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Workflow Automation for HR

Discover the basics of the airSlate workflow automation platform and how it enhances document-based workflows for HR departments. Learn how automation eliminates hassle and reduces expenses.

About this program:

This certification program is aimed at anyone working in the HR industry and seeking to streamline and enhance their daily workflows.

The program guides you through the entire process of learning the fundamental principles of airSlate, presents typical use cases, and teaches you how to apply the knowledge in practice to increase efficiency and reduce stress for both HR managers and employees.

The Essentials section will get you familiar with the key airSlate components and the user interface with the elements it includes. It will show you how to start working with airSlate, create a workflow from scratch, add documents to it, set up no-code Bots to automate the process, and share your workflow with participants. Besides, you will learn how to stay in the loop regarding any activities in your workflow.

The Use Case section will show you how airSlate helps automate and streamline the most typical use cases for HR departments, e.g., Employee Onboarding, Travel Reimbursement, and so on. You will also learn about the key benefits of business process automation for HR and how to evaluate efficiency upon implementing airSlate.

The Bots section of the certification program includes courses dedicated to the Bots suitable for the use cases presented in the previous section. Each course contains a detailed overview of a specific Bot’s characteristics and functions as well as the step-by-step instructions for its configuration. You will learn to automatically transfer data between your airSlate records and external systems (Google Sheets, CRMs, etc.), save completed documents to a Google Drive folder, send reminders and notifications about process completion, and more.

What you will learn

The main components and key benefits of airSlate for HR departments
How to create and configure an airSlate Workspace for team collaboration
How to set up a fully automated workflow and track any changes within it
The most typical use cases for airSlate in the HR industry
What no-code airSlate Bots are and how to use them for HR processes
The most popular Bots for HR workflows and their step-by-step configuration process
Duration 3 hours 10 minutes
Certificate A sharable achievement is included
Level Intermediate, Beginner, Advanced
Language English
Price FREE
Enrolled 3935 students

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All you need to digitally transform your business

The airSlate Academy combines everything you need to digitally transform your business, including legally binding eSignatures, advanced PDF editing, and automated workflows.
Familiarize yourself with eSignatures, their implementation, business value, and learn how to create legally binding eSignature workflows for your business.
Change the way you work with documents into an interactive online experience and learn how to make your documents look professional.


Will I earn a separate certification for each course or just one for the entire HR Operations Automation program?

You will receive an individual verified certificate for each course you pass in the HR Operations Automation program. In addition, you will receive the verified certificate for the entire HR Operations Automation certification program.

Can I take the courses in the HR Operations Automation program in any order?

We recommend passing these courses in the order they are listed in the HR Operations Automation program to maintain the logical sequence.

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The best way to streamline human resources processes

Nowadays, just about every company with more than 15 team members has a human resource management department. This department has many roles including the preparation of important internal documents and policies, recruiting, and the process of organizing different parties, corporate events, and trips. That means various surveys, forms, and contracts need to be filled out, distributed, executed, and stored.

A major question industries of all kinds are asking themselves is how to introduce human resources automation to HR workflows.

When you need to automate HR workflows

Managing people is not an easy task and there are a lot of steps involved; monotonous steps, especially around paperwork. Implementing new HR management systems and hiring more specialists is not an effective way to improve your workflows while at the same time reduce spend and increase employee satisfaction. More often than not, this approach leads to work-overload; more time spent on organizing documents than on value-driving activities.

Companies that have adopted digitization as a philosophy have begun to automate human resources processes for more streamlined operations.

Reasons to automate HR processes

There are many reasons why an organization should automate its HR processes, however, down below, the top four most common reasons are outlined:

  1. Faster performance. By implementing automation, your HR department will be able to start and complete tasks more efficiently. Analyze, sort, and transfer large amounts of information in just a few minutes to save hours, days, or even weeks worth of time.
  2. Saved resources. By avoiding the need to hire additional team members via automation software, you’ll be able to save on resources that you can then spend elsewhere or save for reserve. Let robotic process automation (RPA) handle the tasks that don’t need creative thinking.
  3. Calculated growth. By setting up conditions that are controllable and flexible, your team will be able to use collected data to make smarter business decisions. Set yourself up for success with the ability to estimate the impact of specific actions and the business value of specific workflows.
  4. Consistent development. By letting an automation system control your mundane steps and actions, you’ll have the conditions needed for consistent development. Develop processes in a way that’s optimized and repeatable.

How HR automation works

First of all, let’s define what HR process automation is. HR automation is the process of eliminating repetitive manual tasks in the sphere of managing human resources and replacing them with software that operates independently of people. In other words, it's delegating routine tasks to specialized software.

The primary purpose of human resource process automation is to empower employees to focus on things that really matter. Paperwork is important but copying and pasting data between systems of record is boring and mentally draining. By giving your team members the chance to focus their energy on creative activities like strategy and communication, you’ll improve your organization’s results. Sounds great, but how does human resources automation actually work? It’s time to dive into the details together.

First of all, you need to choose specialized software. You can take three different approaches:

  • Create an IT department and build your own program for internal use;
  • Hire IT specialists and low-code automation services like Zapier;
  • Use no-code solutions like airSlate.

It can take a while to go into the details for all three points, so it’s better to focus on the one that requires the least amount of investment in time, energy, and money – airSlate.

How airSlate automates HR workflows

airSlate covers all the steps of a document lifecycle for any human resources process.

document generation. Get a powerful built-in document editor that allows you to create professional documents and fillable and web forms.

Assigned roles. Assign fields to specific participants as roles to specify what should be done, when it should be done, and by who.

Automation. Configure software robots called Bots to get automation and integration with systems of record and other platforms for sales, marketing, etc.

Another powerful advantage that airSlate has is it’s a cloud-based solution. You don't need to install anything. Once you register an account, you have the ability to create your first Flow. In addition to being easy to get started with, airSlate offers free human resources management processes courses at the airSlate Academy. Make building HR workflows easy, and enroll in the airSlate Academy today!

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