Pre-fill from MySQL


Pre-fill from MySQL

The Pre-fill from MySQL Bot automatically populates documents with data from a MySQL database. In this course, you will learn how to install and set up the Pre-fill from MySQL Bot to help you run workflows in airSlate.

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About this course:

Learn how to automatically pre-fill a Slate with data taken from a MySQL database.

By the end of this course, you will be able to install the Pre-fill from MySQL Bot and adjust it to your workflow.

What does this course cover?

This course covers the entire process of configuring the Pre-fill from MySQL Bot: from connecting your MySQL account to setting conditions for when the Bot will act.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to explain how to automate data transfer from a MySQL database to certain document fields.

Who can enroll?

Anyone can enroll in this course and we recommend doing so while getting to know airSlate better.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources to help you set up the Pre-fill from MySQL Bot on your own.
  • practice sessions so you can consolidate learning through practical application.

What you will learn

How to connect your MySQL account
How to match and map document fields with table columns from a MySQL database
How to set conditions for when a document will automatically be pre-filled with data from a MySQL record
Duration 25 minutes
Certificate A verified certificate is included
Subject The Pre-fill from MySQL Bot
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price FREE



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Configure the airSlate Bot to export data from MySQL

Digital practices have revolutionized the world. Businesses everywhere are seeking ways to streamline processes to achieve better quality. Among the tools that help them do that are ERP and CRM systems. They’re very similar and take similar approaches, but cover different sectors. To enhance performance, businesses sometimes use both and integrate them with other platforms. This article will shed light on how to configure a software robot — a Bot, to seamlessly transfer data from a MySQL populate table to airSlate forms.

What is MySQL and why do businesses use it?

MySQL is one of the world’s most popular databases. It offers top-notch security, simplicity in use, and cost-effectiveness. Businesses are fully leveraging its support to secure transactions and enhance cooperation with customers and clients by integrating it with other platforms to export data from MySQL.

In addition, there are other reasons to give priority to MySQL over other databases:
  1. Round-the-clock availability. The database allows uninterrupted access to the system to process multiple queries.
  2. Award-winning reliability. MySQL is good at protecting sensitive data and ensuring safe connections with other systems.
  3. High processing speed. The platform is very quick and rich in self-management tools that make processes exceptionally fast.
  4. Perfect for any business. It creates additional opportunities for small, medium, and large businesses and helps them keep data safe.
  5. Safe financial transactions. The database divides transactions into stages. If a failure occurs during one of the stages, the transaction is canceled.

This is why industries, including e-commerce, education, retail, healthcare, and many others are using MySQL to maintain seamless service and increase revenue. The platform integrates well with ERP and CRM systems and enables users to export data from MySQL fast and easy.

What are the benefits of automating data export?

A lot of businesses dream of a holistic and comprehensive automation platform for covering every requirement, including data storage. However, what if your company has already bought a subscription for data storage and you don’t need that feature and don’t feel like overpaying for it? In fact, you don’t have to. For businesses, it’s much more cost-effective and convenient to employ various stand-alone platforms instead.

Whichever database you use, simply integrate it with an automation tool like airSlate and set up seamless data transfer. For example, configure Bots to work with data export from MySQL.

Introducing powerful automation leads to:
  1. Saved time. Automation eliminates manual copying and pasting that can take up to several weeks depending on the number of documents that need to be pre/post-filled.
  2. Saved expenses. Companies can save money normally spent on salaries by using Bots to pre/post-fill documents.
  3. Higher quality and fewer errors. Streamlined processes that remove human interaction also remove humane-prone mistakes.
  4. Enhanced security. Automation makes business processes more consistent and compliant. Any inconsistencies are easily detectable and can be improved.
  5. Improved productivity. While monotonous processes are being automated, employees can focus on creative tasks for growing and sustaining the business.

Populate with MySQL via the airSlate Pre-Fill Bot

airSlate is a robust DPA and BPA platform that automates workflows with the help of no-code Bots. It integrates with a list of platforms, notably MySQL, Salesforce, Google Sheets, etc. The Pre-fill Bot not only connects airSlate with the database but also populates from MySQL, ensuring that forms get pre-filled instantly and without error. It saves hours and sometimes days of manual work, saving your company a lot on resources.

