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Supply Chain & Logistics workflow automation made easy with airSlate no-code Bots

Paperwork is the lifeblood of any Supply Chain & Logistics organization. The traditional method of approving, executing, and negotiating documents is often expensive and, as a rule, inefficient, especially when dealing with supply chains that go beyond state borders. Replacing a manual inconsistent paper-based way of working with documents with a streamlined automation solution can significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

airSlate is a lifesaver when it comes to handling and automating document-based processes. It’s a no-code cloud-based solution that features a huge variety of automation Bots designed to make document workflow automation in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry smooth and affordable. The most exciting part about using our Bots is that you’re not required to know how to code to set them up. You can configure every aspect of your document management automation using intuitive and self-explanatory setup settings.

Discover the benefits of using Bots for Supply Chain & Logistics

Of course, our Bots for Supply Chain & Logistics can’t entirely replace human input as such. But they can bring a lot to the table and, most importantly, cut down the time you’d otherwise need to spend on routine tasks to process and handle information. Apart from that, the Bots are set up to:

  • Make document management and workflow automation more affordable and accessible to different industries
  • More efficiently organize and track document and data movement
  • Route and store data in a secure and encrypted environment
  • Keep every aspect of document management compliant with Supply Chain & Logistics regulations

At airSlate, we also ensure your very first acquaintance with Bots is stress-free and smooth. You can take advantage of our numerous guides, video tutorials, and even insightful courses that cover every aspect of configuring and running them.

Adopting document workflow automation is the key to Supply Chain & Logistics digital transformation. Start it today together with airSlate!