Remind Recipients to Complete Documents

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How often do your customers or colleagues forget about or misplace documents? Relieve yourself from ever having to track down documents or deal with sending overdue reminders to recipients.
Remind Recipients to Complete Documents

About this course

This course walks you through the entire process of accelerating document completion and signing processes with automatic reminders. Completely eliminate the hassles of expired documents, unsigned contracts, or missed deadlines on document completion.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to configure and automate reminders so your most important documents are always top of mind for recipients.

What’s included?

lessons to explain how to start sending automatic reminders for recipients
quiz to consolidate your knowledge & test new skills
badge to showcase your new skills

What will you learn?

How to ensure documents are completed on time and by the right recipients
How to send automatic reminders to complete documents for your recipients
How to adjust when exactly recipients should receive reminders

Who is this course for?

Anyone interested in ensuring seamless and timely document completion
Anyone looking to gain more control over their document workflows
Those who want to advance their career with new skills

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Review from Capterra platform

The different courses are well defined, easily searchable, and the titles are useful. The content can get a bit long, and theoretical from time to time but mostly they try to keep it to bite-sized chunks with small quizzes to help you retain what you just read.


Review from YouTube

I’ve taken 20 airSlate Academy courses. These courses helped me create a workflow and generate business. The biggest skill I’ve learned is how to integrate data from other platforms into my workflow.


Review from G2 platform

airSlate Academy offers free courses in business process and workflow automation innovatively. The courses are well-researched and presented. Easily understood by a noncore IT audience.

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Stay organized with automated reminder emails

How much time do you spend on sending reminder emails to your employees or colleagues to complete assignments? In reality, whether you realize it or not, the process of sending a reminder to individual people wastes a lot of time. With airSlate, you can use automatic reminder emails and eliminate this monotonous task completely.

Why you should use automatic reminder emails

Despite the popular opinion that email is losing ground, it’s still a major part of modern marketing. It’s an easy way to stay in contact with your employees, colleagues, partners, and customers. Especially if you’re using automation. When you choose an email reminder service and set up triggers correctly, each letter is personalized and relevant to the recipient. Sending reminder emails that are unique, results in people opening their inbox more often, leading to better communication and efficiency.

Sending email reminders manually to each person is a senseless waste of time and effort. It makes much more sense to use automation. Set up how you want to send reminder emails once, and then relax. All automated email reminders will automatically be sent to the recipients they were configured to be sent to. The only thing you have to understand is how to write a reminder email and how the triggers that send reminder emails work. After you’ve adjusted the way you send reminder emails, they’ll help you manage the workflow and keep everyone involved up to date.

In addition to it being a very simple process, sending a reminder email is more effective than a phone call because most don’t have time to answer calls. Everyone is always running somewhere and calls are distracting. Not to mention how much time you waste when you call and someone doesn’t pick up.

Additional benefits of sending a reminder email:
  • Organizing tasks in the order they should be completed in and by who. Organized duties lead to better work and due dates that get executed on time.
  • Reducing unnecessary interaction in a meaningful way. By eliminating unnecessary phone calls or untimely messages communication and effectiveness are enhanced.
  • Optimizing team resources. When resources are used in the best possible way, extra benefits emerge, e.g., team members can focus on what’s important rather than sending a reminder.

Some tips on how to write a reminder email

The main goal of sending a reminder is to get a person focused on completing the workflow. Creating a message that doesn’t clearly tell the recipient why they’re getting the reminder is a mistake. Follow our tips on how to write a reminder email below.

  • Personalize your automated email reminders. As a minimum, include the recipient’s name.
  • Don't be dull. Write in an energetic way or include nice a joke.
  • Make sure that the recipient will clearly understand what you want from them.
  • Add a call-to-action button while sending a reminder email to help them complete the process faster.

Remember to always be checking feedback and tips on how to write reminder emails. The better you write – the better the results.

How to choose a service for sending reminder emails

Finding the right email reminder service is challenging. There are plenty of powerful platforms out there like Gmail and Outlook that have great features for sending email reminders. The problem is that they probably aren’t directly connected or embedded into your workflow in any way, so sending a reminder is always manual. There are also many web services but again, the issue with a connection to your workflow remains. So what are your options? You don’t have hours of extra time for finding and testing a bunch of random “auto-email-reminder” services. The best email reminder service is going to be the one that integrates completely with your workflow, and, consequently, knows when sending a reminder email is required.

