Pre-fill from Salesforce Records


Pre-fill from Salesforce Records

Save time and make your document workflows accurate by eliminating the need to manually enter data from Salesforce records in your documents.

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About this course:

Learn how to automatically populate your document workflows with information you need from Salesforce records without resorting to manual data entry.

What does this course cover?

This course explains how to boost your data-heavy workflows by automatically pre-filling documents with data taken from one or multiple Salesforce records.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to simplify the process of data routing between your document workflows and Salesforce.

Who can enroll?

Anyone can enroll in this course to start automatically populating documents with any information taken from their Salesforce organization.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources to help you learn how to automatically pre-fill documents with data from Salesforce records.
  • quiz to consolidate your acquired knowledge.

What you will learn

How to connect or disconnect your Salesforce account and change or share the connection
How to select Salesforce records needed for pre-filling documents
How to decide when documents should be pre-filled
How to create tags to easily find the completed documents
Duration 15 minutes
Badge A sharable achievement is included
Subject The Pre-fill from Salesforce Records Bot
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price FREE



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Why Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems

Salesforce is a unicorn when it comes to CRM systems and currently sits in the #1 seat with over 150,000 paying customers (SMBs to Fortune 500s). It allows its users to grow faster by streamlining their customer databases and helps them develop better relationships with potential and current customers and clients.

It’s an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution — no need to install programs or other software. Your Salesforce records are available from any browser and from anywhere you have a strong internet connection. It has powerful integrations, efficient analytics tools, it’s customizable, and a whole lot more.

Can Salesforce records improve how I run my workflows?

It’s a fact, just having the CRM is going to make your business run smoother. However, as great as it is, it still requires you to manage many different document processes manually. Connecting Salesforce records to your work outside the system involves; writing, typing, papers, printers, scanners, couriers, contract negotiation, and a whole lot more that just wastes time and costs money. Time and money you could be using to spend with potential and recurring customers and clients.

As you continue reading this article, we’re going to be teaching you how to implement automation into your Salesforce workflow to increase efficiency, productivity, and save you a ton of time and money.

Introduce document process automation (DPA) to your routine processes with airSlate’s Salesforce Bot

A Salesforce record lets you offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. Basically, that means you can create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different values for each.

With all of that information, having your sales executives or administrators handle it manually is just asking for errors to be made. Simplify how you and your team handle document management with (DPA). All you have to do is evaluate your workflow and define its strengths and weaknesses, e.g., bottlenecks.

Implementing the right automation solution can eliminate manual data transfer altogether. For example, update data in Salesforce, export record information, and prefill forms and contracts instantly.

Benefits of automation

First of all, it simplifies your whole workflow. Easily prefill contracts or other forms with designated customer data pulled from the CRM automatically. When information is automatically transferred from one system to another, it saves yourself and your employees a lot of time. Experts confirm that prefilling increases conversion rates: the easier the process is for prospects and customers, the more likely they are to hit submit. In addition, automated processes are usually completed more accurately. Human error can almost be eliminated completely (it still has to be correctly added to the system the first time). Fewer mistakes means less rework.

How to start prefilling data with airSlate

airSlate is a holistic-automation solution that offers the best in document process automation; a powerful online editor, massive Forms library, industry-leading security, analytics tools, and court-admissible Audit trail. It’s browser-based, which means it’s accessible from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. Get started without hardware, expensive automation tutorials, or an IT department. Plus, there’s no extra cost for you to onboard your entire team.

To get started:
  • Create an account
  • Create a Flow
  • Upload documents or choose them from the Forms library
  • Select automation and integration Bots like the Salesforce record Bot

It’s not complicated at all. Once you configure the Bots, the entire automation process is handled and monitored by them. Each of them completes one action that they were specially built for, e.g., when you want to prefill fields from a Salesforce record, select the Salesforce Bot.

How does it all work?

First, it’s valuable to say that you don’t need a custom record export button. Just add the Salesforce Bot to your Flow and match fields with the required data in Salesforce. airSlate is very flexible, meaning you can use it in many situations; with email marketing, creating landing pages, or literally hundreds upon hundreds of other ways to get what you need to be done fast. If anything seems challenging for you or any of your team members, enroll in our specialized airSlate Academy course to learn more about setting up the Salesforce Bot.

