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What are the benefits of using MySQL automation Bots in airSlate?
Manually moving data between documents and CRMs exposes your process to the risk of human error. Things become increasingly disorganized as you scale your business upward and have more information to manage. airSlate Bots seamlessly link your airSlate account to your MySQL database, making it easy to automate such routine tasks as exporting data from sales quotes to your MySQL table and vice versa. You don’t need to use third-party applications to launch your integrations. airSlate already offers out-of-the-box integration solutions to help you make light work of dealing with tons of data sets.
How to get help as I set up and configure the airSlate Bots
We made setting your Bot up easy and self-explanatory, even for people new to no-code automation. Yet, if you’re unsure about some aspect of our Bot’s configurations, we’ll be glad to talk you through it. You can use our learning resources, including free online courses, or contact our support specialists anytime.
Can I use MySQL automation Bots with other Bots simultaneously?
While MySQL is a one-stop-shop database for managing and organizing data and establishing relationships between variables and entities, other similar solutions, such as Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, offer equally great solutions. Within airSlate, you can find numerous integrations for all the most popular database systems that allow seamless data transfers. As you configure your workflow, you can run as many Bots as you want and watch your data move automatically. Review this article to learn how to supercharge your document-based workflows with automation tools and make them more efficient.
How to accurately export data from a document to MySQL
With airSlate, it’s easy to integrate your document Flow with a MySQL account and pull data error-free.
  1. After you add our Bot to your workflow, → pick the MySQL directory from which to export your desired data.
  2. Map your document’s custom values to your desired table columns, → insert the data you want to export.
  3. Specify conditions that will prompt your Bot to act.