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The Pre-fill with Custom Data Bot pre-populates Slate documents with manually entered data when certain conditions are met.

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The Pre-fill with Custom Data Bot pre-populates Slate documents with manually entered data when certain conditions are met.

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App Info

Bot author airSlate Inc.
When to install Install the Pre-fill with Custom Data Bot when you need to automate the process of populating Slate documents with custom data that you enter when setting up the Bot. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically pre-fill invoice with manually entered details such as the client's name, reference number and dates for a new deal.
What the Bot does Transfers manually entered data to the specified fields of a Slate document.
setup duration on average 5-10 min.
Works on Pre-fill

How to set it up

Outcome: Based on the conditions you’ve set, the mapped fields of a Slate document will be pre-filled with the custom data you’ve specified.

Commonly used conditions for when the Bot acts

  • When specific fields in a Slate document are completed or empty
  • When the date is equal to a specific month or day of the week


To install the Pre-fill with Custom Data Bot, begin by setting up a Flow

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Install the Pre-fill with Custom Data Bot to automate workflows

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Automation software is phasing out the need for monotonous human labor in an effort to spur business growth. Today, there is a clear upward trend in the deployment of automation solutions. Every company is looking to stay relevant and get ahead of their competition.

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Users need only take a few minutes to configure a seamless information transfer from their CRMs and spreadsheets into various documents and vice versa, using these Bots.

For example, the Custom Field's Value Bot can be configured to automatically add your custom data into the fields of a document you’ve specified.

Thanks to this Bot, recipients can complete your document with their data faster and more accurately.

The Bot clearly displays a value of a custom field leaving little chance for any type of critical business errors.

The Custom Field's Value Bot simplifies contracting and streamlines sales transactions and legal processes. Regardless of whether you run a business or chair an NGO, this Bot will help you optimize any workflow.

Get custom field value advantages:

  • Improve the consistency of your processes
  • Enhance data accuracy
  • Eliminate having to complete documents manually
  • Reduce any chance of human error

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