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Below is a list of Bots that are best suited for Content Management. Select the Bot you need to automate specific actions within your Content Management workflow.

Some Bots might not be available yet. If you need them now, please contact us, and we'll help you find an alternative or create the Bot you need in a couple of days.

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Your Content Management work will be easier with airSlate automation Bots

Those who work in Content Management know how challenging it is to keep track of all the documentation, information, and planning. Many processes may concern manual work that does not involve problem-solving but cannot be avoided. On the other hand, business in communications cannot run without multiple routine processes. Updating plans, systemizing content plans, giving notifications, and collecting briefs are a natural part of quality Content Management business. The more efficient such routines are, the easier it is for the team to deliver outstanding results.

Get your hands-free document workflow automation

Talents are central for Content Management. People in marketing jobs are valued for creativity and problem-solving skills, but the scope of their tasks still largely consists of repetitive tasks. You can solve the resource optimization problem with the help of document management automation by airSlate. All it takes is finding the right document workflow management solution that will help to dedicate more time to your staff, which requires thinking and creativity. Just spot the process or a task you want to optimize and find the right document workflow automation Bot to do it for you.

How to introduce workflow automation to processes in Content Management

Every airSlate user can install and run document workflow software Bots with no coding involved. Follow these simple steps:

  • Add all the necessary files to your workflow document template and adjust its Steps.
  • Go to the Bots tab and use the search field to find the right type of automation. All the Bots are named like the ask they do.
  • Click Install Bot and proceed to its configuration.
  • Follow the interface tips to configure your ‘if-this-then-that’ conditions for the Bot to act.
  • If needed, set the additional conditions of Bot execution.
  • When done with settings, click Apply setup to run the Bot.

You and your team will significantly improve efficiency once you incorporate document management and workflow automation into your routines. Make outstanding campaigns focusing on complex tasks while airSlate Bots do the rest.