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How do you accelerate processes working with Airtable?
If you need to store a lot of data and keep it organized, Airtable is an excellent solution for this task. Yet, managing tables, keeping them up to date, and transferring data from other sources remains the process that takes a significant amount of person-hours from your team. Beyond being just another monotonous routine, accurately working with tables requires concentration and precision. If you handle this manually, there is a chance of human error, such as typing the wrong charterer or missing a digit in a phone number. airSlate solutions allow making such processes run by themselves due to automation integration with your Airtable platform.
How does Airtable automation integration work?
There are numerous automation options that integrate your Airtable platform with airSlate Bots. If you want a process to run automatically, say, data export or attachment transfer to Airtable, airSlate has Bots for that. You can simplify your data export processes, saving your team a lot of time as no one will have to rewrite or re-enter your valuable data. Export information to documents or vice versa with Bots created for your particular tasks.
What are airSlate automation Bots?
airSlate Bots are software that spare a lot of routine work time. They are integrated with your Airtable account and allow transferring data between Airtable and airSlate both ways. They run with the documents you connect them to and follow the set ’if-this-then-that’ logic. There are five bots to simplify your Airtable workflows:
  • Pre-fill from Airtable automation Bot;
  • Pre-fill dropdown from Airtable automation Bot;
  • Export to Airtable automation Bot;
  • Export attachments to Airtable automation Bot;
  • Export custom values to Airtable automation Bot.
All of these Bots are available in the configurations of your Flow. You can add any to yours in the Bots tab by searching for Airtable integration options.
How do you pre-fill documents from Airtable automatically?
One of the jobs that Bots can do for you is completing documents automatically based on the information added to your Airtable account. After the correct setup, the Bot will fill documents with data from the tables for you. It is a great help if you often need to create contracts, complete reports, or write similar letters. All you need to do is data from the table that the Bot inserts into the rest of the document. To use it, look for Pre-fill from Airtable automation Bot in the configurations, and connect it to your Airtable account. Then, locate the table to pull information from and set the conditions for the bot to run.
How do you pre-fill the drop-down menu from Airtable automatically?
Use your Airtable data to create order forms, inventories, and proposals. Your company can simplify this job with the Pre-fill dropdown from Airtable Bot by airSlate. This Bot creates pre-set documents from data collected from drop-down cells in Airtable, and it will act when a user completes an assigned table, row, or line. Running this bot only requires that you link it to the location in Airtable that collects this data and that you set up your execution conditions.
How do you automate data export from Airtable?
You can also transfer data submitted via airSlate straight to your Airtable tables. First, you should collect and systemize your data from request responses, budgets, sales data, or employee information. With the help of the Export to Airtable automation Bot, all completed info from your forms will go straight to your database. You just need to install it, locate the target table in Airtable, link source form fields to it, and specify conditions for your Bot to run.
How do you automate attachments export from Airtable?
airSlate Bots also help automate the transfer of data files to Airtable. The Export attachments to Airtable Bot will help you keep such files as CVs, invoices, or checks in one place. Run this Bot by linking your document field for attachments with your designated attachment location in Airtable. Note that you should also specify the type of attachment you wish to export.
How do you export custom values to Airtable automatically?
Move custom values from filled documents to tables without resorting to the manual handling of this process. The Export custom values to Airtable Bot integrated with your account will do this task automatically. If you need to collect signing dates or other custom-entered data, find this Bot in settings and configure it for data export. Locate the target table and specify fields in the document to be linked to it. The data will automatically move to the table when a user completes all appropriate fields in the form, or some other trigger activates the Bot.
Does the setup of Airtable automation Bots require coding skills or training?
airSlate is a no-code solution, so users won’t need specific technical skills to configure our Bots. You also do not need an expert to do it, as the airSlate interface is intelligible and easy to grasp. If you are entirely new to airSlate automation solutions, take a course from the airSlate Academy website. You will learn to master the practicalities of automation and can take classes that will teach you how to make the best use of Bots.
Do I have to pay extra to use Airtable automation Bots?
Using Bots does not imply a separate subscription or additional fees. All Bots are available to airSlate users, and you can install as many of them as you need to optimize your workflow. Your account subscription plan will include any Bot you need for your workplace.