With airSlate, the only holistic business automation platform, you can send automatic email reminders AND implement workflow automation in your business at the same time.

How to send a reminder email in airSlate

airSlate is not just an email reminder service. It’s a workflow automation software, so sending reminder emails is one of its many powerful features. Use it for internal and external communication for staying in touch with your entire organization and its connections.

To start using automated email reminders, you’ll need a Flow and to set up a reminder Bot – an airSlate software robot. First, upload any relevant documents or choose some from our Forms library (edit them with the editor). After you’ve chosen your docs and turned them into smart templates, go to the Bots menu, add the Remind Recipients to Complete Documents Bot, and set its triggers and conditions for sending reminder emails. To do so:

  1. select the conditions for sending a reminder that will trigger the Bot;
  2. define whom the Bot will send reminder emails;
  3. create a custom message that the recipient will get.

With fully automated reminder emails manually notifying people is a thing of the past. Setting up the Remind Recipients to Complete Documents Bot for sending automated email reminders is a sure way to increase your team’s efficiency.

To learn more about airSlate and its Bots, visit the airSlate Academy and take any of its numerous online courses. You’ll find everything you need to automate business processes of any complexity. Even get an automation architect certificate for each completed course, preparing you for a successful career in workflow management.

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An automatic email reminder is a follow-up message sent automatically to remind recipients to take specific actions. It ensures that all parties involved in a particular business process are on the same page and don’t miss assigned tasks. Create automatic email reminders with airSlate and eliminate all bottlenecks associated with manual and repetitive business operations.

Any effective organization or business process requires the synced efforts of different people and departments. Auto email reminders can be used in a wide range of workflows from Employee onboarding to Contract Management. They ensure that each recipient the email reminder is sent to is informed about the pending issue or task and that the action is taken on time. It only takes a few steps to create reminders with airSlate at any stage of a workflow. Try it out to improve communication between departments and make your operations move forward faster.

airSlate gives you the possibility to create auto email reminders without using other third-party solutions or a single line of code. All you need to do is open the required Slate (a copy of documents sent out for execution), connect it to the Remind Recipients to Complete Documents Bot and put in the information about who, how, when, and under what condition a recipient will get a reminder to take action. You can start adding and configuring the Bot after you open a Slate and after it’s been edited.

The Remind Recipients to Complete Documents Bot in airSlate operates on predefined, conditional logic. It means that it’ll automatically trigger actions based on a condition you preset. For example, you can set the Bot up to send a reminder to a recipient “when the number of filled fields” will be “equal” to three. You can select from a variety of condition types such as Flow, Document, Tag, Revision, Recipient, etc., and add a few of them at the same time.

With airSlate, you can set a reminder to be sent to multiple recipients from the existing roles or to those that are not assigned to any role. In addition to that, you can take advantage of the Bot execution conditions and select recipients based on their Flow access rights, name, email, or position. To learn more about how to send a reminder email, take the airSlate Academy course on The Remind Recipients to Complete Documents Bot.

airSlate lets you schedule one-time or recurring automatic reminder emails at any interval. You can specify a timeframe within which your recipients will receive them by using the Bot’s General Settings or pick a specific date using Bot Execution Conditions. It’ll help you take more control over workflow completion and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

In the event when you need to send automatic reminder emails repeatedly, you can create them at set intervals by hour, day, week, and month. To set them, you need to schedule your email alerts first and then indicate how often you would like them to reach your recipients. This way, you’ll keep everything up to date, and your recipients stick to the set deadlines.

Apart from the automatic reminder email Bot, airSlate offers different Bots designed to automate routine tasks (Automation Bots) and create a seamless ecosystem of tools by connecting airSlate with the software or services you already use (Integration Bots). To explore the complete list of Bots and their capabilities, visit the airSlate Bots page. If you want to learn the ropes of working with Bots, take our course titled Mastering Bots.

No. airSlate doesn’t charge any extra fees for adding an auto email reminder Bot. That fact also applies to other Bots offered by airSlate. You can use them as many times and for as long as you need.

Once your workflow is set up or imported from our pre-designed workflow library, you can check on the status of the reminder Bot right in the Slate. All you need to do is open Slate and locate the green tag. If it’s green it means that the Bot is configured properly. If you want to gain extra confidence configuring Bot and learn more about how to send automated emails, enroll in our The Remind Recipients to Complete Documents Bot course.