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Key benefits

Integrate document workflow automation capabilities into your app or website

Reap the benefits of the airSlate REST API by sharing the core functions of airSlate document workflow automation.
Create new document‑based workflows
Create document groups in existing workflows
Upload PDF documents with fillable fields
Pre‑fill documents with necessary data
Create invite links to complete documents
Download completed documents

airSlate ‒ Design, integrate, and automate entire document workflows

airSlate provides cutting‑edge document automation capabilities to help teams of all sizes.
Automate routing illustration
Work with dynamic web forms and PDFs, generate contracts and docs from DOCX templates using tags. Automate sequential and parallel routing based on real-time data.
Work together illustration
Get data and documents to work together by seamlessly moving them between various cloud environments, databases, CRMs, and ERPs.
Automate entire processes illustration
Grow beyond document collection by automating entire processes before, during, and after your documents are signed ‒ all using a single, unified platform.

Flexible, pay‑as‑you‑go pricing

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Developer-friendly API for powerful document workflows

Intelligent business processes
Improve work with documents by connecting your app, website, or CRM with airSlate workflows.
Excellent developer experience
Instead of starting from scratch, access detailed documentation and clear coding examples.
Test for free before purchasing
Perform any airSlate API calls to experience the capabilities in action before selecting your API plan.
Developer-friendly API illustration

Ready to get started?

It’s time to give the airSlate API a try. Contact our Sales team to start setting up the API for your document workflow automation.
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Create an Organization illustration
Generate your access token illustration
Set up a Template in airSlate illustration
Distribute your documents illustration

Kickstart your API integration in a few steps

Step 1
Get your airSlate account
Sign up for an airSlate account and start accessing all the document workflow automation features and capabilities the platform has to offer.
Step 2
Create an Organization
An Organization is a workspace where you can add groups of documents, set up and automate document workflows, and invite others to collaborate. Customize your airSlate organization by adding your company name and branding elements.
Step 3
Generate your access token
Obtain your client credentials from your personal airSlate API Dashboard. Then, generate your access token by following the API documentation.
Step 4
Set up a Template in airSlate
A Template is a repeatable workflow that contains document groups required in your business process. Using airSlate, you can assign recipients, set signing steps and access permissions for each document, and set up Bots to automate repeatable tasks.
Step 5
Distribute your documents
Share your document groups with recipients. Send a document link via messengers, emails, or embed it on your website. Users will be able to follow it and start completing the documents in your automated workflow.
API Integration

Code examples

airSlate API features cover the most crucial processes that help you automate document workflows.
Upload documents
Create new workflow templates
Download documents
Distribute document groups via a link
Create new groups of documents
airSlate API documentation
See code examples and review airSlate API documentation to get started.
Read documentation
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Trusted by forward-thinking companies around the world

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“The flexibility of airSlate allowed us to design a workflow that works for us. The automation built into airSlate helped us remove many manual steps in our old process.“
Anthony Matero
Operations at T2 Biosystems
“What we’re able to do with these fillable forms by pdfFiller is to standardize so that we have a method of organizing information and making sure that we get all the necessary information upfront.“
Eric Duncan
Dealer at Carolina Office Systems
“airSlate has been a great addition to our business! It integrates well with SalesForce allowing our team to seamlessly get custom documents ready for signatures within our SalesForce record!“
Michael Moore
Insurance Advisor

Things just got easier: a visual representation of your workflow

Even no‑code automation can be confusing, especially if you haven’t used it before. Bots, routing documents, mapping fields, etc. The whole process should run like clockwork, but the lack of visual representation of your workflow often leads to a lot of errors that make the process harder than it has to be.

Automating multi‑step processes just got more comfortable than ever with the new airSlate Drag and Drop Flow Creator. In fact, this is an updated and easy‑to‑use interface that allows you to build a Flow simply by dragging and dropping airSlate elements, modifying steps and managing roles. Let’s check out process visualization and all the benefits it has to offer.

What can you get from the Drag and Drop Flow Creator?

airSlate makes workflow automation easier and more accessible to companies of all sizes. Each new feature and tool helps users jump into automatization, and avoid the traditional obstacles and hassles along the way. The Drag and Drop Flow Creator is no exception. The updated Flow creator provides you with process visualization and helps you turn your operations into a smooth workflow faster and easier than ever.

Visual interface

The user‑friendly Flow creator allows you to build processes step by step by dragging and dropping airSlate elements. Visualize processes to find and remove bottlenecks, combine review stages, and understand your workflow in a diagram format.

Expanded settings

Create a flexible workflow with ease. Set up unique conditions for each Step and navigate documents between recipients without human intervention. A Slate’s route depends on what conditions are met. This allows you to set up a Step with conditions that save you from making a new workflow for each new condition. Simply put, you can create a comprehensive Flow that adapts to any case according to the prescribed algorithm.

Parallel document sharing

The parallel sending function enables the transfer of a Slate between multiple recipients for filling. Set up the workflow once and enjoy how easily the process can be adjusted to all scenarios. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a document to one person or several.

How to visualize a process with airSlate

The system is built on two main elements: Steps and Branches. They can be dragged and swapped as you see fit. To do this, simply select one of the items in the left menu and click on it. Customize every step, add a name and role with assigned fields so that every stage of your workflow is straightforward and clear. If you need to set up the parallel sending of documents, choose Branches. This stage consists of several steps that are executed in parallel or selectively. For example, based on the information filled in by the first recipient, a document can be sent to the correct manager without any additional human intervention.

Assign a recipient to each Step with fields and conditions. In the end, take a look at the visual presentation, and if everything looks alright, proceed to Bot setup. At any time, you can change the algorithm and reconfigure your Flow. Make sure to pay attention to every Step’s conditions you add to a Branch. Conditions must apply to both roles in a Branch. Otherwise, immediately after one of the roles fills out a Slate, it’ll pass to the next stage while closing access for another recipient coming from a different Branch.

Enjoy workflow automation with airSlate. Get access to fast, easy‑to‑use, and professional tools. Build a simple and understandable algorithm‑based mind map. Create transparent and clear processes that are fully automated with airSlate. Get started today!

Ready to get started?

It’s time to give the airSlate API a try. Contact our Sales team to start setting up the API for your document workflow automation.
Create a sandbox