No-code Automation Courses for Operations Leads

Take a deep dive into what workflow automation is and how to apply it in your operational processes. Learn how to streamline audit and reporting, collect and process data on the go, and integrate processes with the systems you use — all within one platform.

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  • How to streamline document routing while keeping documents safe
  • How to integrate your workflows with the applications and systems you use
  • How to strengthen corporate compliance and mitigate operational risks

Courses & certification programs for the professional development of Operational managers

Business Process Automation with airSlate
Get key insights into business process automation, its benefits, and how to eliminate routine tasks that slow down business performance.
airSlate Fundamentals
Learn all the essentials for getting started with airSlate to design, integrate, and automate document workflows using a single platform.
Automating Vendor Contract Approvals
Get valuable insights into streamlining vendor contract approval workflows and applying automation to ensure every vendor operation runs smoothly.

Why study with us?

Improve your operational capacity and resource planning
Learn how to get the most out of airSlate analytics to eliminate risks and boost operational efficiency and resource planning.
Ensure a secure environment for your automated workflows and digital data
Learn how to stay compliant, keep your data safe, and easily address any security issue within your operational workflows.
Learn how to automate the most complex operational processes
Learn how to deploy airSlate no-code automation in your operational processes to make them transparent, fast, and cost-effective.

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Carve your niche as an operations manager with airSlate’s automation courses

The key responsibility of an operations lead is to ensure the efficiency of the company’s business processes. One of the ways to increase the efficiency of business processes is to implement automation software. If you are looking for ways to automate repetitive document-related tasks and streamline your business workflows, consider taking the airSlate business automation course designed for operations leaders.

The role of automation in the work of an operations manager

Automation in operation management is the process of using computer software and hardware to facilitate the operation of a company. It is a way for companies to save on costs, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Since managing the day-to-day business operations of a company is the primary responsibility of the operations leads, they are the people who typically initiate the implementation of automation technologies.

How airSlate benefits operations managers

The airSlate automation solution helps companies bring their business processes to the next level by automating crucial operational tasks, particularly those related to document management. airSlate offers hundreds of no-code Bots for automating document workflows. These Bots take minutes to set up and require no programming skills, which makes them easy to integrate without involving technical staff.

The advantages of airSlate automation

One of the advantages of process automation is that it can reduce costs. Companies implementing airSlate to automate document workflows spend less money on documentation and increase productivity by delegating repetitive tasks to Bots. airSlate also reduces the amount of time needed for training employees on new processes, which in turn reduces the need for more employees altogether.
Another advantage of airSlate automation is that it eliminates human error. Typos, incomplete documents, and overdue payments are only a few problems that can occur as a result of human error. airSlate gives you an opportunity to reduce the risk of such issues with the help of no-code Bots.

How the airSlate business automation works

The process of automating operations usually starts with an assessment that determines where automation can be most effective. Once the assessment is complete, it will assist you in making decisions about what parts of the business should be automated and how to prioritize those areas.

Once you know which workflows can and should be automated, you will be able to look at each of them and determine what steps they consist of and who is responsible for completing each step. This is called workflow mapping.

Finally, after you recreate the workflow in the form of a scheme, you will be able to automate it step by step using airSlate no-code Bots. These Bots are divided into several groups, each having a specific function. For example, you can automate notifications that a document owner will receive once the document is completed. While setting up a Bot, you will also be able to specify conditions for activating the Bot.

Start your business process automation journey

To ensure a smooth transition to automated workflows, take airSlate’s free online automation course, designed specifically for operations leads. After you register for the airSlate Academy, you will get access to a number of brief courses that teach how to automate different document-related processes with airSlate.

The Workflow Automation for Operations course was created to empower operations managers with the knowledge required to automate document-related business processes. You will learn to create flows, map business processes, set up Bots, and more to streamline operational activities in your organization.

The course consists of three sections:

  1. The Essentials section, which explains the basic concepts of airSlate automation.
  2. The Use Case section, which provides examples of the automation of common business processes.
  3. The Bots section, which is dedicated to Bots, their categorization, and setup instructions.

After you complete the course, you will be able to automate some of the most time-consuming operational processes in your company with the help of airSlate. You will also be able to set up Bots that automatically pre-fill documents, archive completed documents to Google Drive, send email notifications on document completion, send reminders to complete the document, and export data to Google Sheets.

Register for the airSlate Workflow Automation for Operations course to gain valuable skills for your career in Operations management.

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