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Rename Slate

The Rename Slate Bot helps you automatically assign names to Flows when needed, using different types of data.

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About this course:

Learn how to apply no-code automation for creating and assigning new names to the documents of your choice.

By the end of this course, you will be able to add the Rename Slate Bot to any document workflow you choose.

What does this course cover?

This course goes over the entire process of configuring the Rename Slate Bot. It covers every step from selecting a Flow that will be renamed to setting conditions for when the Bot should act.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to help you accelerate document routing and simplify navigation among the completed Flows.

Who can enroll?

Anyone can enroll in this course to learn how to save time on renaming Flows manually.

The materials for this course include:

  • learning resources to help you learn how to automatically rename the completed Flows.
  • quiz to consolidate your acquired knowledge.

What you will learn

How to automatically assign names to Flows using different types of data
How to set specific conditions to activate the Bot
How to create tags for easier navigation of all Flows
What to do if something goes wrong with the Bot setup
Duration 15 minutes
Badge A sharable achievement is included
Subject Automatically renaming Flows
Level Intermediate
Language English
Price FREE



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Experience streamlined document workflow automation and what it can do for your organization

During the last few decades, technology and automated business processes have been developing fast. They’ve become a vital part of many types of activities. Document automation workflow helps organizations get everyday tasks completed faster and improves the overall productivity of a team by removing hassle and eliminating the mundane steps of a task.

If you could imagine your business as a Boeing747, then document workflow automation would be its autopilot. Of course, you could fly without it, but not for long distances. Today, running a company is similar. Tackle the many challenges that come in all shapes and sizes by automating and optimizing your business processes for more efficient success in the long term.

There's a variety of software available for completing routine working tasks. But each of them performs a limited number of functions, usually in one specific area. These include CRM systems for Sales and Client Services, task managers, and even software for creating invoices and reports. Using so many separate tools takes a lot of time, especially for learning and managing each one. But what if you could unify them all into one holistic system and create an effective document workflow for increasing operational productivity?

How to implement streamlined workflow document automation using airSlate

airSlate is the market leader in document workflow automation systems. It’s a powerful no-code end-to-end tool that allows anyone to easily generate, integrate, and deploy every business tool into one holistic Workspace. It suits both large enterprises and small companies and helps to create and configure an infinite number of business processes, without involving IT departments and/or using expensive APIs. How’s that possible? The key is in using no-code Bots (built-in software robots) that allow users to combine Slates into a complex document workflow. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to configure a fully automated Flow.

In your airSlate Workspace, you can build Flows for:
  1. contract management and Negotiation
  2. Employee onboarding
  3. Creating invoices
  4. Company budgeting
  5. Finance
  6. Marketing campaigns
  7. Sales and Customer Service
  8. Education
  9. HR
To build a Flow, install Bots and configure their settings and conditions. They’ll be triggered when recipients open or fill in your Slate. The platform features thousands of no-code tools, which fall into two main categories:
  1. Automation Bots — pre-fill forms, create roles, reminders, new Slates, and much more.
  2. Integration Bots — integrate Flows with the most popular databases, CRM systems, and cloud services.

By configuring Bots, you are giving your organization the chance to experience a document automation workflow that operates 24/7 without human interaction.

Create or enhance a document workflow with the Rename Slate Bot

When a Slate is created, airSlate automatically names it. To automate the process more efficiently and customize new Slates, use the Rename Slate Bot. For example, when you build a Sales Invoice Flow, it is signed and returned by recipients as is — unnamed and undefined.

Using the Bot helps you avoid having to manually rename every form individually. Add the Rename Slate Bot and set its conditions. After creating a Slate and your invoice is signed or opened by a recipient, the Bot will give it a custom name, using the client’s name, invoice number, and/or date of submission (for instance).

Find and identify invoices easier. The Rename Slate Bot helps you effectively create a document workflow and automate it.

While setting up the Bot, you can tell it how to name or pre-fill Slates with data from form fields or the +Data variable list. The Rename Slate Bot can be triggered:
  1. based on fillable fields in a form;
  2. based on specific recipient information entered in a form;
  3. based on a specific date or time;
  4. based on Slate metadata (Revision status or tag).

Configuring the Bot per your needs creates a streamlined document automation workflow that reduces and sometimes eliminates monotonous tasks. In the airSlate document workflow automation system, you save time for other important tasks and projects, like client relationships and business development.

The airSlate Academy: short courses for future benefits

Even if it now seems easy to automate your working processes, it’s worth going through the Academy’s courses for a deeper dive into what the right BPA tools can do for your organization. Business is a sensitive mechanism that requires precise actions. Join the airSlate Academy and learn more about document workflow automation and business process optimization. Find simple instructions on creating Slates, level up your skills in setting up Bots, and explore real use-cases for different areas of activity. By the end of the course, you will receive a personalized document automation workflow certificate.

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The easiest way to start automating document workflows is using airSlate. This unique solution works right from your browser so that you don't have to install any additional software on your device. Additionally, this automation system doesn't require you to learn how to code. You just upload or create your documents, assign Roles, add Bots that automate or integrate your documents with other systems of record, and get valuable benefits from accelerating and streamlining your work.

Consider using airSlate. With this platform, you get all the capabilities you need for contract generation and document workflow automation. Specialized software robots called Bots assist you in completing repetitive, time-consuming tasks. You can select a needed Bot from the list, customize the conditions for when it must activate, and indicate the set of actions that must be completed. After you're familiar with the basic principles of airSlate, enroll in the airSlate Academy courses to become a pro in the industry of business automation.

airSlate's primary purpose is to free you from routine and repetitive tasks. That's why you're free to have as many workflows as you need. Additionally, you can have any number of Flows in the system. Just don't forget to change Flow names to avoid confusion.

The best automation system for document management is airSlate because of its accessibility to anyone around the globe. It works online and doesn't require coding, so creating an automated document workflow is simple. Furthermore, airSlate has its own free automation academy that can help anyone learn more about document workflow automation and streamline their businesses. Enroll in the courses and become an expert now!

airSlate as a document process automation solution is built especially for creating document workflows. First, you need to import your documents or use the ready-made Templates. Then, you can assign Roles to distribute responsibilities between Flow members. After that, you can add Bots that will do the rest of the work for you; there are many specific tools for exporting files, updating records, sending notifications, changing Flow names, etc. If you want to learn more about each Bot, you can visit the airSlate website or complete courses from the airSlate Academy.

Among multiple "automation academies" that teach you how to deal with simple repetitive tasks, one solution helps you automate document workflows without a single line of code. It's called airSlate. It has a user-friendly interface that assists you in creating Flows, editing them (including Flow name changes), automating, and collaborating on them.

You need to use airSlate. This solution has all the tools required for automated document management, starting from the automatic pre-filling of records and ending with changing Flow names or archiving them to the cloud. Learn how to handle business and document process automation in our automation academy by airSlate. It's free and provides all successful participants with a certificate that confirms their knowledge.

Yes! Anyone who wants to get valuable knowledge and skills around document workflow automation can register on the website, choose a course, complete it, and receive a certificate without paying a penny. Completing these courses is a wise decision because they don't function as regular Help desk articles. They allow you to learn more about principles of work, basic rules for automating processes, the use of various tools, and much more valuable information. Try out our automation academy. Become a pro!