The instructions below are simple and easy-to-follow. They’ll help you get started.
  1. Create your airSlate account.
  2. Create a Flow and upload documents, assign roles, set permissions, and share it.
  3. Link to your MySQL account.
  4. Find a database and a particular table.
  5. Map document fields to database columns.
  6. Set conditions for when the documents should be pre-filled.

airSlate can meet the needs of any industry and/or department. However, the most applicable place the Prefill Bot is useful in is HR, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Service. Many companies have already enhanced their performance with airSlate’s Bot to help export data from MySQL. Just a few of them are; AMGEN, FirstData, Balfour Beatty, XEROX.

If you aren’t sure how to use airSlate or its tools, get acquainted with the airSlate Academy. It offers free courses that you and your team can use to build up your skills in workflow automation. Just find the course you’re interested in and get started. They’re all self-paced so take your time.

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Questions & answers

MySQL is a worldwide popular open-source relational database management system that accumulates and arranges data in various tables, associated with each other. It’s used as a web-database or a data warehouse for e-commerce, business, etc. It uses SQL (Structured Query Language) as a standard language for sending user requests to the database.

No, it’s not difficult but it requires some time to understand the database’s structure and how queries are made. If you are not familiar with programming, you’ll need to learn fundamental concepts and principles of the SQL language first.

There’s a standard method of exporting databases from MySQL. First of all, you need to connect to your database with the phpMyAdmin and choose the database you want to save on your device. Then, click Export → Custom → set the format in which you need your database saved (the SQL format is set by default) → check Select All to extract all the tables from your database or choose only a few of them → check the box for the Add Drop Table option → rename the database, if needed → click Go to complete.

When implementing The Pre-fill from MySQL Bot, you can select an exact table where you want to take data from and indicate all data that should be moved to your Slates. While mapping fields during the Bot setup, you can choose the following data type from your MySQL account to populate a table in your Slate: Text, Date, Numbers, Checkboxes, and even lists (Dropdowns and Radio Button Groups). Once you properly map all fields with the related database columns and set other requirements to activate the Bot, you’ll be able to auto export data from MySQL everytime a form is completed or upon other conditions.

Yes, there are other ways of exporting data from MySQL. If you use airSlate in your daily working processes, you can implement its small robotic software (Bots) to integrate a specific workflow with your database. Find the Pre-fill from MySQL Bot, install it in your Flow, and indicate what data you need to pass to your documents and what should trigger the Bot. All the process requires is around 10 minutes of setup.

MySQL allows users to add new data to the database as well as export tables to their devices with the Export and Import buttons from the top toolbar. These standard methods include multiple steps that you need to repeat every time you want to renew or save your data. You can find detailed instructions on how to export data from MySQL and enter new tables in the MySQL Tutorials. If you need to use MySQL data to populate a table or automatically import it into your documents without manually making dozens of steps, take advantage of the airSlate automation platform. With its built-in no-code Bots, you can set up automated data routing once for all the documents in your workflow in just about 10 minutes. Read the guidelines on how to populate forms from MySQL databases in the airSlate Academy.

There are two ways in which you can link your MySQL database with your account in airSlate. When setting up a Bot for MySQL incorporation and linking accounts, you need to choose the connection type. You can choose either a Direct Link or the SSH key connection. In the first case, you need to add a link to your database with the user's credentials. The second method involves inserting the SSH host together with the SSH username and password plus entering a link to your database with the user's credentials. Once done, you can opt for the database you want to use for document pre-filling.

There are many different training courses available on the web for those who want to start working with MySQL databases. But if you only want to focus on how to easily export data from MySQL to an Excel spreadsheet, consider taking a free course from airSlate Academy. These courses cover general concepts and principles of working with the airSlate workflow automation platform. After passing the fundamentals program, continue with the courses dedicated to Bots. Find one about the Pre-Fill from MySQL Bot and discover in less than 20 minutes how to automatically export data from MySQL databases.

Consider using airSlate, a holistic no-code workflow automation platform. When building a workflow, install the Pre-Fill from MySQL Bot, a small no-code software that will automatically transmit information from your database into a selected document. To populate a spreadsheet, choose the Table method of data transfer during the Bot setup. If you need more instructions on how to export data from MySQL to Excel, check out the course in the airSlate Academy dedicated to the Bot mentioned above.

No, it’s not necessary. To work with MySQL all you need to know are the SQL basics of creating and using data from your database. However, when using the airSlate platform, you can extract data and populate documents from MySQL tables in a more streamlined way without having programming knowledge. Virtually any user can easily set up the integration between airSlate and MySQL via Bots. Add the Pre-fill from MySQL Bot to your Flow to auto extract records from MySQL and populate a table in your Slate.