Workflow Automation for HR

Learn how to revolutionize document-driven HR processes to create more efficient and employee-focused automated workflows. Discover ways to cut costs, simplify procedures, and boost employee satisfaction within your organization.
Workflow Automation for HR

About this program:

This certification program is aimed at anyone working in the HR industry seeking to streamline and enhance their daily workflows. The program guides you through the entire process of understanding airSlate WorkFlow basics and presents typical use cases for HR departments.

By the end of the program, you will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to create automated workflows that increase efficiency and reduce stress for both HR managers and employees.

What you will learn

  • How to get started with document automation with airSlate WorkFlow
  • How to set up fully automated document workflows for HR departments
  • What no-code bots are and how to use them for HR document-based processes
  • The most popular no-code bots for HR workflows and their step-by-step configuration process

Program structure:

airSlate WorkFlow 101

airSlate WorkFlow 101

Are you ready to change the way you handle paperwork? Discover how to automate document workflows within one platform and keep things running smoothly.

50 minutes
Automating Employee Onboarding

Automating Employee Onboarding

Onboarding a new employee goes hand in hand with hours of exhaustive paperwork and lost working hours. Sound familiar? Learn how to streamline employee onboarding documentation processes and make the best first impression.

30 minutes
Automating Travel Reimbursement

Automating Travel Reimbursement

Is your ability to manage travel expenses stifled by cumbersome reports, hours of administrative work, and payment delays? Discover how to speed up travel reimbursement workflows and focus on more crucial tasks rather than paperwork.

30 minutes
Pre-fill from Doc to Doc

Pre-fill from Doc to Doc

How much time do you spend copying information from one document to another? Learn how to automatically route data between multiple documents to save time and eliminate the hassle of completing high-priority tasks on a deadline.

15 minutes
Email on Documents Completion

Email on Documents Completion

Are you looking to track when exactly your documents are completed and where they will go next? Stay on top of your documents’ completion by receiving automatic emails with completed documents attached.

15 minutes
Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive

Still worrying about your critical documents being safely and properly stored in your cloud services? Run organized and consistent document workflows by automatically archiving completed documents to the Google Drive folders of your choice.

15 minutes
Export to Google Sheets

Export to Google Sheets

Do you find errors or typos when pulling large amounts of data into spreadsheets? Learn how to completely get rid of any mistakes that occur in spreadsheets while automatically populating Google Sheets with data from your documents.

15 minutes
Pre-fill from NetSuite Records

Pre-fill from NetSuite Records

Why waste time on moving data between records manually? Discover a fast and simple way to eliminate inaccuracies by automatically pre-filling your documents with NetSuite data.

15 minutes
Rename Workflow Instances on Completion

Rename Workflow Instances on Completion

Isn’t it easier to sort document packages when they are properly named? Discover how to automatically change names for your sets of documents using recipient data.

15 minutes

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The best way to streamline human resources processes

Nowadays, just about every company with more than 15 team members has a human resource management department. This department has many roles including the preparation of important internal documents and policies, recruiting, and the process of organizing different parties, corporate events, and trips. That means various surveys, forms, and contracts need to be filled out, distributed, executed, and stored.

A major question industries of all kinds are asking themselves is how to introduce human resources automation to HR workflows.

When you need to automate HR workflows

Managing people is not an easy task and there are a lot of steps involved; monotonous steps, especially around paperwork. Implementing new HR management systems and hiring more specialists is not an effective way to improve your workflows while at the same time reduce spend and increase employee satisfaction. More often than not, this approach leads to work-overload; more time spent on organizing documents than on value-driving activities.

Companies that have adopted digitization as a philosophy have begun to automate human resources processes for more streamlined operations.

Reasons to automate HR processes

There are many reasons why an organization should automate its HR processes, however, down below, the top four most common reasons are outlined:

  1. Faster performance. By implementing automation, your HR department will be able to start and complete tasks more efficiently. Analyze, sort, and transfer large amounts of information in just a few minutes to save hours, days, or even weeks worth of time.
  2. Saved resources. By avoiding the need to hire additional team members via automation software, you’ll be able to save on resources that you can then spend elsewhere or save for reserve. Let robotic process automation (RPA) handle the tasks that don’t need creative thinking.
  3. Calculated growth. By setting up conditions that are controllable and flexible, your team will be able to use collected data to make smarter business decisions. Set yourself up for success with the ability to estimate the impact of specific actions and the business value of specific workflows.
  4. Consistent development. By letting an automation system control your mundane steps and actions, you’ll have the conditions needed for consistent development. Develop processes in a way that’s optimized and repeatable.

