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Workflow Automation for Finance

Find out how to transform your most vulnerable and clunky finance operations into smooth and transparent processes. Learn all about airSlate workflow automation for financial processes and how to deploy it to speed up productivity and eliminate unnecessary transactions.

About this program:

This certification program is aimed at those working in the finance industry and looking to streamline and enhance their daily workflows.

The program guides you through the entire process of learning the basics of airSlate, presents typical use cases, and teaches you how to apply the knowledge in practice to increase efficiency and reduce stress for finance teams in any organization.

The Essentials section will familiarize you with the key airSlate components and the user interface along with the elements included in it. It will show you how to start working with airSlate, create a workflow from scratch, add documents to it, set up no-code Bots to automate the process, and share your workflow with participants. You will also learn how to stay in the loop regarding any activities in your workflow.

The Use Case section will show you how airSlate helps automate typical use cases for finance departments, e.g., Invoice Processing, Price Quoting, and so on. You will also learn about the key benefits of business process automation for finance managers and teams and learn how to evaluate their efficiency upon implementing airSlate.

The Bots section of the certification program includes courses dedicated to the Bots suitable for the use cases presented in the previous section. Each course contains a detailed overview of a specific Bot’s characteristics and functions as well as the step-by-step instructions for its configuration. You will learn to automatically transfer data between your airSlate records and external systems (Spreadsheets, CRMs, etc.), save completed documents to a cloud storage folder, send reminders and notifications when a process is completed, and more.

What you will learn

The main components and key benefits of airSlate for finance departments
How to create and configure an airSlate Workspace for team collaboration
How to set up a fully automated workflow and track any changes in it
The most typical use cases for airSlate in the finance industry
What no-code airSlate Bots are and how to use them in finance processes
The most popular Bots for finance workflows and their step-by-step configuration
Duration 2 hours 45 minutes
Certificate A sharable achievement is included
Level Intermediate, Beginner, Advanced
Language English
Price FREE
Enrolled 331 students

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All you need to digitally transform your business

The airSlate Academy combines everything you need to digitally transform your business, including legally binding eSignatures, advanced PDF editing, and automated workflows.
Familiarize yourself with eSignatures, their implementation, business value, and learn how to create legally binding eSignature workflows for your business.
Change the way you work with documents into an interactive online experience and learn how to make your documents look professional.


Will I earn a separate certification for each course or just one for the entire Finance Workflow Automation program?

You will receive an individual verified certificate for each course you pass in the Finance Workflow Automation program. In addition, you will receive the verified certificate for the entire Finance Workflow Automation certification program.

Can I take the courses in the Finance Workflow Automation program in any order?

We recommend passing these courses in the order they are listed in the Finance Workflow Automation program to maintain the logical sequence.

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Why Finance needs automation finance solutions for streamlining daily operations

Try to imagine an organization that has document workflows without computers and software. When the financial industry neglects the adoption of tools for the digitization of processes, a massive amount of time is wasted while manually entering data and correcting errors. As a result, employees have a lower satisfaction level and succumb to burnout. Outdated processes can put employees off.

When organizations lack financial process automation it leads to the following:

Scattered data. A new client is a new document, a few new spreadsheets, and even new folders. To organize all of these documents and spreadsheets takes a lot of manual work and attention. If you’re a good organizer, you can manage to keep everything in a single place, but just imagine the chaos for those who store files in different cloud storage systems or even different folders within the same cloud storage; a headache.

The human factor. The financial industry is a specific beast with unique processes. . Therefore, if a process is managed by a single person or a group of people, mistakes can be very costly. People create a bottleneck called “the human factor.” By introducing robotic process automation in Finance, you’ll be able to prevent a lot of mistakes from ever taking place.

Data leaks. Financial processes are subject to risks and vulnerabilities. Whether you trust your employees or not, there will always be room for mistakes that can cost you a lot; sometimes even your business. For example, an accountant forgets to close their laptop when issuing or signing invoices and someone sees an HR manager’s salary and it becomes the main topic to gossip about. Not to mention the deeper security risks associated with the same idea of leaded information.

What can automation in Finance change about the financial industry as a whole?

Finance automation can fundamentally change your approach to business management. With the right tools, you can pull the data you want from different sources and push it to new documents. Plus, neither you nor any other employee will need to search for and copy a single line of text. You get as many records as you want in clicks without human intervention.
More importantly, get accurate information. Robotic process automation in Finance does not make mistakes if the software’s settings are set up properly and employees input data correctly the first time.

Finance automation completely eliminates the human factor, giving you the ability to process most documents around the clock. When your intervention is required, you'll get a notification directing you on what to do and where to do it.

If you’re concerned about security, financial process automation will take care of that too. Nowadays software offers advanced protection measures such as two-factor authentication. Additionally, a good solution must meet various requirements according to local, federal, and international laws and regulations.

Learning the ropes when it comes to accounting automation software

All of the above sounds a bit like a fantasy, but you can rest assured that there’s such a solution. airSlate is an all-in-one, no-code platform that’s helping SMBs to SMEs revolutionize how they implement tax automation and accounting automation into their daily finance workflows.

airSlate does this via Bots, software robots, basically, micro-software that automates various functions and actions within a particular Flow (workflow). You don't need to code a single line or hire developers to implement Bots. They are based on simple if-this-then-that conditional logic. When setting up a workflow, you should choose the Bot you need and configure it.

There are hundreds of Bots, some for importing or exporting information, integrating with different systems of record, and even sending out notifications. In addition, you can also check the actions your Bots have taken with the Bots log.

There are many courses by the airSlate Academy for walking you through all of the nuances of airSlate as well as automation in the finance industry. Check out use cases and recreate their Flows in your own processes. After completing each course, you'll get a verified certificate that proves your knowledge.

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