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How to improve Mailchimp workflows
Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools. It’s easy to use, but it can take time and effort to set up. That’s where our automation solutions come in. Automating your email marketing workflows will let you build campaigns without clicking through tedious steps each time you want something else done. airSlate offers a set of no-code Bots that let you streamline your email marketing workflows.
airSlate offers a handful of Mailchimp-related automation tools that are easy to install and customize. You can set up airSlate’s no-code Bots, which will take over several routine tasks you previously needed to perform manually in Mailchimp. With only a few clicks, you can automate the following processes:
  • creating audiences
  • adding recipients to audiences
  • creating email campaigns
  • sending email campaigns
Let’s continue examining how airSlate’s Bots for Mailchimp work.
How to automatically create Mailchimp audience
Frequent Mailchimp users will benefit from our Create Mailchimp Audience Bot. It simplifies creating audiences for mailouts, automating with the use of variables data transfer from your documents to your Mailchimp settings. You won’t need to switch tabs or copy and paste to transfer data to your Mailchimp account — simply connect your Mailchimp account to airSlate → set up your Bot.
First, add a Bot to your selected Flow. You will need to configure your audience settings and provide your campaign details, including your sender name and contact information. After that, you will need to specify conditions triggering your Bot’s activation. When your Flow meets these conditions, your Bot will create an audience.
How to automatically create Mailchimp email campaign
We designed the Create Mailchimp Email Campaign Bot to help you launch your email campaigns with minimal time and effort. This Bot is convenient when you store your marketing campaign data documents in the airSlate cloud.
To automatically create email campaigns with Mailchimp, you will need to connect your Mailchimp account to airSlate. After you create an email campaign name and select an audience for the campaign, you will need to choose your email campaign sender. After that, you’ll create or upload your email content and apply your setup.
How to automatically add recipients to Mailchimp audience
You can save hours using one of airSlate’s no-code Bots to add new customer data to your Mailchimp database. The Add Recipients to Mailchimp Audience Bot will automatically add new contacts to Mailchimp, eliminating the need to manually input data. The whole setup process takes minutes to complete and requires no coding.
To automate the process of adding recipients, you will need to install the Add Recipients to Mailchimp Audience Bot and connect your Mailchimp account. Then specify the audience to which you want to add recipients. You set conditions that match your audience with your intended recipient emails. Once pre-set conditions are met, the Bot will automatically add recipient emails to your selected audience.
How to automatically send Mailchimp email campaign
The Send Mailchimp Email Campaign Bot allows you to automatically launch email campaigns in Mailchimp using data from completed documents. You will need to connect your Mailchimp account to your intended campaigns and set conditions for when you want to send it out. Once met, the Bot will send out your selected email campaign. The Bot allows you to avoid the hustle of launching campaigns manually, saving you time for more critical tasks.
What are the benefits of airSlate Bots for Mailchimp?
Automating routine processes in Mailchimp will result in saved time, fewer errors, and more pleasant experiences in creating marketing campaigns. Easily set up, the Bots will save you from manual tasks of transferring data from one database to another while ensuring your customers get emails on time.
airSlate doesn’t require technical resources from your side — the Bots are easy to set up without writing a single line of code. A few minutes spent configuring your Bot will save you hours spent on tedious work in the future. If you need further guidance when using airSlate, you can complete a brief course with the airSlate Academy that will help you automate your business processes.
What other services does airSlate offer?
airSlate offers multiple tools besides Bots to increase the efficiency of your business processes for email marketing software. You can automate your organization's data entry, notification, access control, and other document-related processes, including those supported by third-party services such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and others. You can find all available Bots in our Bots library.