Export to Smartsheet Bot

The Export to Smartsheet Bot exports filled-in data from Slate documents to a Smartsheet when certain conditions are met.
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What the Bot does
Transfers data from the completed fields in a Slate document to the corresponding columns of a sheet in a Smartsheet.
When to use
Install the Export to Smartsheet Bot when you need to automate data transfers from the Slate documents to Smartsheet. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically export data from the completed Scope of Work to the construction project specification sheet in a Smartsheet.
  • Author airSlate Inc.
  • Setup duration on average 5-10 min.
  • Used in 53 Flows
  • Used in 30 Workspaces
  • Installed 348 times in the last 30 days
  • 99% success rate

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Map fields in a document with data in your system of record
Configure Bot settings
First, connect to your Smartsheet account. Once connected, pick the entity or table for your export. Select the document fields you’ll be using to pull data from and connect them to the relevant Smartsheet records.
Note: To install and configure Bots, start by creating a workflow.
Add multiple conditions and tell the Bot to run when all or some of them are executed
Add conditions for when the Bot should run
Define what will trigger the Bot to act. These can be a specific date, document data, user roles, email, or name. E.g., select document fields and tell the Bot to export the data when these fields have been filled out.
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View the Bots log or use tags to check if the Bot ran successfully
Get your data exported in seconds
Once the Bot is configured, share your document with anyone who needs to sign and complete it. Based on the conditions you’ve set, the data will be transferred to the selected Smartsheet table or entity.
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Install the Export to Smartsheet Bot
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Questions & answers

To export any sheet or report from Smartsheet for use in Microsoft Excel, click File > Export > Export to Excel. The exported data may not appear in Excel exactly as it does in Smartsheet.

In Smartsheet, view the project sheet you want to export. Click the Sheet Actions button at the top-left of the toolbox on the left and choose Export. Choose Export to MS Project (XML). You'll be asked whether to open the document or save the file.

To export any sheet or report from Smartsheet for use in Microsoft Excel, click File > Export > Export to Excel. The exported data may not appear in Excel exactly as it does in Smartsheet.

When you want to do thisCopy data within a sheet in Smartsheet or between sheets. You can copy rows, cells, formulas, hyperlinks, and hierarchy. Use either the right-click menu or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste (Command + C and Command + V on a Mac).

While everyone has their personal preference, SmartSheet was a better fit as a lot of our teams already use Excel extensively. SmartSheet is a good project management tool that has an interface similar to Excel. Pros: 1.

Pricing. Smartsheet offers several pricing plans. The Individual plan at $14 per user/month billed annually includes for 10 sheets, some collaboration features, some integrations, forms, but view only dashboards.

Link your Smartsheet data with Excel by using the Live Data Connector.

Link your Smartsheet data with Excel by using the Live Data Connector.

Export from Smartsheet and configure integrations with ease

Historically, business automation required a sizable investment in servers and teams of coders to build and maintain it. This put automation out of reach for smaller companies. Today however, automation is an affordable solution for any business looking to enhance its efficiency.

At present, companies can employ several automation solutions, each with a different focus: flow management, team collaboration, progress tracking, and more. Not every web solution features all-in-one solutions, and that’s where integration becomes necessary. An example of this would be exporting data from Smartsheet to airSlate.

Let’s imagine that your company is using Smartsheet and wants to implement airSlate automation. There is no need to import all data to airSlate as it's fully compatible with other platforms. Simply bind the data you need to import and enable airSlate’s seamless data transfers from one source to another. For example, let's say you need to make a mass customer email delivery. You can create a message in airSlate and configure a Bot to fill the form from Smartsheet. In doing so, both systems are easily utilized with Bot automation.

This type of automation is ideal for internal workflow tasks and a variety of business use cases. It is especially efficient when collaborating with partners and vendors on a common project.

Let’s consider the benefits of automation:

  • Zero cost of labor
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiency and profitability
  • No human-errors
  • Allows you to focus on decision-making and higher priority tasks

As more companies transition to an automated workflow, the advantages of integrating with external systems begin to multiply. By simply configuring a Bot to export from Smartsheet, the initial costs associated with automation software are offset by the significant savings automation delivers within the first couple months.

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