How HR automation works

First of all, let’s define what HR process automation is. HR automation is the process of eliminating repetitive manual tasks in the sphere of managing human resources and replacing them with software that operates independently of people. In other words, it's delegating routine tasks to specialized software.

The primary purpose of human resource process automation is to empower employees to focus on things that really matter. Paperwork is important but copying and pasting data between systems of record is boring and mentally draining. By giving your team members the chance to focus their energy on creative activities like strategy and communication, you’ll improve your organization’s results. Sounds great, but how does human resources automation actually work? It’s time to dive into the details together.

First of all, you need to choose specialized software. You can take three different approaches:

  • Create an IT department and build your own program for internal use;
  • Hire IT specialists and low-code automation services like Zapier;
  • Use no-code solutions like airSlate.

It can take a while to go into the details for all three points, so it’s better to focus on the one that requires the least amount of investment in time, energy, and money – airSlate.

How airSlate automates HR workflows

airSlate covers all the steps of a document lifecycle for any human resources process.

document generation. Get a powerful built-in document editor that allows you to create professional documents and fillable and web forms.

Assigned roles. Assign fields to specific participants as roles to specify what should be done, when it should be done, and by who.

Automation. Configure software robots called Bots to get automation and integration with systems of record and other platforms for sales, marketing, etc.

Another powerful advantage that airSlate has is it’s a cloud-based solution. You don't need to install anything. Once you register an account, you have the ability to create your first Flow. In addition to being easy to get started with, airSlate offers free human resources management processes courses at the airSlate Academy. Make building HR workflows easy, and enroll in the airSlate Academy today!

Questions & answers

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One of the most time- and cost-efficient ways to automate human resource processes is to use airSlate. It doesn't require you to install any additional software or hire IT specialists. Everyone can eliminate routine in the workplace using our comprehensive solution. And everyone who completes the airSlate Academy’s courses has a chance to become a business process automation expert and build their own human resources automation workflows.

Human resource automation helps you find the best employees, track their progress, and control the work atmosphere. Additional specialists also handle all paperwork processes to obey the law and make everything in legal terms. HR department works more than many people use to think, and implementing specialized services that help specialists increases their effectiveness. As a result, your employees are more satisfied with their work, and the entire company's efficiency grows.

Yes, automation is available for anyone with the help of airSlate. This tool doesn't require you to have specialized coding skills; anybody who understands the basic rules of business can start automating it’s many spheres. With an HR management system powered by airSlate, you can optimize existing workflows to save time and money.

First of all, indicate what you want to be done and when it must be done. Then, during interactions with humans, the system looks for particular conditions to be met. If it finds them, the software processes data and completes tasks according to your wishes and/or its capabilities.

HR automation helps your employees get free from paper hassle and spend time and effort on handling more essential tasks. HR specialists gain the ability to focus on problem-solving instead of checking and routing data between people or databases. In addition, automation simplifies calculations and decreases the risk of human error. As a result, you receive a more efficient system than you've had and reach new levels of providing business.

An HR management system, which is usually also called an HRM system, is specialized software for simplifying or even automating human resource business processes, compliance, and transactions. This type of service allows teams to streamline the tasks connected to employee management. However, you still need to integrate it with other tools for creating a complete ecosystem. If you want to avoid using multiple solutions, try airSlate. Complete one of our airSlate Academy courses and learn how you can develop automation for task, document, and human resources management.

To begin with, don't trust people who say that the only way to automate human resource processes is to develop specialized software on your own. You can successfully implement automation into your company using airSlate. This solution enables you to accelerate and streamline many repetitive tasks like interviewing employees, requesting something, and processing this data. Avoid paper routines and let your staff do what they were hired to do. The airSlate Academy for HR automation will be a great start to improving your internal procedures.

Well, this is a tricky question. Modern robots can't handle HR process automation right now, but in the future, with the development of artificial intelligence, they’ll probably work better. Now, the best way to automate human resource processes is using airSlate. Create an account and try it on your own or enroll in the specialized course by the airSlate Academy.

airSlate allows you more than templates for building human resource process Flows. Using this tool, you can customize each and every step in your workflows. You can choose names, titles, create personalized emails, automatically assign roles for processing requests, and much more. Consider enrolling in the HR process automation course by the airSlate Academy to become a pro in this sphere.

The most challenging part of every optimization procedure is the prioritization of workflows that must be automated. You need to dive into details and figure out how everything works, what bottlenecks you have, and what the most time-consuming tasks are. It's easier to do after completing a specialized course about human resources automation in the airSlate Academy. There, you'll learn how to automate the HR process efficiently. After that, you can start accelerating all repetitive and monotonous duties. With our solution, automation is accessible by anyone.