save time by showing the platform's interface and functionality, making it easier to get started sooner. The course is beneficial for those who want to conclude a small business partnership agreement between two or more individuals or between business entities.

Can a reusable Partnership Agreement Template be valid?

As mentioned earlier, a partnership agreement is required when establishing a collaboration between individuals or entities. All parties involved work on creating a contract and try to prevent future conflicts by anticipating the needs of the relationship and writing everything down. Aside from common information like the name of the partnership, parties involved, etc., a contract should resolve disputes about contributions, allocation of profits, and responsibilities.

Each contract is unique, so creating a reusable partnership agreement isn’t realistic. However, airSlate is revolutionizing the way we do business and negotiate partnerships. Meaning, you only need one agreement form – a template, if you will – that satisfies state and federal requirements with your preferred proposition structure.

With that, your potential partners can then edit it in real-time (highlight, blackout, redline text, and add notes) when coming to a consensus. When both parties come to an understanding, everyone can e-sign and automatically receive executed copies in their email.

Get the most out of automating your general partnership agreement process

Creating an agreement template is just the tip of the iceberg. Traditionally, the entire process was paper-based and contained a number of bottlenecks and drawbacks. Errors in manual data entry and poor customer experiences are inevitable in environments that promote slow and inaccurate execution, leading to lost revenue. How can airSlate help solve these shortcomings?:
  1. Complete contract life cycles faster. Automation makes contract negotiation smoother, more efficient, and faster. Come to an official understanding in hours rather than days with an automated partnership agreement process.
  2. Increase accuracy. Manual data entry results in errors, and in some cases, handwriting that can’t be deciphered. Deploy Integration Bots to push and pull data from various systems of record for more accurate data input.
  3. Protect data. Cloud-based data storage is much safer and more convenient than paper-based storage. Control access permissions to your documents and files, protecting them from loss, theft, and incorrectly added information.
  4. Reduce contract management costs. Traditional processes like scanning, printing, and in-person meetings require more resources to support. Establish digitized document management and built-in editing and e-signature tools to increase productivity and decrease costs.
  5. Manage deals online. airSlate’s comprehensive Dashboard allows you and your team members to manage documents in a single Workspace. Access a vast Forms library of state-specific partner agreement forms, addendums, notices, etc., from any device, anywhere, on desktop or mobile.

Automation is something your business needs. However, don’t make the mistake so many others do by not taking advantage of free opportunities to learn about automation that’s specific to your business processes. If you’re ready to uproot old and outdated steps entrenched in your organization and replace them with streamlined automation, enroll in the Partnership Agreement course at the airSlate Academy today!

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