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The Create Slate Bot creates a new Slate when certain conditions are met.

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The Create Slate Bot creates a new Slate when certain conditions are met.

Try automation, it’s free!

App Info

Bot author airSlate Inc.
When to install Install the Create Slate Bot when you need to automate the process of creating new Slates. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically create a sales proposal once a sales form has been completed by a customer.
What the Bot does Creates a new Slate within a single Flow.
setup duration on average 5-10 min.
Works on Pre-fill

How to set it up

Outcome: Based on the conditions you’ve set, a new Slate will be automatically created in a Flow.

Commonly used conditions for when the Bot acts

  • When the date is equal to a specific month or day of the week


To install the Create slate bot, begin by setting up a Flow

Try automation, it’s free!


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Install the Create slate bot to automate workflows

airSlate’s document workflow automation system Bot and its benefits

Document workflow automation is the latest and most advanced tool for digitizing and streamlining business processes. It gives users many diverse options for efficient application and leads to significant time and cost savings. With the help of configurable Bots, users can easily eliminate manual repetitive tasks improving the entire business process.

Imagine you have to submit a yearly report to your supervisor. You can configure a Bot that will create a new form automatically. This will give you the opportunity to focus more on content, rather than on design. For your convenience, you can set the condition for when the Bot will act. Set other Bots to automate your entire workflow. There is no need to create a document flow or separate documents manually. airSlate does all of that for you.

Configuration of this Bot will lead to the following advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced consistency
  • Reduced form cycle time
  • Less human errors

You can apply this Bot in Accounting, HR, PR, or any other department in your organization that handles forms on a regular basis. You can also use it externally for cooperation with customers and partners. As a robust and full-featured document management and workflow automation platform, airSlate will help your business growth and customer retention.

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