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How to automate work with Magento 1.x?
As a standalone solution, Magento 1.x makes working with clients and increasing sales more manageable, keeping their data systemized and finding suitable approaches for leads. Integrating with airSlate can improve your Magento 1.x experience, making many processes run without investing additional time. With airSlate automation Bots, you can export data from your records, update your Magento 1.x records, and create new records automatically. All you need to do is install our Bot and configure it to follow whatever conditions meet your business objectives.
What are Magento 1.x automation Bots?
Magento 1.x automation Bots by airSlate take care of routine tasks. They are an extension to your Magento 1.x platform that completes routine work, so your human staff doesn’t have to. It saves your team time so that they can perform tasks that require creativity and problem-solving rather than just time and concentration. If you are using Magento 1.x, you can automate some processes in your workflow with the following Bots:
  • Create Magento 1.x Records Bot
  • Pre-fill from Magento 1.x Records Bot
  • Update Magento 1.x Records Bot
How do Magento 1.x automation Bots work?
When integrated with your Magento 1.x account, Bots perform a programmed action when triggered. Their logic is based on simple “if-this-then-that” conditions. When the conditions in your Magento 1.x system are met, the Bots act. Let’s say a new customer submits their data as a request. The linked Bot will automatically create a new Magento 1.x record with all the information that person provided. To make data entry that easy, just install our Bot, link it to your Magento 1.x account, and set the conditions for it to act.
How do you pre-fill forms from Magento 1.x records?
You can automatically create documents with data from your Magento 1.x records with the help of the Pre-fill from Magento 1.x Records Bot. This Bot acts when a new record in Magento 1.x is created and meets conditions. The Bot creates a document and automatically fills it with respective data from your record. You can specify the triggers for the Bot and information that you’ll transfer to your form. Our Bot minimizes the time your staff will spend exporting data to documents and eliminates chances for human error.
How do you create Magento 1.x records automatically?
No need to export data from your documents to your Magento 1.x records manually, as the Create Magento 1.x Records Bot can do it for you. When your customer fills in a document, the Bot automatically creates a new record in Magento 1.x. This convenient solution helps you collect customer data without manually transferring it from one system to another. With the help of this Bot, the completion of an order or contact form by a customer magically becomes a record without the need for any human effort.
How to automate updates in Magento 1.x records?
You can keep your client database up-to-date without constantly reviewing every record. airSlate created the Update Magento 1.x Records Bot for that purpose. It automatically updates customer data and product descriptions in your existing Magento 1.x records based on information submitted through your respective forms. To run this Bot, find it in the Bots tab in configurations, connect it to the appropriate location in your Magento 1.x tool, and specify the conditions for the Bot to run.
Do I need an engineer to set up a Bot?
airSlate offers no-code automation solutions, which means using and configuring them will not require technical knowledge. To use a Bot for Magento 1.x automation, you need to go to your Flow configurations, open the Bots tab, and find the one you need. Hit the Install Bot button, and set conditions for your Bot to act. To set the Bot properly, you need to link it to your Magento 1.x account and locate the records with which you want it to interact. Usually, configuring such bots takes at most 10 or 15 minutes.
Does configuring Bots require any training?
Users commonly rely on airSlate’s interface to guide them through the configuration process. Our no-code solution does not expect technical skills from our users. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about airSlate, its variety of Bots, and how they work, visit the airSlate Academy website. It has a lot of helpful information on automation and Bot configuration compiled into our comprehensive and interactive courses.
Do these Bots come with additional fees?
With an airSlate account, you can access all our features and functions, including Bots. You can install and add as many Bots to your workflow as you need. You do not need to take out an extra subscription or pay special fees to automate your processes with the help of airSlate Bots.