Digital Transformation Courses for HR Managers

Discover how workflow automation with airSlate helps HR departments by taking manual, paper-based processes off their plate so they can focus on strategic people-based initiatives that grow their business. From recruitment and hiring to onboarding, leave requests, and more — learn to design a variety of workflows and automate them from end-to-end with an all-in-one no-code solution.
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  • How to streamline data collection processes and minimize errors
  • How to simplify and organize document storage
  • How to ensure a higher rate of employee satisfaction

Courses & certification programs for the professional development of HR managers

Business Process Automation with airSlate
Get key insights into business process automation, its benefits, and how to eliminate routine tasks that slow down business performance.
airSlate Fundamentals
Learn all the essentials for getting started with airSlate to design, integrate, and automate document workflows using a single platform.
Automating Employee Onboarding
Start digitizing the most common employee onboarding processes to provide a smoother experience for new hires by saving time and reducing hassle.

Why study with us?

Upgrade your HR processes without coding
The airSlate Academy teaches you to automate the most common HR tasks and increase the overall efficiency of your HR department without writing a single line of code.
Optimize recruiting and retention
With the airSlate Academy, you will learn how to speed up the onboarding process and monitor employee satisfaction with automatic health check forms, surveys, and more.
Get access to 50+ free automation courses including use cases
Discover how automation works in practice with dedicated courses on the most common HR workflows: Employee Onboarding, Travel Requests, and others.

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