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Make your workspace more effective with automation bots for Office

Companies can run their regular business processes in two ways: drown in papers and complete tasks manually like in the bygone days or keep up with the times with document management automation and other software solutions connected within a single network. Unsurprisingly, most businesses choose the second option to stay competitive in the market.

Today there’s a great deal of document workflow software that can integrate with Office solutions, so choosing the one that perfectly suits your use case usually takes time and effort. airSlate is an all-in-one workflow automation platform for companies of all sizes and market segments with rich and straightforward functionality and a security level that never calls into question.

Unlike many other tools, airSlate uses no-code RPA technology to automate repetitive business tasks, from generating and pre-filling forms to creating events in the calendar, sending notifications, and exporting completed paperwork to third-party databases. It means that airSlate automation bots for Office run your workflows behind the scenes without any coding or extra intervention from your side.

What makes airSlate bots perfect for Office solutions

airSlate automation bots for Office win in many aspects when compared to other software solutions, as they:

  • are fully programmed for a particular task and don’t require any special skills to be installed
  • are fast and easy to configure when added to a workflow document template
  • provide accurate and errorless document workflow management
  • run your recurring tasks round the clock without any human intervention
  • boost teams’ productivity and improve customer experience and employee satisfaction.

It’s easy to make your workspace work as a perfect mechanism when your delegate your routine to airSlate document management and workflow automation tools. Check the automation bots for Office in our catalog and find out how to set them up on our free training platform. Take steps towards digital transformation and business efficiency with airSlate!