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How does NetSuite work?
Cloud platform NetSuite is a cloud platform that offers businesses a vast array of features that manage everything from ERP and CRM to e-Commerce processes in their enterprise. Useful for just about any size of organization in any industry, it is accessible through a unified system that doesn’t require buying third-party software solutions. NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of your core processes and highlights strengths and weaknesses on which you should focus. Transform your document workflow automation and integrate NetSuite into your airSlate Flows. It takes less than a minute to set up a no-code Bot that allows you to streamline your documents in NetSuite. Leave behind tedious manual data transfers.
What are NetSuite Bots?
airSlate offers easy-to-use and supervision-free Automation and Integration Bots that simplify monotonous tasks. Our Bots follow “if-this-then-that” instructions and use different triggers to activate them. Integration Bots connect other digital tools and eradicate any errors associated with manual data input. airSlate Integration Bots for NetSuite help keep all your records and data tidy and manageable.
airSlate offers seven Bots that can change your day-to-day document management:
  • Export to NetSuite.
  • Pre-fill from NetSuite Records.
  • Create NetSuite Records.
  • Update NetSuite Records.
  • Invoke NetSuite Workflow.
  • Notify NetSuite Contacts on Documents Completion.
Each Bot works continuously with instructions you set and adjust.
How to set up NetSuite Bots
Integration Bot setup is an easy and intuitive process that connects your airSlate document management with your NetSuite storage. You won’t need to pay an additional fee or ask an IT professional to set up your first Bot to enjoy its functionality. In order to set up your Pre-fill from NetSuite Records Bot:
  1. Connect to your NetSuite account.
  2. Select a base NetSuite record.
  3. Match its fields to those you want to fill with your data.
  4. Add a trigger that will activate your Bot (date, specific data, email, or name).
  5. Pick a recipient position and instruct the Bot to pre-fill your documents with NetSuite data once a recipient opens your document.
  6. After configuring your Bot, complete your workflow.
Do you need the training to use airSlate Bots?
You can take for free our Pre-fill from NetSuite Record course or Export to NetSuite Record course to be real NetSuite integrations savvy. Visit airSlate Academy to learn more about our platform and gain more user confidence in any process you want to initiate.