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Notify MS Teams Contacts on Documents Opening

Accelerate business processes and simplify team collaboration. Avoid issues with document review and signing delays while notifying one teammate or a group in a certain channel with the Notify MS Teams Contacts on Documents Opening Bot.
Try automation, it’s free!
What the Bot does
The Bot notifies your teammates in Microsoft Teams when a document is opened based on the ‘if-this-then-that’ conditions you set.
When to use
Install and configure the Bot to automatically send out notifications to your colleagues in Microsoft Teams when a contract, invoice, or other document is opened.
  • Author airSlate Inc.
  • Setup duration 5-10 min.
  • Used in 31 Templates
  • Used in 26 Workspaces
  • Installed 274 times in the last 30 days
  • 100% success rate
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4.5 out of 5
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Get your automated workflows up and running in minutes with the Notify MS Teams Contacts on Documents Opening . No coding required.

Provide a fully personalized experience using data variables
Configure Bot settings
Connect your Microsoft Teams account. Once connected, select a team and a channel you need. The Bot can send messages to specific Microsoft Teams channels. Then, customize a message for your recipients.
Note: To install and configure Bots, start by creating a workflow.
Add multiple conditions and tell the Bot to run when all or some of them are executed
Add conditions for when the Bot should run
Define what will trigger the Bot to act. These can be a specific date, document data, user roles, email, or name. For example, tell the Bot to send notifications at a particular date and time.
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View the Bots log or use tags to check if the Bot ran successfully
Get your colleagues notified
Once the Bot is configured, share your document with anyone who needs to sign and complete it. Based on the conditions you’ve set, your teammates will automatically receive a push notification when the document is opened.
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Install the Notify MS Teams Contacts on Documents Opening
to automate your document workflows

Learn more in this Bot’s airSlate Academy course

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Keep partners up-to-date with real-time data using the Microsoft Teams Opening Notification Bot

Now, more than ever, there’s a need to automate business processes to stay competitive on the market. The statistics show that companies who’ve already taken the leap towards workflow automation in the past, more easily consider adding additional automation tools now. For example, a successful experience using a CRM system can encourage a company to upgrade and use an ERP system.

The automation of business processes is completed via microprograms, at airSlate, we call them Bots. By configuring a microprogram users can save a lot of time and resources when it comes to doing repetitive tasks. airSlate Bots are grouped into two categories:

Integration Bots: connect platforms together and create a path for seamless data transfer.

For example, talking about the MS Teams Notification upon Opening Bot, it sends messages, including email opening notification in Microsoft Teams once users open a Flow in airSlate. To configure it, open notification panel, select it from the Bots list and set its conditions. Simply spend 10 minutes configuring the Bot to save hours of usually labor-intensive programming work.

A great use case for the airSlate microprogram would be connecting two or three different departments together allowing them to seamlessly move and update data in real time between each other.

Microsoft Teams is often used as an internal communications channel.

More often than not, it’s more convenient than emails because there’s no need to switch between windows to see updates.

Once the Bot is configured and set up correctly, you and your recipients will get automatic email notifications telling each other when Flows and/or emails are opened.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a workflow that works the way it’s supposed to. Use the technology that already exists to more easily send and receive notifications in Microsoft Teams.