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What is the best way to automate MS Dynamics 365 workflows?
MS Dynamics 365 provides ERP, CRM, and productivity business applications to streamline regular Marketing, Sales, and Services workflows. It interacts with other Microsoft products that help automate workflows within its platform or connect it with third-party solutions (like Power Automate or Microsoft Dataverse Connector). However, these are low-code tools.
airSlate makes it possible to do all this without coding. It features a series of no-code bots programmed to complete specific tasks, all of which are ready-to-use software. When correctly set up, they help you effortlessly run particular processes without extra human intervention. For example, you could manage data using the Create MS Dynamics 365 Record Bot or Update MS Dynamics 365 Record Bot, or upload completed documents to the platform with the Export to MS Dynamics 365 Bot.
How to improve Dynamics 365 workflows
Although you may be satisfied with how MS Dynamics deals with your business processes, integrations with airSlate’s workflow automation platform can help you make it work even better. Its no-code RPA enables you to automatically launch into a particular workflow after document completion (the Invoke MS Dynamics 365 Workflow on Completion Bot).
The Bot configuration takes less than 10 minutes. You just add it to a particular workflow template in airSlate, connect your accounts, and provide rules and conditions for the Bot to act. Once users complete your designated form, MS Dynamics 365 will run its process automatically. airSlate also offers robots for editing and eSigning Dynamic 365 forms (Pre-Fill MS Dynamics 365 Record Attachments Bot), for creating new or changing existing records, etc.
How to better transfer documents to MS Dynamics 365
There’s a standard way to upload documents to MS Dynamics — by navigating to Settings → Data Management → Imports and then manually uploading all desired files. The more files you have to add, the more actions you have to take. With airSlate, you just configure in under 10 minutes a no-code Export to MS Dynamics 365 Bot in your workflow template, and you’ll find your forms added to your Dynamics records automatically every time someone completes them.
How to learn to automate MS Dynamics workflow with airSlate bots
You won’t need lengthy instructions to set up and automate processes in your business application with airSlate. Our platform offers a free learning platform for everyone who wants to become a pro in our workflow automation. Enroll in the airSlate Academy and start with fundamental courses. If you take our course, airSlate for MS Dynamics 365, you’ll learn how to operate our Pre-Fill From MS Dynamics 365 Bot. It visually presents all steps for Bot configuration similar to other airSlate Integration Bots for MS Dynamics 365 courses.