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The Export to MS Dynamics 365 Bot uploads Flow documents to an MS Dynamics 365 record when certain conditions are met.
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What the Bot does
Uploads a Flow document to the specified MS Dynamics 365 entity.
When to use
Install the Export to MS Dynamics 365 Bot when you need to automate the process of adding Notes to the MS Dynamics record of your choice. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically save a new order form to the Notes tab in an MS Dynamics 365 Opportunity entity.
  • Author airSlate Inc.
  • Setup duration 5-10 min.
  • Used in 76 Templates
  • Used in 30 Workspaces
  • Installed 382 times in the last 30 days
  • 100% success rate
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Get your automated workflows up and running in minutes with the Export to MS Dynamics 365. No coding required.

Map fields in a document with data in your system of record
Configure Bot settings
First, connect to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account. Once connected, pick the entity or table for your export. Select the document fields you’ll be using to pull data from and connect them to the relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 records.
Note: To install and configure Bots, start by creating a workflow.
Add multiple conditions and tell the Bot to run when all or some of them are executed
Add conditions for when the Bot should run
Define what will trigger the Bot to act. These can be a specific date, document data, user roles, email, or name. E.g., select document fields and tell the Bot to export the data when these fields have been filled out.
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View the Bots log or use tags to check if the Bot ran successfully
Get your data exported in seconds
Once the Bot is configured, share your document with anyone who needs to sign and complete it. Based on the conditions you’ve set, the data will be transferred to the selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 table or entity.
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Install the Export to MS Dynamics 365
to automate your document workflows

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Export to MS Dynamics 365 seamlessly from airSlate

In this era of global digitalization, you may have difficulty finding a company that has yet to employ automation software. Nowadays, companies are investing in software integrations with other platforms, such as CRMs, ERPs, SQLs, GoogleDrive, etc.

The MS Dynamics 365 Bot (as an example of ERP and CRM aggregation) focuses mainly on customer service improvement. However, in combination with airSlate as a workflow automation service, users can enhance internal processes to achieve more.

Integrating airSlate with MS Dynamics 365 like this would have an immense effect on your business, regardless if it’s applied internally between different departments, or externally between separate companies.

Let’s consider how it works.

Presumably, your company intends to upgrade its most popular product.

Let's say you made a survey among customers using a web form.

Additionally, you would like to import data to Dynamics 365 in order for the Support unit to measure and track the level of customer satisfaction related to the enhancements.

This is easily achievable via a configurable Bot that will automatically export data from a document in airSlate and transfer it to an MS Dynamics 365 record.

The benefits of deploying Bots are:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-saving
  • Seamless data transfers
  • Zero human error

For more details on how to import new data to Dynamics 365 with measurable benefits to your business, sign up for a free one-month trial and experience the benefits for yourself.