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The Pre-fill from Litmos Bot pre-populates Slate documents with data from the SAP Litmos record when certain conditions are met.

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The Pre-fill from Litmos Bot pre-populates Slate documents with data from the SAP Litmos record when certain conditions are met.

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App Info

Bot author airSlate Inc.
When to install Install the Pre-fill from Litmos Bot when you need to automate the process of populating Slate documents with data from SAP Litmos records. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically populate an employee performance review form with an employee’s achievements from the Litmos course.
What the Bot does Transfers data from the Litmos record to the specified fields of a Slate document.
setup duration on average 5-10 min.
Works on Pre-fill

How to set it up

Outcome: Based on the conditions you’ve set, the mapped fields of a Slate document will be pre-filled with data from the corresponding fields of the Litmos record.

Commonly used conditions for when the Bot acts

  • When specific fields in a Slate document are completed or empty


To install the Pre-fill from Litmos bot, begin by setting up a Flow

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Install the Pre-fill from Litmos bot to automate workflows

Easily automate the export of Litmos modules to airSlate

In order to streamline business processes and boost performance, businesses often tend to utilize automation solutions. Sometimes, two or more platforms. Now, this often enhances results but at the same time integration can be complicated, expensive and slow. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way.

If you run an e-learning business using Litmos SAP, you can easily integrate airSlate and combine both systems without any difficulties. For instance, a special software robot, Bot, ensures seamless data transfer to airSlate. This comes in handy if you intend to launch a survey that requires customer data from a different software solution. It’s also great if you plan on updating or changing your courses’ content. Often that requires time and attention from several employees and in some cases departments. The integration process is simple. Set the appropriate Bot, apply the conditions and then it links the two platforms and enables the export of Litmos content to airSlate. Yes, it’s that easy.

An integration like this has a number of advantages, notably:

  • Prevention of human errors
  • Faster productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Opportunity to focus on decision-making issues
  • Improved quality

The Bot answers the question of how to get data out of Litmos without human interaction. In doing this your workflows will be more accurate and at the same time automated. Spend less time on routine issues and more time on keeping your customers happy.

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