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Document Automation Hub

A comprehensive suite of APIs to automate document workflows
Forms API
Create forms that adapt based on user inputs, pre‑fill fields with backend data, and provide a mobile friendly experience for form completion.
DocGen API
Generate documents from DOCX templates, pre‑fill them with dynamic data of any size using field tags, and add conditional logic.
Flows API
Run automated document processes from your app or website – launch airSlate workflows to transfer data and documents between external systems.
eSignature API
Embed legally‑binding eSignature into your app to send documents for signing, request payments, create fillable templates, and track documents’ status.
PDF Editing API
Embed editing features to allow users to annotate and make edits to PDF documents without leaving your application.
API Integration

Code examples

Document Automation Hub features cover the most crucial processes that help you automate document workflows.
Upload documents
Create new workflow templates
Download documents
Distribute document groups via a link
Create new groups of documents
API documentation
See code examples and review documentation to get started.
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Key benefits

Integrate document workflow automation capabilities into your app or website

Reap the benefits of the airSlate REST API by sharing the core functions of airSlate document workflow automation.
Create new document‑based workflows
Create document groups in existing workflows
Upload PDF documents with fillable fields
Pre‑fill documents with necessary data
Create invite links to complete documents
Download completed documents

airSlate ‒ Design, integrate, and automate entire document workflows

airSlate provides cutting‑edge document automation capabilities to help teams of all sizes.
Automate routing illustration
Work with dynamic web forms and PDFs, generate contracts and docs from DOCX templates using tags. Automate sequential and parallel routing based on real-time data.
Work together illustration
Get data and documents to work together by seamlessly moving them between various cloud environments, databases, CRMs, and ERPs.
Automate entire processes illustration
Grow beyond document collection by automating entire processes before, during, and after your documents are signed ‒ all using a single, unified platform.

Flexible, pay‑as‑you‑go pricing

See your API pricing plans and options.
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Developer-friendly API for powerful document workflows

Intelligent business processes
Improve work with documents by connecting your app, website, or CRM with airSlate workflows.
Excellent developer experience
Instead of starting from scratch, access detailed documentation and clear coding examples.
Test for free before purchasing
Perform any available API calls to experience the capabilities in action before selecting your API plan.
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Explore our airSlate Automation Hub

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Workflow Automation

Create web forms or HTML templates, generate documents and run automated document workflows from your app or website.


Embed legally-binding eSignature into your app to send documents for signing, request payments, create fillable templates, and track documents’ status.

PDF & Document Editing

Allow users to make edits to PDF documents without leaving your application. Merge and split documents, convert PDF files to other formats, password-protect and export PDF forms online.

Enterprise‑grade security and compliance

airSlate is committed to protecting your sensitive information by complying with global industry‑leading security standards.
Security overview
GDPR compliance
Regulates the use and storage of personal data belonging to EU residents.
SOC 2 Type II Certified
Identifies organizational controls that secure your data & the privacy of your clients.
PCI DSS certification
Safeguards credit/debit card data during the payment process.
FERPA readiness
Protects the privacy of student records maintained by an educational institution.
HIPAA readiness
Protects the processing of your patients’ private health information.
CCPA compliant
Enhances the protection and privacy of personal data for California residents.

Trusted by forward-thinking companies around the world

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“The flexibility of airSlate allowed us to design a workflow that works for us. The automation built into airSlate helped us remove many manual steps in our old process.“
Anthony Matero
Operations at T2 Biosystems
“What we’re able to do with these fillable forms by pdfFiller is to standardize so that we have a method of organizing information and making sure that we get all the necessary information upfront.“
Eric Duncan
Dealer at Carolina Office Systems
“airSlate has been a great addition to our business! It integrates well with SalesForce allowing our team to seamlessly get custom documents ready for signatures within our SalesForce record!“
Michael Moore
Insurance Advisor

Solve any business process puzzle with airSlate API, a workflow automation solution

For many organizations, legacy systems are at the core of their tech infrastructure. However, maintaining and operating them is often steeply priced and requires valuable engineering effort. So how can companies stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital world and build workable business process workflows without overspending? The answer is API.

What is an API for workflow automation, and how can your business benefit from it?

With the proper API for business process management, companies can make routine document-based processes more streamlined and organized by effortlessly integrating new capabilities into their existing apps, websites, and systems of record. If you’re still shopping for one, consider choosing the airSlate API.

At airSlate, we empower companies of any size to automate document creation, approval, and distribution to reduce the human factor in critical processes, save time, and improve accuracy. Let’s put all the advantages of the airSlate API, a workflow API, under the magnifying glass and examine them more closely:

Human capital investment that pays off

Let your employees concentrate on tasks that drive innovation, foster creativity, and ultimately increase revenue instead of struggling with stagnant legacy systems or error-prone routine processes.

Resource-efficient implementation and deployment

Implement our business workflow API solution without hurting your company’s budget or slowing down your crucial business processes.

Minimized possibility of errors

Create repeatable processes without the need for continuous human interaction. Doing so will enable your team to unify your company’s data, make it consistent across departments, and less prone to errors.

Increased compliance and fewer security threads

Protect your company’s and your customer’s data by implementing an API management workflow solution that complies with regional and international security regulations and privacy laws.

Get started with the airSlate API and tame any business process workflow complexity

Today, organizations generate, process, and collect more data than ever. Moreover, the number of sources that data come from is growing steadily. By integrating our API workflow automation solution, you’ll gain more possibilities to keep pace with ever-evolving digital environments and control your data and document management. With the airSlate API, you get all it takes to create a flawless user experience in your application with сustomizable and scalable document workflows. From advanced document generation and web form creation to eSignature solutions and conditional workflows—improve and automate your document approval and data collection processes across all touchpoints.

We understand that implementing our business workflow API solution is not a simple, overnight process. In addition to the work you’ll need to get it going, you must effectively communicate its benefits to your employees. airSlate provides all the resources you need to make onboarding and deploying our data integration tools as frictionless as possible. You can navigate our searchable documentation with clear and structured information, which is regularly updated so that your developers can always be up to speed with recent functionality changes and updates. Also, you can get in touch with our dedicated support team or talk to our solution engineers if you would like to request specific features or require extra assistance.

Implementing our API workflow automation solution will ultimately result in a three-fold win: your company will save money and resources, employees will increase their efficiency, and your customers and partners will get a smooth, safe, and innovative experience interacting with your documents.

Try the airSlate API now and gain an extra competitive advantage on the market!

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