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airSlate bots for improving document workflows in Staffing Services

The role of the human resources department in a company is huge, as it not only recruits personnel but also builds teams, creates sufficient work conditions for them, administers their benefit programs, etc. Thus, it's no wonder it seems to be the most overwhelmed with the paperwork department. Workflow automation eliminates the hassles of manual work in document creation, processing, and management and delivers the Staffing Services operations at the highest level.

There’s a great deal of document workflow software for Staffing Services on the market, and companies often use several applications to cover the department’s needs. But what about using one tool instead? airSlate has everything you need to automate repetitive tasks and improve document workflow management. It’s an all-in-one platform that combines solutions for effective document management automation:

  • form generation tool and PDF editor;
  • legally-binding eSignature solution;
  • no-code automation bots.

The benefits of airSlate workflow automation for Staffing Services

Preparing endless paperwork manually takes too much time and often results in errors. airSlate transforms routine tasks into automated and efficient processes, allowing the Staffing Services managers to spend more time on people than papers. With its automation bots, you can pre-fill forms with information from databases or previously completed documents, instantly collect eSigned applications, rename the completed paperwork, and many more.

Here are some examples of how Staffing Services professionals can benefit from airSlate bots:

  • speed up hiring and streamline onboarding processes;
  • collect surveys and feedback forms within minutes;
  • accelerate all administrative operations;
  • track and analyze all workflows in real-time;
  • increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Implementing robotic process automation is not about substituting people with robots. It's about delegating routine tasks to professional document workflow software and leading day-to-day business activities to perfection. Explore the whole list of airSlate automation bots and learn how to use them properly by joining the airSlate Academy free courses.