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The Rename Slate Document Bot sets another name to Slate documents when certain conditions are met.

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The Rename Slate Document Bot sets another name to Slate documents when certain conditions are met.

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App Info

Bot author airSlate Inc.
When to install Install the Rename Slate Document Bot when you need to automate the process of renaming Slate documents. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically change an invoice name once it has been paid.
What the Bot does Renames a Slate document by using a custom name or data from the completed fields of a Slate document.
setup duration on average 5-10 min.
Works on Post-fill

How to set it up

Outcome: Based on the conditions you’ve set, the name you’ve created will be automatically assigned to the Slate document.

Commonly used conditions for when the Bot acts

  • When specific fields in a Slate document are completed
  • When a signature field in a Slate document is signed
  • When a recipient with a specific name or role opens a Slate


To install the Rename Slate document Bot, begin by setting up a Flow

Try automation, it’s free!


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Install the Rename Slate document Bot to automate workflows

How to auto rename files with the Rename Slate Document Bot

Automation technologies are of key importance in determining a company’s success into the future. airSlate’s workflow automation software provides ready-to-use Bots that transform manual routine processes into automatically completed tasks. For instance, specific software robots have been created so as not to interrupt a workflow to rename a document.

The main function of this Bot is to change the name of a document in a Slate using data from filled-in fields. Note that before installing this Bot you will need to create a Flow. Both Bot execution conditions and Advanced settings are optional. However, they can be rather useful when need be. For instance, you can create a tag to find a particular Slate. Simply set the Bot’s range of usage (only once or after each Revision) or choose what will happen to a Slate Revision if the Bot fails.

Automatically rename your files to get the following benefits:

Once the conditions you’ve selected have been met, a new name will be automatically assigned to the Slate file.

Searching for documents will now be more convenient with a better search format.

From now on, the question of how to rename files automatically will no longer arise. With the help of airSlate’s specialized robot, the entire process is Bot-controlled, allowing you to refocus your time on high priority tasks. Take advantage of airSlate’s workflow automation free of charge.

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