Workflow Automation for Operations

Discover the power of automation to revolutionize your business operations. Unlock the potential of streamlined, efficient processes that save time and money. From report generation to software request approvals, learn how to make your operations transparent and fast.
Workflow Automation for Operations

About this program:

This certification program is aimed at anyone working in operations looking to streamline and enhance their daily workflows. The program provides a detailed overview of airSlate WorkFlow basics and presents typical use cases for operations departments.

By the end of the program, you will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to create automated workflows that increase efficiency and reduce stress for your operations team.

What you will learn

  • How to get started with document automation with airSlate WorkFlow
  • How to set up a fully automated document workflow for operations departments
  • What no-code bots are and how to use them for operations document-based processes
  • The most popular no-code bots for operations workflows and their step-by-step configuration process

Program structure:

airSlate WorkFlow 101

airSlate WorkFlow 101

Are you ready to change the way you handle paperwork? Discover how to automate document workflows within one platform and keep things running smoothly.

50 minutes
Automating IT Requests and Approvals

Automating IT Requests and Approvals

Handling approval processes can consume multiple working hours. Sound familiar? Discover how to make your approval process more flexible, transparent, and accurate without writing a single line of code.

30 minutes
Automating Incident Reporting

Automating Incident Reporting

‘Safety first’ should be the motto of every employer. Get to know how to quickly and efficiently respond to work-related incidents, maintain a safe environment at your place of work, and prevent incidents from recurring.

30 minutes
Pre-fill from Google Sheets

Pre-fill from Google Sheets

Looking for the best way to keep important calculations and numbers from spreadsheets at hand? Learn how to automate the process of populating your document workflows with any information from Google Sheets without manual input or risk of error.

15 minutes
Export to Google Sheets

Export to Google Sheets

Do you find errors or typos when pulling large amounts of data into spreadsheets? Learn how to completely get rid of any mistakes that occur in spreadsheets while automatically populating Google Sheets with data from your documents.

15 minutes
Pre-fill from Doc to Doc

Pre-fill from Doc to Doc

How much time do you spend copying information from one document to another? Learn how to automatically route data between multiple documents to save time and eliminate the hassle of completing high-priority tasks on a deadline.

15 minutes
Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive

Still worrying about your critical documents being safely and properly stored in your cloud services? Run organized and consistent document workflows by automatically archiving completed documents to the Google Drive folders of your choice.

15 minutes
Email on Documents Completion

Email on Documents Completion

Are you looking to track when exactly your documents are completed and where they will go next? Stay on top of your documents’ completion by receiving automatic emails with completed documents attached.

15 minutes
Remind Recipients to Complete Documents

Remind Recipients to Complete Documents

How often do your customers or colleagues forget about or misplace documents? Relieve yourself from ever having to track down documents or deal with sending overdue reminders to recipients.

15 minutes

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The best business automation software for operations management

It's not enough to have a great idea and budget for its realization to build a successful company. Growth is accompanied by a massive amount of processes in areas like marketing, human resources, and operations management.

What is operations management?

Operations management's primary purpose is to control production methods and business operations for achieving the best results. In other words, operations managers strive to build the most efficient processes possible. However, this doesn’t only include the manufacturing of goods and optimizing production lines but also includes the simplifying all work-related steps.

By implementing business automation into your operations workflows, you can take your organization to a higher level of efficiency.

Why organizations adopt business automation software to improve their operations management

What are the typical responsibilities of an operations manager when the automation of business processes is taken out of the picture?

  • Look for ways to improve existing processes
  • Evaluate and plan how staff uses inventory
  • Control legal compliance within an organization's processes
  • Increase profitability by examining financial data and managing budgets

A manager's responsibilities are full of time-consuming tasks. All of them require communication with people, collecting feedback and additional information, and transferring data between various cloud storage services.

