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Why is it essential to integrate Office 365 Excel with airSlate?
For many reasons, Excel remains the number one choice in spreadsheets for many businesses. It is a feature-rich solution that stores, sorts, and analyzes high volumes of data. You can use it for any area that requires attention to detail. Having such a powerful tool in your workflow automation arsenal helps you stay ahead of your competitors. airSlate workflows can augment your experience with Office 365’s Excel through its integration tools.
  • Eliminate manual mistakes.
  • Reduce statistical inaccuracies in your data.
  • Improve reporting and other processes.
What is Office 365 Excel integration for airSlate workflows?
airSlate offers a vast library of no-code integration Bots for automating daily tasks. Office 365 Excel integrations include four Bots with specific purposes: Export to Excel 365, Pre-Fill from Office 365, Pre-fill Dropdowns from Office 365 Excel, and Export Custom Values to Microsoft 365 Excel. Each Bot takes minutes to set up and start using.
How to set up Office 365 Excel Bots for airSlate workflows
Bot setup is easy and intuitive and available whenever you need it. Follow these steps to connect your Office 365 Excel with your Flow:
  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Select the spreadsheet you want to connect to your Flow.
  3. Choose fields or data rows you want to sync with your Flow.
  4. Define the trigger that will activate your Bot.
  5. Once you have configured your Bot, you can share and sign documents.
  6. Enjoy seamless workflow automation with airSlate.
Does configuring airSlate Bots require any additional training?
Every airSlate process is user-friendly and easy to complete without any professional assistance. You can try any free airSlate Academy course for Pre-fill from Office 365 Excel Bot to learn how they work. This tutorial is handy if it is your first time setting up an automation Bot. Check out other airSlate Academy courses and become a pro with your workflows.