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What is the purpose of airSlate access control Bots?
Once you establish an efficient document approval cycle, it is essential to ensure that responsible parties can access your documents. airSlate access control Bots not only help you protect your documents from external access. They allow you to enable/disable specific permissions to view or edit documents based on your pre-set conditions. Another set of Bots can help you establish access permissions to edit only specific fields in a document.
How to automatically disable document editing permissions
The Lock Documents Editing Bot allows you to disable editing rights after completing a revision or under other conditions. This Bot helps prevent undesignated users from altering the content of finished documents. Users can still view the Flow but cannot modify its content.
The Bot is straightforward to set up — simply add it to the Flow and click Apply setup if you want to limit editing upon the next revision of the document. If you provide additional conditions for restricting access to your Flow, specify these conditions in the Bot execution conditions section. For example, you can set up Bot activation when a specific field in the document is completed, if this field equals a particular value, etc.
How to automatically enable document editing tools
Turn document editing features in the Flow with the Enable Editing Tools Bot on and off. The Bot allows you to select the editing features you want to enable: a toolbar or the ability to manage pages of the documents. Like in other Bots, you can set up one or more conditions that trigger the Bot activation.
How to automatically change a document recipient
Use the Reassign Step Bot to assign a Step in the Flow to new recipients after a delay or according to schedule. The Bot setup takes a few minutes to complete and consists of the following steps:
  1. Select the Step of the Flow that you need to reassign.
  2. Provide the email address of the new recipient.
  3. Customize the text of the message the new recipient will get.
  4. Select whether you want to reassign the Step on delay or schedule.
  5. Specify conditions that will trigger the Bot (optional).
  6. Apply the setup.
As a result, the Bot will reassign the selected Step to a new recipient after a set time delay or according to schedule.
How to automatically block access to a document within a Step
The Set Expiration of Step Assignment Bot enables you to restrict access to documents for recipients within the selected Step on schedule or with a delay. The Bot will hide your document for assignees of a specified Step according to schedule or after a pre-set time delay. This precaution will prevent assignees from completing outdated documents. To set up the Bot, select a Step in the workflow and set an access expiration time. You will also need to specify whether the Bot will block access on schedule or with a delay.
How to automatically make documents visible
If you want to make hidden documents visible for recipients upon set conditions, install the Show Conditional Document Bot. To set up the Bot, you need to select documents you want to give recipients access to and set conditions when access will be activated. You can add more than one document to the list. The Bot automatically manages access to selected documents for people who fulfill your requirements.
How to automatically disable the Discard option
You can also, if needed, prevent recipients from discarding changes made to a document. Set up the Forbid Discarding Changes Bot to hide the Discard option under your pre-set conditions. This and other access control Bots will save you from having to grant and restrict access to each document manually. Access permissions will be updated based on the conditions you will specify.
What are the advantages of airSlate Bots?
airSlate allows you to build efficient document workflows that require minimal human involvement. With airSlate, you can map complex business processes, assign Steps of these processes to responsible parties, and use advanced business automation tools to ensure their completion.
No-code Bots are one of the key elements of airSlate automation. They can take over routine tasks, such as sending notifications, transferring data, and prefilling documents. Businesses that automate those tasks save resources and ensure cheaper and less error-prone document workflows.
You can automate each process in the workflow in just a few minutes without the need to engage technical staff, as airSlate Bot setup doesn't require programming expertise. To guide you through implementation, we have created our Academy — an educational platform with many brief courses designed to help airSlate users streamline their document workflows.