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Get more done in less time with Bots for ERP

When it comes to customer relations and services, it’s always about a mishmash of documents and massive data scattered around multiple CRMs and document workflow software. In order to piece them together while staying on budget, companies and organizations resort to manual business processes that are vulnerable to data breaches and prone to errors. As a result, they risk undermining relationships with customers and violating compliance and data security rules. So why not turn to industry-compliant technologies to perform at least part of these never-ending routines and tasks and organize the chaos?

Even though there’s an abundance of workflow automation solutions on the market, not all of them are powerful enough to orchestrate and automate such data-heavy processes.

Enhance your workflow functionality with the airSlate automation Bot for ERP

airSlate, a no-code business automation solution, is designed to give you more flexibility and control over your projects and deadlines. One of the biggest wins of implementing airSlate into your day-to-day processes is the ability to integrate with other third-party solutions without writing a single line of code. And Bot for ERP is one of them. With our Bot, you can leverage the best document management and workflow automation functionality to deliver repeatable and auditable work. The “if-this-then-that” logic behind the Bot lets you fine-tune and run it the way you want it. You won’t need to jump between airSlate and Bot for ERP - everything can be configured from a single spot. As a result, you’ll get the following:

  • More efficiency and the ability to save manual effort.
  • Consistency and uniformity throughout your organization.
  • The possibility of establishing a single source of truth.

Our document workflow automation tools will spare you from the need to handle routine processes and help you concentrate on what matters the most in the industry - building trust and winning the loyalty of your customers.

Give automation Bot for ERP a try and make grappling with time-consuming and inefficient processes a thing of the past!