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How do I automate in Google Sheets?
Google Sheets is Google’s web-based spreadsheet editor that features an interface and functionality comparable to Microsoft Excel. It’s accessible from a web browser, on iOS and Android devices as a mobile app, and through a desktop application within the Google Chrome OS. The tool enables users to process large arrays of data online in the form of charts and tables, allowing several users to edit the content in real-time. It also performs different repetitive tasks automatically, such as filling out and updating records in tables with minimized human interaction. There are two ways in which to do that:
  • Through creating macros, small programs inside Google Sheets. These are helpful when you need to pre-set a particular action directly into your table that is not otherwise linked with other documents or data from other applications. You configure this type of automation in several steps: open a new spreadsheet, add some data, and then follow the sequence: Tools menu ⇒ Macros ⇒ Record macro ⇒ perform the action you need to automate ⇒ stop recording. Such simple macros reuse the same data or apply the same formatting to different parts of your table in just one click.
  • Through third-party workflow automation platforms, like airSlate. This option is an excellent solution for those who need to transmit entire documents or pieces of data from them across different platforms. airSlate offers ready-made software called Bots to automate actions like auto-filling your spreadsheet cells (Export to Google Sheets Bot) or transferring data from them to airSlate templates (Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot and Pre-fill Dropdowns from Google Sheets Bot).
Can you export to Google Sheets?
Yes, it’s possible to automatically export data from different documents directly to Google Sheets and save time on manual data transfer. airSlate, one of the market-leading document workflow automation platforms, can help you achieve this with a range of ready-to-use Bots, small robotic software tools pre-programmed - without any coding required by the user - to complete a particular task. Depending on what data you want to transmit to a spreadsheet, you can set up the Export to Google Sheets Bot or the Export Custom Values to Google Sheets Bot. Both automatically transfer data from defined fields in your documents to the relative columns in your Google spreadsheet. Using these Bots provides quick and accurate data transfer, so you can be sure that no details get lost or mistakenly entered into the wrong cell of your table.
How do I automatically export data in Google Sheets?
Use airSlate’s Bots to avoid manual entry and set up the automatic transfer of your data. The setup process is straightforward and doesn’t require any coding. When creating a document workflow, click on the Bots icon in the top menu and choose the Export to Google Sheets Bot or the Export Custom Values to Google Sheets Bot from the catalog. Click Install, and you’ll connect airSlate with your Google account. Then follow this sequence: select a spreadsheet on your Google Drive ⇒ choose a required sheet ⇒ define fields in your template from which you want to export information ⇒ connect them to the relevant column in the spreadsheet ⇒ set up the conditions that will activate the Bot - such as when a particular user fills in the document (e.g., a name, an email, date of signing, etc.). Share your form with your recipients. If you set the rules right, your spreadsheet will, once conditions are met, automatically populate with the data that your users entered in the form.
How do I create a pre-filled form?
Autofill is a simple and essential feature that helps professionals save time completing documents. You can use built-in tools like formulas and macros when you use only Excel or Google Sheets to process information. When you need to populate your tables with data from other forms, airSlate workflow automation will do the work for you quickly. The platform offers a range of no-code Bots for different tasks, including form pre-fill. You can, for instance, configure autofill from one document to another or from a CRM record to a contract template. Also, you can transmit records from a spreadsheet on your Google Drive into a required form with the help of Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot or Pre-fill Dropdowns from Google Sheets Bot. airSlate’s document workflow automation is not limited only to form-generated population. You can check our complete list of Bots here.
How do I pull data from Google Spreadsheets into forms?
Consider using airSlate, a top-notch automation platform. With its ready-made robots, you can achieve fast, accurate, and hands-free form pre-filling. To automatically populate forms with information from spreadsheets on your Google Drive, add the Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot, the Pre-fill Dropdowns from Google Sheets Bot, or the Enable Documents Completion via Google Sheets Bot to your workflow. If you correctly set up the rules and conditions for them to work, it will provide smooth and accurate data exchange between your files, saving you time and effort on manual field filling. You can learn everything about airSlate’s Bots, what tasks they help to complete, and how to properly configure them in our catalog of airSlate Academy courses available to everyone free of charge.