In the course, you’ll get valuable knowledge and insider tips about use cases that’ll help you deploy airSlate and onboard your team. Learn how to prefill any form or contract in seconds, while at the same time using powerful security to keep your customers’ and clients’ data safe and in compliance. The airSlate Academy is absolutely free in all sense. Gain more than just useful tips on configuring and using the Salesforce Bot. Become a real business automation expert and receive a certificate for each course completed backed by and signed by airSlate showing that you have what it takes to enhance workflows of any complexity. Get started and enroll now!

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Instead of manually retyping data from your Salesforce contact records into your documents, you can use airSlate automation tools like its Salesforce Integration Bots. After you create a Flow, add the Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot to smoothly pass contact information to forms. To get detailed instructions on how to set up the Bot and automatically export contacts and other data from your CRM, take the related course in the airSlate Academy. It’s free!

If you’re searching for Salesforce training courses for your admins and other staff to learn how to work with the CRM professionally, you can find different options on the web, both free and paid. Services like LinkedIn provide great courses covering Salesforce. The Trailhead platform offers Salesforce Academy courses that are totally free covering topics from the basics to new product features. The airSlate Academy offers free training courses dedicated to workflow no-code workflow automation using Salesforce Bots for seamlessly integrating your CRM with airSlate and eliminating error-prone manual data processing.

airSlate offers you a simple yet effective way of exporting information from Salesforce records to various forms and reports automatically. Just add and install the Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot to your Flow. When properly set up, it’ll instantly pre-populate documents with the information you need from your CRM.

airSlate uses no-code robotic software solutions (Bots) that help to minimize manual data input in your Salesforce CRM base, saving working time and costs. When you need to extract some information from a document and add it to a Salesforce record, simply add the Export to Salesforce Bot to your workflow. You can find details on how to properly set it up here and following the corresponding course at the airSlate Academy.

Unlike Salesforce’s native features for data extraction, airSlate allows you to transmit information about your leads from your CRM system to forms and reports automatically. What you need to do is include the Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot to your workflow, connect one or several CRM accounts, and configure the Bot accordingly. Find out in detail how to properly select objects and map fields to automatically export leads from Salesforce into your reports by taking a free course with the airSlate Academy.

Using airSlate, you can set up automatic data transmission from a Salesforce record to forms and documents and save a bunch of time and effort. The platform uses no-code Bots, which means there’s no need to have any programming skills or hire an IT expert to assist in configuring data export. Add the Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot to your Flow, connect your CRM account (adding several accounts is possible), set the basic CRM object and the form that you need to auto-populate, then map the corresponding fields. You can get full guidance on how to automatically export data from Salesforce by enrolling in the airSlate Academy.

Salesforce has its own built-in exporting data methods, which you can use to transmit information from Salesforce records (manually or automatically), however, only once a week or month. If you’re searching for how to export data from Salesforce regularly and without limits, take advantage of the airSlate workflow automation platform and its Salesforce Bot that allows you to quickly pre-populate forms and spreadsheets with information from your CRM. The setup process is minimal and doesn’t require the help of IT specialists.

With airSlate, it’s easy and only takes a few minutes. When your Flow is ready, navigate to the Bots setup page and choose the Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot. Once installed, link your Salesforce account (it’s possible to connect several different accounts), configure Basic and Advanced settings, and map the fields in your form with the relative data in your CRM. Also, you’ll need to select the initial record in a document, which will activate the Bot to pre-populate the mapped fields. You can find more details on the configuring process by joining the relative Salesforce Bot course at the airSlate Academy (completely free of charge).

Salesforce allows users to extract data from the system and save it as a new Excel document by creating reports with unique ID values for various Salesforce records. These reports can be later exported to Excel but only once a week or month. airSlate allows you to pass information and auto-populate spreadsheets in your workflows without limits. When creating a Flow, simply install the Pre-fill from Salesforce Record Bot (anyone, even someone without coding skills can easily set it up). For the Bot to send data to a spreadsheet, choose Table when selecting the type of data to map. To find more directions on how to export data from Salesforce and properly configure all Bot settings, sign up for the related course with the airSlate Academy.

airSlate’s Salesforce Bot can fail in transmitting data to your reports or invoices if you configure it incorrectly (for example, if the wrong fields were mapped). You can decide what the tool should do in case this happens while configuring the Bot. There are two options to choose from: you can set the condition to proceed with the Slate’s Revision so you can view the content, or block the Revision so that you’ll get a warning sign about the Salesforce Bot’s failure. You’ll get more information on how to properly set all settings and export data from Salesforce in the related course from the airSlate Academy. Enroll now for free!