Luckily, business process automation software is capable of taking all of the mundane, routine work. Systems can process data much better than people, so why not let them do it? They don't get sick, tired, and don't need to take the kids to school, visit the dentist, or go on holidays. Let’s take a closer look at what the automation of business can look like with the right software:

  1. Streamlined document processing. All information inserted into form fields will be mapped and routed to corresponding fields in different form fields making the process of filling out and processing documents much faster.
  2. Accelerated data collection. Business automation solutions are designed to make collecting information from recipients easy, even including tools for sending automated reminders.
  3. Eliminated human errors. When software controls the pushing and pulling of data it eliminates a majority of document errors as long as the data was entered correctly the first time.
  4. Improved analytics. Dashboards are extremely helpful in helping operations managers make smart business decisions by offering up-to-date analytics in real time.
  5. Enhanced document management. If your BPA software is set up correctly, you should be able to manage documents much easier than before, as all form types can be configured to be stored in the appropriate folders automatically.
  6. Optimized work hours. A system can be set to operate 24/7 without breaks or vacations, allowing you to keep your man hours used on higher-value activities.

What is the best business process automation software?

There are three types of business automation technologies: code, low-code, and co-code. The first two types require you to hire IT specialists to build new software for you or to customize your existing software. In any case, both require a significant amount of money and energy.

No-code automation is the way of the future for business process automation. It doesn't require you to be an IT specialist or hire an entire department of developers; you can become an automation architect on your own with the help of airSlate. All the tools are available right from your preferred web browser: open the airSlate website, sign in to your account, and start implementing automation in your business and eliminating tedious processes.

Naturally, it's hard to become a professional in the sphere of business automation. The airSlate Academy is a free environment for learning about business process automation. Enroll in the Operations course and learn how to implement and enhance automation in any business process. Enroll today to start automating the routine!

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Business processes automation is the automation of complex business processes, primarily connected to data routing or storing activities. Nowadays, business automation technologies allow people to switch from manual work to automated work via software robots. As a result, they streamline workflows and increase company effectiveness.

Business automation helps improve accountability, enhance collaboration, and decrease the risk of human error. In addition, workflow schemes and conditional logic allow you to avoid bottlenecks and get rid of unnecessary steps. The automation of each business process can significantly increase the efficiency of your business and help you benefit faster than ever.

Business automation means using less human work and delegating tedious tasks to specialized business automation software. Transfer data between multiple systems of record, send reminders or notifications, collect required information, and do many other time-consuming tasks automatically, 24/7. Business automation systems do all the mundane work for you.

Organizations that want to grow and increase their efficiency are interested in implementing business automation software into their workflows. Business automation frees you from routine and allows employees to focus on things that really matter instead of going back and forth between multiple services and dealing with mountains of paperwork. Business automation solutions like airSlate offer software robots for doing everything from automating and integrating.

Most business software solutions offer primitive automation, usually for very simple processes. In general, they do very little for improving performance. However, comprehensive solutions (business automation software) are becoming more and more popular. Take a look at airSlate, it is the BPA tool that replaces all others. This business process automation software combines multiple tools for building web forms, negotiating on contracts, creating legally-binding eSignatures, and so on. In short, it automates the entire document lifecycle so that you can switch to more creative tasks.

It's better to start with learning how automation for business works, the main principles, and what tools you should utilize in different situations. Try enrolling in the airSlate Academy courses. There you'll learn everything mentioned above, explore use cases, and, most importantly, gain business automation skills.

According to market reviews, the best business process automation software is airSlate. It boasts features for complete document lifecycle management starting from the ability to create templates from scratch and forms/surveys for collecting information to being able to request payments and automatically push and pull data from different systems of record. Using software robots called Bots, airSlate can introduce the complete automation of business processes.

Yes. You just need to utilize airSlate. Complete a few business automation courses by the airSlate Academy to get started. There’s no sense in trying to implement other, overviewing business automation solutions that are hard to use. Most require coding, and hiring developers isn't the most cost-efficient idea. Instead, try implementing automation in your business on your own with airSlate.

To get started with business automation, you should select documents that need a concrete workflow. Upload them or generate them right from within airSlate. Then, assign Roles to indicate responsibilities for Flow participants and select Bots – essential business process automation software robots. After that, select conditions for when these Bots must activate. The automation of your business means you can run it on if-this-then-that logic, so that you can focus on more value-driving activities.

Usually, business automation software has specialized libraries with descriptions of its tools and mechanisms called Help Centers. However, airSlate went even further and created the airSlate Academy. Here, you can find many useful courses to help you with automation for your business and gain the skills needed for advanced business automation.